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【Update Insights 12/19】X'mas Warmth

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The Landlord
Today's update has brought the fan favorite Death High back for a second season! The old game mode has had some changes in the gameplay after listening to the players' feedback so sit tight while we walk you through it.


Let's quickly run through the changes and additions to Death High.

  • 120 floors
  • Special infected every 5 floors
  • No combat mastery growth
  • No durability loss for weapons and drones
  • 75% less ammo cost
  • Failure if time runs out or the player gives up
  • Only players above level 20 in all 3 proficiencies can enter
  • 11 endings for the storyline
  • Retrieve items from your manor from the elevator at a cost of 1,000 New Dollars for each item
  • Rewards for clearing a floor for the first time
  • Every challenge increases Rads by 50. Max amount of Rads is 550.

Important Timings
  • Every Sunday 23:40 to 24:00 - Death High challenges are closed.
  • Every Sunday 24:00 - Floors you have challenged will be reset and your highest floor will be lowered by 15.
  • Every Monday 00:00 - Weekly tier rewards are sent.
  • Everyday 00:00 - Rads will be reset to 0. Rescue Events will be refreshed. Statues & Posters refreshed.
  • Last Day 24:00 - Season tier & rank rewards are sent.

Rescue Events
Rescue events are unlocked once the 10th, 20th, 30th, 40th & 50th floors are cleared.

  • Upto 5 rescue events are refreshed everyday.
  • Completing rescue events rewards Rescuer Badges.
  • School shop is open and survivors can spend their Rescuer Badges here.

If multiple players are on the same floor, they will be ranked according to their clearance time and arrival order.

  • Royal Knight  - 75F; Max Players: 25
  • Diamond Knight  - 65; Max Players: 100
  • Golden Knight - 55F; Max Players: 500
  • Silver Knight  - 45F; Max Players: 1,000
  • Bronze Knight - 35F; No player limit
  • Senior Knight - 25F; No player limit
  • Trainee Knight - 15F; No player limit

  • Floor Clearance Reward - A reward will be sent to survivors by mail upon clearing a floor. Clearing floors again after the weekly reset will also grant rewards. All progress will be reset when the season ends.
  • Rescue Event Reward - Complete a Rescue Event and then clear the rest of the level to obtain the Rescue Event Reward. Rescuer Badges can be exchanged for rewards in the School Shop.
  • Real-time Tier Reward - When Survivors reach the designated Tier, they can win Tier Glow Sticks and Tier Actions as rewards. The actual rewards vary with each Tier, and will all be reset when a new season starts.
  • Weekly Tier Reward
  • School Mystery Reward - Complete any ending to get the School Mystery Reward. You can only get the reward once per season.
  • Season Tier Reward
  • Season Rank Reward - Statues of them will be erected in Hope 101 and exclusive posters will be posted in all Camps. Both the statues and the posters will stay up until a new season starts.

  • New outfit - Xmas Warmth is now for sale.

  • Claim Fir Saplings every day during the event. Plant and harvest them to obtain Silver Bells and Golden Bells.

  • Xmas Stockings can be used for making wishes at the Christmas Tree in your Camp or 101

  • Players can join matching at their Camp or Hope 101 to enter the Training Map and participate in this mode. Players can only throw snowballs during Xmas Training. If you throw it and hit another player, that player will be eliminated.  Snowballs cause AoE explosions and break the floor when they hit it. You\'ll be eliminated if you fall from this floor. For every piece of floor destroyed, you get 1 point, and if you hit 1 player, you get 10 points. Players can get rewards 2 times per day. The top 3 players will get more rewards.

  • Christmas wishes. Survivors can choose drone chips and advanced shields in the prize pool. Formulas and other props are used as target props. Each time you consume a certain amount of tokens, you can make a wish. After you make a wish, you will randomly receive a wish reward. At the same time, the target channel has a probability to gain a progress bonus. After the progress is full, you can directly obtain the target prop.

  • Players can post their photos every day for the Photo Contest. Upload photos via the Game Album or Take a Photo. Players can receive rewards once their Popularity reaches the Stage Goal every day. Players who rank in the Top 10 for Popularity will win extra great rewards. Contest data will be cleared automatically the next day.

  • From December 25th to January 3rd, the Lucky Gift Box will be released for a limited time. Use federation checks to buy and have the chance to win limited items such as golden reindeer backpack, mini projection player, Christmas snow scene dynamic bubble box and other limited items.

  • From December 24th to January 1st, from 19:00 to 21:00 every night, the Camp and Hope 101 will land the safety gift box. Open the safety gift box to get rich rewards such as mastery.

  • From December 31st to January 5th, the limited-time Lucky Bag in the Mall contains a Year-end Bag, Classic Furniture and a High-value Pack. Survivors, do not miss out!

  • From January 1st to January 15th, the Lucky Hunt opens.

  • Duo Training is now available. You can invite a friend to participate with you. Complete designated quests to get Mastery.


  • Area Operation - Levin City Train Station will become available in the Levin City Commercial Area. To get access to Levin City Train Station, you first need to clear Area Operation - Black Mire and reach Gathering Lv.73.

  • Levin City Train Station is a weekly area operation. Participation counts towards your reward limit.

  • Clearing Levin City Train Station will grant you Gold Bars, Secret Formula Info, and other rich rewards.

Something strange has been discovered in Levin City. Mystic Creatures are coming!

  • After a Mystic Creature spawns in Levin City, you'll have 20 minutes to defeat it. If you fail to do so, it will escape.

  • Players can choose to either defeat the Mystic Creatures as a human, or turn into Infected to protect the Mystic Creatures from human survivors.

  • The damage that players deal as either human or Infected will directly affect their Defeat/Defense Reward. The higher the damage, the richer the rewards.

  • Mystic Creatures will be surrounded by large blue rings. Only damage dealt within the blue ring counts.

  • When challenging a Mystic Creature, Infected players can quickly teleport to the Mystic Creature's location and join the battle.


  • Quick Muddy Grounds Reclaim: Muddy Grounds can now be reclaimed in bulk with the quick reclaim feature.

  • Auto-planting system improvements: You can purchase auto-modules directly from the Mall when there are none installed; When the Durability of an auto-module falls below 10, you can use Gold Bars to restore it.

  • Locker improvements: Added Pet Backpack and Drone pages for easy access. An "Auto-sort" button has been added to the Locker settings, which, when enabled, sorts the items in all lockers automatically each time you leave.

  • Material Bench improvements: When crafting, the structure quantity required, the current structure quantity, and the structure quantity limit of the selected item will be displayed, which should make planning easier for players. Item details now show the effect the item has on Building Score, helping players in their pursuit of higher scores.

  • Now you can access Smart Storage when crafting Workables at the Gear Workstation, making produce with the Farm Goods Maker, crafting Building Materials on the Material Bench, or cooking with the Household Grill.

  • When going to Trade City from the Camp, Lucky Bag info and purchase total will be displayed in Camp Info.

  • A "Sort" button has been added to the "Sell" screen, allowing you to directly sort the items in your Backpack.

  • Players will be able to see the details of the sales they have made in the new Exchange mails. Also, we have integrated all Exchange info together, allowing players to claim all Gold Bars attached to Exchange mails at once.

  • When receiving sales info, players will also be able to see the quantity of the items for sale.

  • The reward limit for Weekly Missions has been raised. After reaching the reward limit, participating in other Weekly Missions will not yield rewards. Survivors can make choices based on their own needs.
  • Reduced the number of monsters in Black Mire. Lowered the difficulty of the boss battle. Fixed the issue where Blast Bombs didn't work on the boss.
  • Lowered the difficulty of the final boss in Levin City Hospital.
  • Lowered the difficulty of the final boss in Golden Desert.
  • Fixed the issue where the final boss in Hero Park would be teleported to its original location.
  • Increased the refresh rate of Mount Snow Pumpkins and Santopany Peppers.
  • You can now donate more dishes to the Camp Vault.
  • Added thumbnail display in Simple Crafting: After reaching Crafting Lv.20, players can enable thumbnail display for the Simple Crafting index from the bottom-left corner of the Portable Formula screen.
  • Added "Sticky On Top" feature in Simple Crafting: After reaching Crafting Lv.20, players can pin formulas to the top of the list by tapping the "Sticky On Top" button on the formula crafting bar.
  • Adjusted the display of Special Items. They are now divided into "Quest Items", "Requests in current map", "Requests in other maps", and "Other Items".
  • A quick purchase button has been added when upgrading Talents, so you can quickly exchange for the Skill Points and New Dollars required for the upgrade.
  • Adjusted the gear slots. Equipped gear will no longer change positions on its own.
  • Adjusted the criteria for infected items. Items crafted with Nanoplastic in the wilderness will no longer be infected.
  • When managing camp residents, Mayors now need to pay a lower fee to evict players who have been offline for a long time.
  • Added display of Mystic Creature damage rankings and announcements of players who dealt the most damage.
  • Reduced the difficulty for residents quest wild boar hunting.
  • Fixed the bug that the vault food comes with talent attributes.
  • Now the fishing talent skill can also be triggered when there is no weather.
  • Increased the upper price of equipment transactions.
  • Optimized the mastery compensation and raised the upper limit of compensation.

Yash Raj Kapoor


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