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【Update Insights 7/23】Death High S4

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The Landlord
Death High S4

  • 160 Floors.
  • Special Infected every 5 floors.
  • Increased energy consumption for sprinting.
  • No Combat Mastery growth.
  • No durability depletion for Weapons and Drones.
  • Decreased ammo cost by 75%.
  • Floors will be reset at 24:00 on Sundays. Highest floor will be lowered by 15.
  • After the floors except highest one will give you a Déjà Vu bonus, which increases your damage dealt and movement speed and reduces the damage you take. The closer you are to the highest floor, the lower the bonus will be. You will not receive this bonus when challenging floors with Rescue Events.
  • Closed between 23:30-24:00 on Sundays.
  • 11 Endings. The storyline will be reset each week during the Season.
  • When replenishing ammo with ≥ 60% ammo reserve, you need to perform a reload animation.
  • Sedative's slowdown effect on the Infected weakens as you advance to higher levels.
  • 50 Rads each time you challenge a floor.
  • Max 500 Rads per day.
  • Rads reset at 00:00.

  • Royal Knight - 100F - 25 Players
  • Diamond Knight - 90F - 100 Players
  • Golden Knight - 80F - 500 Players
  • Silver Knight - 70F - 1000 Players
  • Bronze Knight - 60F
  • Senior Knight - 45F
  • Trainee Knight - 30F
  • Rescue Team Member - 15F
  • Senior Member - 5F

If the number of players in that Tier has reached the max limit, then you will be placed in the next Tier.

  • Floor Clearance Rewards
  • Rescue Event Rewards
  • Rescue Event Count Rewards
  • Real-time Tier Reward
  • Weekly Tier Reward
  • School Mystery Reward
  • Season Tier Reward
  • Season Rank Reward

Rescue Events/School Shop
  • Floors 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 unlock the 5 Rescue Events.
  • Refreshed at 00:00.
  • Rewards for completing 10, 20, and 30 Rescue Events.
  • No Rads cost to challenge.
  • School Shop is open.

Hero's Blessing
  • Exclusive statues of the top 3 players in the daily rankings.
  • Get a Hero's Blessing by leaving a like on a statue.
  • Increases your HP, Damage, Damage Reduction.
  • Only active when you are challenging the floors.

Floor Dash
  • Fixed floor based on the last season.
  • Floor Dash to challenge higher floors directly while using respective Rads.
  • Floors with Special Infected cannot be dashed through.

Death High Cert

  • The Death High Cert. Access it on the Benefits page.
  • Increase your Cert level by gaining Cert EXP from either daily quests or weekly quests listed in the Cert. The quests can only be repeated a certain number of times. There's also a limit to how much EXP you can gain from these quests in total every week.
  • Reach certain Cert Levels to claim corresponding rewards. The Explorer version of the Cert can be obtained for free. The Upgraded version can be unlocked by purchasing it.
  • Players can claim a free EXP pack every day. You can also directly purchase more EXP. EXP gained through these means will not count towards the weekly EXP limit.
  • The daily quests are refreshed at 3:00 AM every day. The weekly quests are refreshed at 00:00 every Sunday.


  • New limited outfit, Set Sail is available.

  • You can choose another 3 players to form a HeatAway team. Complete corresponding quests to gain rewards.

  • Obtain the infected resources that Scientia needs on the corresponding map and submit them for rewards

  • Open a gift box to receive random rewards. You'll receive a certain amount of New Dollars every time you open a gift box.

  • From July 30rd to August 6th, 2020, Lucky Gift Box limited present!

  • Duo Training: Survivors can invite a friend to train with them! After completing the specified Training Quests, Survivors will get Mastery and Summer Conch. Summer Conch can be redeemed for valuable items on the Caravan Market. When all the training quests are completed, they can be reset, but only once. After the reset, there will be new training quests and new quest rewards. Completing training quests will also award Survivors with extra Truck Diesel. Survivors can tap and hold the drive button in the "Caravan Support" game mode to drive the Caravan support truck to its destination using Truck Diesel. Once Survivors arrive at the destination, the Caravan will present Survivors with a grand prize! After helping the Caravan deliver the materials to the destination, Survivors can begin the next Support round. In the second round of support, Survivors can choose what kind of reward they want to receive from the support quest. The Caravan needs your help, Survivors! Hurry!

Drone System Improvements

Comprehensive iteration of the hangar system

  • The hangar interface has been upgraded so that players can view the drone information more conveniently.
  • The drone buttons on the main interface are upgraded interactively, which makes it easier to fly the drone.
  • The newly added "hangar enhancement" system can enhance various attributes of drones, and all drones placed in the hangar can enjoy bonuses.

Assembly optimization

  • The order of drone modules in the equipment workstation has been optimized to make stronger drone modules more convenient.
  • In the "Equipment Workstation - Assembling the Drone" interface, survivors can select the "Formula but not yet made" module for assembly, and optimize the right interface display to make it easier to compare each modules selected.
  • In the "Equipment Workstation - Assembling the Drone" interface, a new "Smart Assembly" button is added to intelligently select the highest rated combination that meets the conditions for assembly.
  • When leaving the "Assemble Drone" interface, the previously selected module will be retained, making it easier to assemble the drone.

Drone combat capability improvement

  • Optimized the behavior of drones, and improved the survivability of drones in dealing with the enemy.
  • Combat drones add "Guard" skills: when the owner is trapped by the mutant beetle, he can summon the drone to help attack the beetle.
  • The "Rescue" skill is added to the self-explosive drone: when the owner is caught by the infected person, the drone can be called to help quickly release the grab.
  • In the area operations (including Miska University, returning to Hope Valley, etc.), the durability consumption of drones is reduced by 50%.

Drone information display optimization

  • In the damage statistics panel for collecting/fighting unlocked regional operations above level 25 (including Miska University, return to Hope Valley, stronghold campaign, etc.), the proportion of drone output has been added.
  • Adjusted the trajectory of the drone attack, survivors can see the damage display caused by their drone.
  • When the drone is out of the survivor's field of view, a new position prompt for the drone on the main interface (can be turned off in [Settings]).
  • The drone location display has been added to the mini map.

Photo upgrade

  • Add day and night mode, you can freely adjust the day and night time, and add headlights, which can illuminate the beauty of survivors in the backlight at night.
  • Now supports the use of single and double expressions in the camera mode, so that the photos are no longer monotonous.
  • Support free adjustment of other players, pets, NPCs and other content in hidden scenes when taking pictures.
  • New studio shooting mode, which can be equipped with vehicles and exclusive background of fashion in the studio to take pictures, upload and share.
  • Expand your personal photo album to 11 photos, and choose your own display order. At the same time, photos can be shared to the chat channel to show more wonderful moments to more people!

Optimization of Camp

  • The “Camp Data Center” interface has a new button to exit the camp. After clicking Confirm, you can follow the guideline to go to Madam Hunter to go through the relevant procedures.
  • A new "transfer mayor" function is added to the camp. The mayor can select the camp members who meet the requirements to transfer the mayor at the "camp data center-member information". The conditions required for the transfer of the mayor are: the selected citizens join the camp for more than 7 days or the total tax payment reaches more than 50,000, and the camp may not have been transferred within 30 days (including the mayor’s initiative to transfer the mayor and the acting mayor to become the city).

Optimization of Cohabitation

  • Two players in a cohabitation state, if one of them actively or passively exits the camp, the two parties will enter a separation buffer period of 72 hours.
  • When in the separation buffer period, the days of the two players’ cohabitation will be preserved. At the same time, the two players can continue to use the map reward task, hug and return to the clothes durable, cohabitation schedule, but other cohabitation benefits will no longer be Take effect.
  • When the two players in the separation buffer period re-sign the cohabitation agreement, they will no longer be subject to the 48-hour cohabitation restriction and can resume the cohabitation relationship immediately. At the same time, all related welfare contents of the cohabitation will be restored.
  • If the separation buffer period expires, or any player in the separation buffer period signs a cohabitation agreement with other players, the separation buffer period ends, and the two players who originally lived together no longer retain the relevant welfare content of the separation buffer period.

Other Changes

  • Optimized the presentation of the Formula Compilation. Now you can sort its content by skin or gear type.
  • Added a compilation for Drone Chips. Now you can view more Drone Chip-related info.
  • A difficulty filter has been added to the team-up list in Camp Challenge Arena.
  • Optimized the presentation of the Quest panel. Adjusted the location of the speaker icon.
  • Adjusted the recommended price display of custom items (Gear, Drones, and Blueprints) in Trade City so that it represents the market price more accurately.
  • Fixed the issue where the sniper talent "Fight to Win or Die" couldn't be triggered in some situations.
  • Decreased the strength of the moving Raiders on the plaza in the Darkest Prison stage.
  • The merchants in the camp or Hope 101 began to purchase the extra dawn district to exchange for backpacks and manor 17/18 house numbers.
  • Added the captain application function. When the captain is offline or has not operated for a long time, players can apply to become the captain.

Test Server Changes
These changes may or may not come in the next update. These are just being tested in the test server as we speak.

Monster Sculptures
  • When the survivor's gathering reaches level 50, the monster sculpture collection system will be activated, which can be viewed in the collection interface. Different gathering levels can unlock different series of monster sculptures.
  • When the survivor's gathering reaches level 50, the "First Coming to a Strong Enemy" series of sculpture collection will start, and when the level of 60, the "Dangerous Enemy" series sculpture collection will start.
  • Monster sculptures can be dropped in a ownerless treasure chest with a certain probability. Sculptures of the "First Coming Enemy" series can be obtained with probability in the ownerless treasure chest of Golden Desert and the Power Plant, and the "Dangerous" series sculptures can be obtained with probability in the ownerless treasure chest of the Highland Factory and Hero Park.
  • Monster sculptures can be placed in the manor through the sculpture base; the sculpture base can be purchased at the camp furniture store.

Other Changes
Enriched the types of tasks entrusted by residents, added interesting continuous shooting tasks on the Ingrid Line, and added wishing tasks on the Rachel Line.

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As much as  best games I played, Death High S4 is one of it, which is updated now a How much I'm happy you can get an idea from this what I'm going to tell, As I heard that the death high p4 is updated, I invited on a party  to entire Cv Writers In Dubai and I want thanks to these forum creators for providing us an excellent platform for getting news about the games.
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