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【Update Insights 4/2】Death High Returns

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The Landlord
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Death High

Located near the abyss of the mother's remains, suffering from the twin threats of viral infection and atomic bomb radiation, a faint signal came from the Death High as it was gradually forgotten.
Participating in the season may get the Death High Season 3 limited Yangchun Flower Shadow Camp Light Stick, Autumn and Spring season limited furniture and Season 3 limited exclusive backpack.

  • 140 floors.
  • Special Infected every 5 floors.
  • No Combat Mastery.
  • No Weapon & Drone durability loss.
  • 75% less ammo consumption.
  • Déjà Vu (more damage dealt and HP, less damage received) bonus when attempting floors that are not the highest ones.
  • Closed between 23:40 - 24:00.
  • 11 endings.

Rad Rules
  • 50 Rads obtained after every level.
  • Max 500 per day.
  • Resets at 24:00.

Rescue Events
  • 10F, 20F, 30F, 40F, 50F will open rescue events.
  • Max 5 rescue events per day.
  • Resets at 24:00.
  • Challenging rescue event floors doesn't give you rads.

  • Royal Knight - Floor 85; Max Players 25
  • Diamond Knight - Floor 80; Max Players 100
  • Golden Knight - Floor 70; Max Players: 500
  • Silver Knight - Floor 60; Max Players: 1000
  • Bronze Knight - Floor 50
  • Senior Knight - Floor 40
  • Trainee Knight - Floor 30
  • Rescue Team Member - Floor 20
  • Trainee - Floor 10

  • Floor Clearance Rewards - A reward will be sent to you by mail after you clear a floor. Clearing a floor again after the weekly reset will also grant you a reward. All progress will be reset when the season ends.
  • Rescue Event Rewards - Complete a Rescue Event and then clear the rest of the level to obtain a Rescue Event Reward. Rescuer Badges can be exchanged for rewards in the School Shop.
  • Rescue Event Count Rewards - Extra rewards will be issued when you complete 10, 20, and30 Rescue Events respectively. The event count will be reset after you've completed 30 events. It will also be reset when the season ends.
  • Real-time Tier Reward - When you reach the designated Tier, you can win Tier Glow Sticks and Tier Actions as rewards. The actual rewards vary with each Tier, and will all be reset when a new season starts.
  • Weekly Tier Reward - Tier rewards will be sent by mail at 00:00 on Mondays. Reward mails will be automatically deleted after 7 days.
  • School Mystery Reward - Complete any ending to get the School Mystery Reward. You can only get this reward once per season.
  • Season Tier Reward - Season Tier Rewards will be sent by mail at 24:00 on the last day of the season. The reward will depend on the Tier you have reached at that point. The reward mail will be deleted after 14 days.
  • Season Rank Reward - The top 3 players will receive an Exclusive Special Backpack at 24:00 on the last day of the season. At the same time, statues of them will be erected in Hope 101 and exclusive posters of them will be posted in all Camps. Both the statues and the posters will stay up until the next season starts. Reward mails will be deleted after 14 days.

Floor Dash
  • Challenge higher floors directly.
  • If successful, you will receive all the floor rewards and rads from your current floor to the target floor.
  • If failed, you will receive 50 rads.
  • Floors with Special Infected cannot be dashed through.

Ice Warrior

  • Ice Blasters can be picked up in Nancy City Ice Warrior mode.
  • Hitting your target with an Ice Blaster freezes the target.
  • Frozen enemies take 300% more damage and become immune to the freezing effect for 5 seconds after they unfreeze.
  • All players are equipped with a trial Custom Shield, reducing damage by 50%.
  • The Max Shield provided by all kinds of shields is reduced by 50%.


  • New outfit - Aviator with a limited-time discount.
  • Story quest about a ghost.
  • Fly a kite at spring trip map to obtain rewards. There's also a chance to obtain the exclusive emoji "Flying a Kite"!
  • Exercise quests.
  • Players may spend a number of Millionaire's Silver Coins or Checks to exchange for 100 New Dollars and roll a die once. The value of the dice will correspond to the reward displayed in the slot.
  • Jetpacks can switch their appearances to other backpacks through the power of Imitation! Some classic backpacks are back in the Mall, providing you with even more choices.
  • April 9th - April 15th, Lucky Gift Box will grant you a chance of getting a special rewards like propeller aircraft hangings, time mountain spring soup house, surprise party dyeing fashion, etc.
  • Duo Training is now available.

Nano-Imitation Technology
  • This technology can be used for changing the appearance of the permanent Endeavour Backpack into that of other permanent backpacks (you have to unlock those cosmetic items first)
  • Nano Imitation Materials and New Dollars are required to use it.
  • Universal Imitation Materials can be used for all kinds of imitation.
  • After a successful switch, the backpack will retain its original functions, but its appearance and icon will change into those of another backpack.
  • After switching, you can use a certain amount of Restoration Ink Cartridges and New Dollars to restore the item's appearance.
  • Switching will have no effect when changing and displaying cosmetic items on mannequins.

Trade City
  • New search function. In addition to entering keywords to quickly search for item names, you can also specify prices, ratings, and attribute ranges for weapons, armor and drones.
  • Item list supports filtering by tags, such as level and type.

Camp Competitions
  • Quiz contest added a large number of topics to the question library.
  • Reduce the creation cost of question-and-answer contest and speed competition.
  • Nancy City competition has new weapons type settings.
  • If in the opening 3 minutes, one team has 0 participants then the other team wins the round by default.
  • Fixed the Nancy City contest spectators not dying in the river.
  • After the Nancy City competition, survivors will correctly restore 100 fullness and 100 health values.
  • The creation of the contest now gives a more clear preview of the contest reward.
  • Optimized settlement panel sorting and numerical display.

Other Changes
  • After 22:00 on April 5th, Farstar City's level range 70-80 will be split into level ranges 70-74 and 75-80.
  • Fixed the issue where in some Area Operations the final Boss and Special Mutant could not attack normally in some cases.
  • Optimized the collector Pack Drone’s buttons, so that the send button is now displayed on the Drone Backpack interface while the drone has not been launched.
  • Roommates who have separated because they changed camps and move back in together within 72 hours will retain their Cohabitation Days if they have not lived with others during this period.

Test Server Changes
These changes may or may not come in the next update. These are just being tested in the test server as we speak.

Amazing Rescue
Th caravan received a news that a passenger plane had crashed into the sea in the distant waters of Santopany.
A call has been issued to the major camps, calling on the powerful and courageous survivors to organize their efforts to reach the rescue. Caravan logistics have for you to prepare rescue helicopters and life rafts, please make good use of, as far as possible to save as many survivors.

  • Camp drills fully upgraded, new rescue operations waiting for your challenge, survivors can participate through the camp bulletin board.

  • Survivors need to team to participate, and finally according to the number of rescue you obtain the corresponding reward.
  • Each person can only get 1 ranking reward per week, the reward is issued in the highest personal ranking. Rewards are issued by mail.

Building System Upgrade
  • A new building interface, adds recently used features to help survivors build their own manors more easily.
  • Blueprint mode can use wallpaper inside the wallpaper mall, so that you can better see the real effect of the building.

5-star Misska University
  • Thick fog, crisis escalation! Miska University 5 Star Difficulty officially opened! Survivors with a combat level of 70 can travel to Misska University to search for the Bagk Star pick-up mission to help rescue the trapped businessmen and the remaining survivors.

Other Changes
  • Diffuser can now be thrown into trucks, trains, yachts and other means of transport.

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