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Update Announcement (April 15th)

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The Landlord
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[Caravan 101]
1. Brand new outfit - Wayfarer has arrived in the Mall. Purchase it only during the Training.
2. Obtain the infected resources that Scientia needs on the corresponding map and submit them for rewards.
3. During the Popularity Campaign, you can claim a Postcard on the event page every day. You can give Postcards to residents of 101, and they will randomly give you Bronze Gift Boxes, Silver Gift Boxes or Gold Gift Boxes in return. Every day, based on the number of Postcards every resident receives, the Federation will select two residents to become the Popular Star and the Low-Key King. Survivors who gave Postcards to these two residents on that day will get extra Training Certs as rewards.
4. During the event, you can exchange Treasure Hunt Gold for 100 New Dollars. Also, you\'ll get a chance to take part in the treasure hunt, giving you a shot at the rich rewards in the prize pool.
5. Players can get great rewards every day by completing specified quests. On weekends, players will get extra bonuses: gain x2 Gathering Mastery when costing x2 Vigorthering uses x2 Vigor and gains x2 Gathering Mastery. Meanwhile, Diligence Reward will grant players large amounts of Mastery. The Caravan Market will also have limited-time offers on weekends.
6. During the event, players can gather/kill monsters/fish in wilderness maps to get Flower Language Boxes. 10Flower Language Boxes can be opened every day.#r2. After opening them, from Winter Jasmine, Clivia, Pear Flower and Lace Fern, players can get 1 of them at random.#r3. Players can exchange a certain number of flowers to get Flower Language Combination Rewards. Flower items can also be obtained on the Caravan Market.
7. During the event, you can enjoy a 50% discount the first time you use 5x Formula Composition every day. Please view Formula Research Station for details.
8. Survivors who have reached Gathering, Crafting and Combat Mastery Lv. 10 can perform daily sign-ins. After completing a sign-in, you can claim the set reward corresponding to that date as well as an extra cumulative mystery reward
9. From April 16th to April 22nd, lots of Cultivation Gift Boxes and Spring Gift Boxes will be dropped from the sky in Hope 101 and the Camp between 7:00-9:00 every evening.
10. When fusing in Exclusive Building Fusion, guaranteed to yield a building-related Formula, and has a chance of yielding a brand new Nature Style Building Formula.#rAfter the event, all the Nature Style Building Formulas will be added to each fusion level of the Formula Research Station
11. Duo Training is now available. You can invite a friend to train with you. Complete the designated quests to get Mastery and Training Certs. Training Certs can be redeemed for valuable items in the Caravan Market for a limited time.

[Cascade Rescue]
The Caravan has received news that a large passenger plane was discovered crashing into sea in the distance at Santopany. Now the Caravan has issued a call order to all camps, calling on all strong and courageous Survivors to organize a rescue mission. The Caravan Logistics center has prepared air ambulances and lifeboats for you. Please make good use of them and rescue as many survivors as possible.
1. Military Drills have been updated. A new Rescue Mission awaits you. You can access the mission from the Camp Bulletin Board;
2. You need to team up in order to participate in Rescue Missions. You will be rewarded based on the number of people you rescue.
3. Cascade Rescue participants will be ranked weekly based on their number of rescues and time spent. The ranking is team-based and will reset at 3:00 every Monday morning.
4. Each player can only receive 1 Rank Reward, which is determined by the highest rank they鈥檝e reached. Rewards will be issued by mail.

[Building System Upgrade]
1. There\'s now a brand-new Building page with a newly added \"Recently Used\" section to make Manor-building easier.
2. In Blueprint mode, you can use wallpapers from the Wallpaper Mall to better view the look of your building in real-time.

[5-Star Miska Univ.]
1. Great dangers lurk in the heavy fog! 5-Star Difficulty is now available for Miska Univ.! Survivors who have reached Gathering Lv. 70 can accept the quest from Buck Slayer in Miska Univ. and help rescue the Caravan Members and other Survivors trapped in the university.

[Other Content and New Rules]
1. You can now throw Diffusers onto transportation vehicles such as trucks, trains and yachts.


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