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【Update Insights 2/6】Lantern Festival

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The Landlord
Edited by yash1441 at 2020-2-5 09:11

Sweet Lantern Festival

  • Limited time Outfits and Lanterns are available on the occasion of the Lantern Festival. Discounted furing the event, after buying the Pack, you will get a set of colorful lanterns and a cute backpack.

  • To celebrate the Lantern Festival, you can randomly obtain Lantern Festival food packs by collecting, fighting, fishing, etc. on the pact zone maps every day. After opening, you will get Lantern Festival ingredients randomly. The Lantern Festival ingredients and flour can be used to make different Lantern Festival food. A lucky Lantern Festival is randomly designated every day. When you make or receive a certain amount of lucky Lantern Festival, you will also get phased rewards.

  • During the confession season, a rose can be given to the beloved TA during the event. The confession will increase 5 points of charm. The survivors of the top 20 daily charms will get limited time titles and item rewards. At the end of the event, players in the overall charm list will receive titles, outfit, furniture and other rich rewards based on the charm value ranking.

  • Lantern Festival, click on the lantern on the interface, you can change the lighting state of the lantern, when all the lanterns in the picture are lit, you can enter the next level. Daily participation for the first time will be rewarded. When you clear the customs 5 times a day, you can get customs clearance rewards. The number of lights in a single game will be counted in the light ranking, and the survivors in the top 50 will receive rewards such as gold bars and formula shards.

  • Fuxing Jubao can consume glutinous rice dumplings to exchange for 100 New Dollars during the event, and at the same time get a lottery opportunity. Randomly draw from the gift box and collect rich rewards such as the collection of Assist drone chip collector's edition. Survivors will get 1 free lottery every day. Each time an item is drawn, a corresponding point will be obtained according to the type of the item. When points accumulate to a certain value, you can choose to receive the corresponding point reward.

  • From February 13th to February 19th, Qixi Outfit and Christmas Lover's Outfit will be back for a limited time. All survivors are welcome to purchase them at Mall.

  • From February 13th to February 19th, the lucky gift box on the mall will be released for a limited time, and there is a chance to win the new outfit Discipline Committee.

  • Duo Training is open, and friends can be invited to participate. Complete the designated tasks to get proficiency and glutinous rice dumplings. Glutinous rice dumplings can be exchanged in the Lantern Festival for a limited time for rare items such as pet appearance and Valentine's Day furniture.

  • The migration celebration during the Spring Festival activities, returning to the swallows, cooking contest, lucky rich man, caravan market activities extended to 23:59 on February 13th, and the Spring Festival ingot was postponed to 23:59 on February 13th. After the Server Maintenance, the lucky rat gift box will no longer be available, and its probability will be prorated to other rewards.

Co-Location Schedule
In order to support the mutual support of the co-location parties in the doomsday world, the 101 Commerce Bureau has launched a co-location schedule welfare!
  • Players who are in the cohabitation status will receive the cohabitation schedule for two-person cooperation on the "Agenda" page.

  • After completing the cohabitation schedule, they will get additional rewards, bring your roommates to play together.

  • The co-location schedule starts to refresh at 03:00 after the co-location of both parties.

  • Some schedules have a daily participation limit. If you cannot complete it with the co-habitation player today, you cannot receive additional rewards for the co-location schedule. Survivors, pay more attention.

Other Changes
  • Fixed the problem that all steel shields can be used with weapons other than pistols under certain abnormal conditions.

  • Manor item search function is optimized. Fixed the problem that it will automatically jump to the first cabinet after searching.

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