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【Update Insights 5/28】St. Rona

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The Landlord
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Blazing Frontline

Pliny's prediction gradually came true, the Scientia will quickly form an expedition team to support Levin City to temporarily survive the escalating crisis. Tomorrow, where the mainland will eventually go depends on your choice!

  • The tectonic movement has brought a brand new volcanic landform to the city of St. Rona! The magma is overflowing and may erupt at any time! The members of the Scientia and the Commerce Bureau who arrived in St. Rona in advance sent a distress signal. The vanguard temporarily repaired the route to Santa Rona. The unknown volcanic world is open to you.

  • Each rescue stage will have a stage rescue goal. The explorers reach the rescue goal within the stipulated time, which means that the rescue is successful. Success or failure will directly determine the direction of the next rescue stage. Can it save the continent of tomorrow, or is it engulfed by volcanoes? All endings are co-written by the explorers. All servers will synchronize the decision situation and the phase progress.

  • Each player participating in the blazing frontline can get hot copper coins, which can be exchanged for various rare materials in the material warehouse, and have a chance to obtain the formula of the Assault Howitzer, the Type-95 Assault Rifle formula, the Crimson Assault Armor formula, and other rare items such as Premium Goggles formula.

  • During the event, the personal contribution list, camp contribution list and server contribution list are set according to the number of hot copper coins obtained. At the end of the event, rare rewards such as exclusive titles and all-server speakers will be issued according to the rankings. Exclusive title reward and all server notifications.

  • Hot copper coins and other props will be automatically converted into new dollars at 03:00 two days after the end of the event, and will be returned via email. Please exchange materials in the replenishment warehouse in time.

St. Rona

A city abandoned due to volcanic eruptions, but the former prosperity and beauty can be seen vaguely.

  • After the blazing frontline, survivors with a gathering level of 35 can enter the city of St. Rona through the helicopter, survivors can choose different map levels according to themselves, and different map level special resources are different.

  • The saline-alkali red ground with natural hot springs, abandoned villages, dense forests outside the city, mysterious caves with unknown dangers and the urban area of St. Rona at the foot of the volcano. The scenery under the volcanic ash is waiting for your exploration.

  • The volcano is active and erupts from time to time. During the eruption, accompanied by falling rocks, the magma in the low-lying areas of the city rose, and survivors, please be careful to avoid.

  • There are abundant resources such as trees, mines, hemp and food in the city of St. Rona, but it is not so easy to obtain them. You need to face different dangers. The only thing you can do is to arm yourself.

Levin City Dawn District

To the east of Levin City was originally an abandoned urban area, which was later occupied by the Scientia, Commerce Bureau, Church and an Imperial deserter, and began their respective activities, gradually gaining popularity in the ruins like the dawn in the city, and being right next to the city of Levin, it was later called the Levin City Dawn District.

  • Survivors with a gathering level of 30 can enter the Dawn District of Levin City through the helicopter.

  • The Levin City Dawn District is occupied by the Scientia, the Commerce Bureau, the Church and an Imperial Deserter. The four forces provide a refuge for the survivors. The reward task of receiving forces in the refuge can increase the favorability of the corresponding forces. The higher the favorability level, the higher the discount you can enjoy when purchasing items in the corresponding force store.

  • When wandering in the Dawn District, you may receive a request from the relevant forces. Going to help them will gain the favorability of the forces. In the process of completing the task, you can negotiate the remuneration. Try to raise the price of the remuneration!

  • The victory arena established by the elites of the major forces, can successfully challenge the elite every day to obtain rich bounty, and can also choose other survivors to challenge in a one-on-one.

  • You can get ticket stubs for participating in various activities in the Levin City Dawn District. The ticket stubs can be used in places such as Unnamed Mysterious Island and the waste market.

  • Underground forces in Dawn District have created a waste area market. You can use ticket stubs to purchase various rare materials and even bargain with the boss!

  • Unnamed Mysterious Island was once an abandoned paradise. You can use ticket stubs to play Happy Turntable, Happy Pinball and Happy Targeting Games in Fantasy Island. Good luck!

  • There are snippets of memories in the Levin City Dawn District, piece together one by one by taking pictures!


  • New upgrade of equipment accessories system! In the new system, accessories will be bound to equipment types (light weapons, heavy weapons, melee weapons, armor). After configuring accessories for each type of equipment, all equipment under this type can enjoy attribute bonuses, which is particularly convenient.

  • The accessories are large and abundant! On the basis of the original accessories, 4 types of exclusive accessories are added: exclusive accessories for light weapons, exclusive accessories for heavy weapons, exclusive accessories for melee weapons, and exclusive accessories for armor. Each type of exclusive accessories contains 3 parts, which are consistent with the original accessories.

  • The upper limit of exclusive accessories is higher, and the installation of accessories with specified conditions can trigger the set effects of exclusive attributes, exclusive actions, exclusive entries, and can trigger special appearance effects.

  • The accessories are divided into different levels (level I / level II, etc.). The higher the level, the stronger the effect of exclusive attributes, exclusive actions, and exclusive entries.

  • Accessories are divided into different colors (green / blue / purple). The effect of the exclusive entry is related to the color of the accessory. The effect of the exclusive entry triggered by 3 blue accessories and 3 purple accessories is different.

  • There is a chance of participating in area operations to obtain exclusive accessories, don't miss it. Three exclusive accessories of the same class and quality (color) can be synthesized, and there is a possibility of obtaining exclusive accessories of higher quality.

  • Accessories support transfer experience, you can transfer the experience from the old accessories to the new accessories without damage. After obtaining new accessories, you can use this function to increase the experience level and quickly become stronger.

  • Accessories can be degraded or destroyed. Destruction and decomposition can be carried out in the manor's home repair station and backpack. After decomposition, all experience materials and decomposed materials corresponding to level 1 accessories can be obtained; degraded decomposition can only be carried out at the manor's home repair station, and level N accessories can be decomposed into corresponding experience materials in grade N-1.

  • After this update, the player's original accessories will be removed and sent to the mailbox, please also check it. To make it easier to distinguish, the original accessories will be renamed to basic accessories (for example, "fine muzzle" is renamed to "basic fine muzzle").

Manor Level

As the survivors' abilities in the end times continue to grow stronger, the commerce bureau will unlock the upper limit of the manor level to 18, and the upper limit of the three-dimensional mastery level to 90, and provide better abilities for the survivors in the end of the world. Survive!

  • Three-dimensional mastery reaching 80 can advance their professions with stronger professional talents.

  • Manor 17, when the level of three-dimensional mastery reaches 85 can be upgraded, improve the basic structure points and furniture points, unlock the ultimate drone energy core, and the formula of advanced level 6 components.

  • Manor 18, when the level of three-dimensional mastery reaches 90 can be upgraded, improve the basic structure points and furniture points, unlock the ultimate drone navigator, and unlock the appearance of the new manor.

  • After the new proficiency level is opened, the survivors' original overflow proficiency will be retained. After the proficiency level reaches 90, the overflowing proficiency will continue to be converted into supply.


  • The new outfit Deep Abyss will be put on the mall for a limited time, and the exclusive action will be given away when buying fashion.

  • Sign-In Rewards. During the event, log in every day to receive the sign-in rewards of the day, and sign in to get rich rewards such as furniture, formula shards, abyss lucky boxes and so on. Players who have missed the check-in on that day can get a 100-point duty point replenishment if they have already opened their duty schedule. If they have not opened their duty schedule, they can replenish their rewards for every map completed.

  • The wishing tree, you can get the wishing letterhead and other rewards by completing the specified tasks every day. The wishing letterhead can make a wish on the wishing tree of Hope 101 and the camp. During the event, the wishing tree will be opened every day from 08:00 - 23:00, and settlement will be made at 23:00 every day. 3 lucky people will be drawn from each wish to realize their wishes.

  • The new 80-level equipment formula is added to the formula machine. During the event, the first 5x synthesis of half-price discounts will be given. For survivors below level 80, the probability of synthesizing weapon formulas is increased for a limited time. For survivors at level 80, the probability of synthesizing weapon formulas and armor formulas at level 80 is increased. The survivor's probability of obtaining a collector's edition weapon increases with the number of syntheses until he obtains one.

  • The Abyss Collection is opened. A gift box of Abyss can be exchanged using the Federation Cheque. Opening the gift box has the opportunity to receive rare rewards such as outfit gift boxes and furniture from the Abyss Collection.

  • From 5/31 to 6/10, child-friendly special gift packs are on the shelf. Buy child-friendly limited gift packs, there is a chance to get precious props such as cute bear dolls, and special gift packs such as formula gift packs and special research material gift packs.

  • From 6/4 to 6/10, the lucky gift box went online. If you use the check to buy the gift box, you will have the opportunity to receive special rewards such as a rotating stage music box, a silver double-door refrigerator, and formula shards.

  • Duo training is open, you can invite friends to participate together, complete the specified tasks to get proficiency and training medals. Training medals can be exchanged for precious props such as childlike pet dress ups and childlike furniture at the caravan fair for a limited time. Completing the training mission can also obtain additional energy points for the drone. Investing in energy points can improve the progress of the drone inspection. After completing the map inspection, you can get rich inspection rewards.

Island Reef

Technology will find mysterious distress signals from desert islands on the sea. According to surviving researchers, there are secret laboratories on the island, which seem to be conducting some kind of unspeakable experiments. The Scientia hopes to organize survivors to go to the island to investigate the truth.

  • Daily Regional Action - The island reef is opened in Santopani, and the level of gathering required to reach the island reef is 80.

  • You can get customs rewards for the first daily customs clearance. You can get additional rating rewards for each customs clearance. Each rating reward can only be obtained once a day. Reset every day at 03:00.

  • Durable equipment consumption is reduced by 90% during operation, ammunition supplement consumption is reduced by 90%, and equipment durability loss during coma is reduced by 90%.

  • There is a probability of dropping level V exclusive accessories in the island reef area operations.

Darkest Prison

After the last time the train station let Oades escape with Olivia, the third caravan pursued along Oades's escape route. Finally, Oades was found near the prison in the Dawn District of Levin. Opportunities are rare. Prepare for battle. Whether Olivia can come back depends on the operation.

  • Regional Weekly Actions - The Dark Prison is opened in the Dawn District of Levin City. To enter the Dark Prison, you need to gather level 81 and clear the regional action daily action hillside.

  • You can get customs rewards for the first customs clearance every week. You can get additional rating rewards for each customs clearance. Each rating reward can only be obtained once a week. Reset every Sunday at 03:00.

  • Durable equipment consumption is reduced by 90% during operation, ammunition supplement consumption is reduced by 90%, and equipment durability loss during coma is reduced by 90%.

  • There is a probability of dropping level V exclusive accessories during the weekly operations in the Dark Prison.

Clearance Rewards

To help survivors strengthen their combat readiness capabilities, the technology will assist survivors to clean the battlefield after regional operations and obtain more material rewards.

  • Rewards for newly completed mission of area operations: After some area operations are completed, the technology will assist the survivors to clean the battlefield and search for the unowned treasure chest. Survivors can open the treasure chest and have a chance to obtain random exclusive accessories, mechanical parts or armor parts.

  • Survivors can view the specific reward information through the schedule panel - area action.

Growth Boost

In order for survivors to survive and grow better, the Alliance and the Commerce Bureau have formulated the following new regulations:

  • The Commerce Bureau has developed a more scientific survival training method for survivors. Survivors above level 15 will receive a higher mastery reward when completing map reward tasks and receiving duty treasure boxes; the new mastery reward will be effective on May 29 at 03:00 on the day.

  • The learning conditions of the following talents have been reduced: the learning requirements of [Bug Harvesting] are adjusted to level 1 of gathering mastery, and the learning requirements of [Auto Gather] are adjusted to level 5 of gathering mastery.

  • The open level of portable production using nano-plastic materials is adjusted from craft mastery 20 to craft mastery 12.

  • When the survivor's mastery level reaches certain requirements, the trade federation provides certain resources for the survivors. Rewards are usually sent by email, and some important rewards can be collected on the "Welfare-Growth Booster" tab (P.S. Some rewards will not be repeated here if the player has previously received them by mail).

  • The Commerce Bureau provides more convenient trade support for the camp. The survivors in the camp can quickly purchase materials provided by the merchants in the camp when they are planting, equipment manufacturing, building materials processing, and portable production.

Encounter Mission

  • Players with a gathering level of 30 will start a area encounter mission and trigger it randomly in each area of ​​the Dawn District of Levin and St. Rona City. After completing the mission, they will receive duty points and generous rewards.

  • There is an upper limit for the number of completed tasks per day. After reaching the upper limit, the trigger cannot be continued; the maximum number of completed tasks per day increases as the collection level increases.

Other Changes

  • Optimization of portable formula production. After the survivor is comatose, the portable formula being produced will be automatically cancelled. The non-infected materials used in the production will be returned to the backpack first. If the backpack is full, it will be returned to the survivor by mail.

  • Add some recipes, ingredients, and fish: As the new unknown continent is unveiled, some recipes, ingredients, and fish that have not been seen for a long time are also reunited with survivors in the new continent. Survivors can obtain and unlock new recipes, ingredients, and fish in the Dawn District and the city of St. Rona through collection, market exchange, and fishing.

  • Added the function of saving the customization of layout to the account, the survivor can set and use in the operation setting - custom control function.

  • Slightly reduce the difficulty of the map of Levin City Train Station and Levin City Hotel.

  • Open the aerial ace combat to the zen group, the craft level 81 and above can participate in the zen group air combat; the module configuration of the master group caravan is increased.

  • The stacking limit of optional gathering lunch and optional combat lunch has been increased to 20.

  • Optimized the layout of the schedule interface

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It is very informative and helpful to me. I admire this game information provided here.
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I found that useful site last night and now i know how can i be able to explain it to the rest of the community for good. Just learn through this and i would be able to let you know more stuff related to it in exams afterwards for sure.
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