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Support cert MEDIC (adds to the realism)

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The Landlord
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I am wondering why we don't have a support cert like Medic, which focuses on supporting and healing.
I'm aware that Virologist takes the job of throwing serums for support but it's still more of a DPS type than support. Specially in a setting where everyone's on war against the infected and other players alike, a medic is a must in every battlefield.

Another thing to consider is the game's population of player involves large number of female players (due to the game being a bit similar to Sims). Not being sexist but most (not all) females do not like the role of killer/gunner, they prefer being a support, behind the front lines. Give these players a role to enjoy and it's guaranteed that you'll keep more players from quitting due to boredom.

A medic cert (or any similar one) would be a nice addition. Make them throw exclusive healing items like what BlackMire's Lazarov is doing. Allow them to heal/aid KO'd allies with more efficiency like on a real battlefield. Tho make them less useful with guns so they can concentrate on healing and avoid being an unbalanced cert due to having firepower+healing abilities.
It will add more realism to the game of survival like this one.
This is jst a simple suggestion upon seing a large number of players staying away from the battlefield because they feel useless for not being good at shooting other players (because they don't even enjoy it). Some are stuck at playing houses and would eventually quit once they served their purpose.


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