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Update Announcement (October 9th)

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The Landlord
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[Fearless Adventure]
A new crisis is coming, a battle that no one can avoid. Walk down the path of uncertainty, together!
1. As the crisis develops, Fearless Adventure will pass through three stages: Foreboding, Crisis and Assembly. During each stage, survivors will need to complete different quests to help with the survey. The next stage will begin when the current stage is completed.
2. Foreboding: Infected rain suddenly starts falling on all maps. Standing in the rain will continuously reduce your Health. New Infected will appear after the rain stops. Help Scientia defend against them to earn rich rewards. Infected resources will also appear. Hand them in to the designated NPCs to get rewards.
3. Crisis: The infection keeps spreading. Infected Broods and Dry Ice Machines will appear on maps, and must be destroyed by survivors. Vanguard members, refugees and Virus Experts will appear in the Wilderness. Help them to get rewards. Hand in Thalamic Info to the designated NPCs to get rewards.
4. Assembly: The survey has uncovered the source of the infection. The journey will soon begin. The Vanguard will set up a gathering point in Hope Valley. Go to Hope Valley and help the Vanguard unite the three factions, and gather the necessary supplies.
5. Participate in Fearless Adventure to get Fearless Memorial Coins. These coins can be exchanged for rare supplies in the Supply Warehouse, with a chance of getting a Assault Howitzer Formula, Type 95 Assault Rifle Formula, Crimson Armor Formula, Premium Goggles Formula, and many more rare items.
6. During the event, Personal Contribution and Camp Contribution will be ranked based on the amount of Fearless Memorial Coins that are obtained. Exclusive titles and All-Server Speakers will be given to top-rank players.
7. A series of story quests will be unlocked in each stage. Complete quests to get clues about the infection outbreak and obtain the corresponding rewards.

1. New outfit鈥斺擲howdown  is available锛
2. Chest Master鈥斺擮pen specific chests during Reward Quests to get points to increase Cert Level. The higher the level, the greater the point rewards.
3. Obtain the infected resources that Scientia needs on the corresponding map and submit them for rewards.
4. Items will be refreshed for the Lucky Snap-up. Players can spend small amount of Federation Check to draw the items.
5. 10.17 - 10.23, Packs refresh at 00:00 every day. Players can purchase Packs or invite someone else to cut the price.
6. Time-limited pack will be for sale on 10.10 - 10.23, purchase for a chance to get abundant rewards including new Chinese-style building and structure formulas#n, rare live wallpapers, drone skill chips skins and more.
7. Caravan 101 can be divided into General Training and Double Training. Invite a friend to train with you!

[Other Content and New Rules]
1. Level 21-25 difficulty is now available for Infected Invasion. The difficulty of Level 1-20 has been reduced. Some elite monsters now have weak spots. The Manors\' maximum damage during Infected Invasion has now been reduced.
2. Added upgrade formulas for all buildings.
3. Elevator shafts now have damage models.


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