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Update Announcement (October 23rd)

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The Landlord
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[Land Tomorrow]
Dear Survivors, on behalf of our generous Mayor Justin, I\'d like to welcome you to this amusement park, which is as crazy as it was back in its glory days. We\'ve completely fixed all the attractions here. There\'s no danger here at all... apart from the merry-go-round which spins too fast sometimes, the rollercoaster\'s safety locks, which certainly show their age, and the Infected that often sneak past our patrols... But that\'s it. Oh, and by the way, this place isn\'t far from Levin City. Ssshh... can you hear the mutants roaring manically in that once glorious city..? In any case, please enjoy this great pre-battle feast! After all, once the door to Levin City is open, no one knows what tomorrow will bring... Hehe...
1. During the event, head to Pumpkin Square and defeat the Pumpkin Treant#n at 20:00 to get tons of rewards.Pumpkin Treant produces pumpkins in battles, pick them up for chances to get Pumpkin Chests.
2. Target Practice can be played 3 times each day, lasting for 100 seconds each time, during which you will have infinite ammo.The player with the highest score each day will obtain the special title \"Top Marksman\".
3. You can catch up to 50 fish from the fish pond every day. You also have a chance of catching Pumpkin Gift Boxes, Clownfish and Manta Rays.You can makeFestival Dishes by cooking Clownfish and Manta Rays. Catching a King Clownfish and a King Manta Ray will earn you a special event achievement award.
4. Dress up as an Infected in Land Tomorrow and collect Resource Packs to get rewards.

1.New limited outfit鈥斺擲tar of the Ball  is available锛
2. Purchasing gift boxes with checks during the event will grant a chance of getting a special holloween reward.
3. During the event, players can visit the corresponding NPCs to claim quests according to the hints that are given. The corresponding rewards can be claimed on the page when the quest has progressed to a certain phase. The unfinished quests will be cancelled and become invalid after the event.
4. During the event, the Pumpkin Treant will join the ranks of the Infected Invasion, randomly appearing in a wave attack. During the event, every time you help to defeat the Pumpkin Treant, you will receive a Pumpkin Treasure Chest full of rewards.Help your own camp or another camp repel an Infected Invasion and defeat the Pumpkin Treant to obtain a Pumpkin Treasure Chest. Pumpkin Treasure Chests can be obtained up to 5 times per day.
5. During the event, players can participate in events such as Caravan 101 to gain Halloween Sweet. Players can exchange 120 Halloween Sweet for 100 New Dollars as well as a chance to enter the lottery, which allows you to draw a prize from the pool at random.
6. Caravan 101 can be divided into General Training and Double Training. Invite a friend to train with you!
From Oct. 31 to Nov. 13, the special event will be held.
1. During the event, players can claim a massive amounts of rewards by signing in every day. Players who missed the sign-in date can spend 500 Golden Bars to make up for it.
2. A large number of Mastery Treasure Chests will be air-dropped on the Private Camp and 101 from 19:00 to 21:00
3. Classic outfits and furniture will be on sale again for a limited time in the Mall.


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