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【Update Insights 8/20】My Dog

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The Landlord

My Dog Accompanying

From the moment every survivor sets foot on the Northen Plateau, there is a simple figure who always follows you around. It is inseparable from you, silently guarding and waiting for you. It is there for you whenever needed. A trusted and dependent friend. It is your dog! At this moment, it aspires to become stronger, better protect its owner, and make the friendship between dogs and owners more real. It is waiting for you!

  • The dog's love for the owner can gradually deepen in the company. Playing and feeding will also make it love the owner more. As the dog's love deepens, it can unlock the exclusive plot tasks and rewards for the owner and the dog.

  • Dogs of all professions have two skills: load-bearing and guiding. Dogs of different professions will have their own unique skills. As their love deepens, their skills will evolve.

  • Each dog's personality is unique. The owner can cultivate its personality. Whether it is taking the dog to the wild or in the recreation area, or leaving it alone in the dog house, it will affect its personality.

  • Dogs with different personalities have different play tendencies, and they also have different performances when getting along with their owners. Training the dogs can quickly change the dog's personality.

  • Different training items have different effects on the dog's personality. There are 3 free training times a day, and a total of 5 training times a day. Using high-efficiency training snacks can improve training efficiency.

  • Every day the owner goes online, it is possible to get a small gift from the dog. The deeper the dog's love for the owner, the higher the quality of the gift brought to the owner.

  • Dogs can interact with their owners in a better way, they can be taken by their owners for a ride, they can comfort their injured owners, and they can praise the owners who have put on new outfits.

It will look something like the following (rough translation).

Guardian Dog

  • Survivors can share the "Guardian Cute Dog" once a day, share it on social platforms such as WeChat, Weibo, Moments, and share the owner's care and protection of the dog and receive a sharing reward once a day.

  • According to the survivor’s experience with dogs, each survivor’s dog will be matched with similar working dog attributes.

  • Invite other friends to participate in guarding more working dogs. When the types of working dogs guarded by the survivors and your friends reach 4 or 7, they can receive exquisite guardian rewards.

  • Click [Learn about cute dogs] in the game interface, you can also learn more about working dogs; let us guard these cute dogs together!

Bounty Hunt

More fierce infected appeared around Hope 101, which seriously disrupted the security of the alliance. The alliance has locked the position of the infected and offered high-priced rewards. I hope that survivors with sufficient strength can go to Louise to sign up and maintain the alliance's security!

  • Newly added special infected - Mole, survivors will hunt one of the special infected bodies randomly every day.

  • New Nightmare difficulty, survivors with a combat level of 70 can choose to hunt special infected in the nightmare mode difficulty, and get better crusade points rewards. In the nightmare mode, you can get a Level 3 Random Reagent x2 when you score 125 points, and you can get a Level 3 Random Crystal x1 for 150 points.

  • The deadly abilities possessed by all variants are detected. Please carefully refer to the information provided by the alliance to help survivors prepare for battle more fully.


  • The new outfit, Koi Dream is on the Mall for a limited time.

  • Dogs Sprout: During the event, survivors will have 3 cute pet tasks every day, interact with your own dogs to complete the tasks, get rewards, and additionally get bone seals from the dogs. Collect 5 stamps every day to get extra exquisite gifts from dogs. Unclaimed mission rewards and bone seals that have not been redeemed in time will be cleared when the mission is reset at 03:00 the next day. Please receive the rewards in time.

  • Sky Lantern: During the event, you can receive 1 Sky Lantern from the event interface for free every day. You can fly the Sky Lantern in this event every day to get rewards, and you can get extra rewards when the total number of flying is reached. Two days before the end of the event, you can also purchase Sky Lanterns at the training market to achieve the number of flights.

  • Formula Chance UP: During the event, the probability of obtaining weapon formulas when the crafting level is lower than 80 is increased for a limited time, and the probability of weapon formulas and armor formulas of survivors who reach level 80 is increased! During the event, the first five-game combo is half price every day, and the probability of survivors getting the collection of weapon camouflage increases as the number of combinations increases, until they obtain an unowned collection weapon camouflage! Survivors of level 80 can choose one of the 60/70/75/80 prize pools to be eliminated during the ultimate synthesis, and they will not get the recipe in the elimination prize pool during synthesis. The probability of rejecting the formula is allocated to other formulas in proportion.

  • Amphibious Phantom: The new amphibious motor vehicle Amphibious Phantom has been launched on Mall. During the event, open the vehicle gift box to have a chance to win special rewards such as Amphibious Phantom and Urban Ranger.

  • Cute Dog Akita: The cute pet Akita gift pack is on the arcade. During the event, you can enjoy a limited time discount. Purchase the gift bag to bring your new cute pet Akita dog home.

  • Lucky Gift Box: From 8/27 to 9/3, the lucky gift box is online. Use cheques to buy the gift box, and you will have the opportunity to get exquisite rewards such as ocean-style fashion, black lion optional gift bag, and bathtub decoration.

  • Duo Training: You can invite friends to participate together, and you can get proficiency and Tanabata paper by completing designated tasks. After all the training tasks are completed, you can choose to reset the tasks once. After resetting, different training tasks will be refreshed, and the task rewards will be different. Completing the training missions can also get extra truck-specific diesel. When using the dedicated diesel, you can drive the caravan support truck to the target end in the "Caravan Support" game to get exquisite rewards, and when you reach the end, you can also get the ultimate prize presented by the caravan. After assisting the caravan to transport supplies to the end, survivors can choose to start the second round of support and can independently choose the type of rewards they receive in the support rewards. The caravan needs everyone's help! Come and participate!

  • For a limited time, the Caravan Market will display valuable items such as drum washing machines, stone ash bathroom sinks, smart touch anti-fog mirrors, and survivors can use Tanabata paper notes to exchange them.

  • Back To School Special Offers: From August 31st to September 6th, Arcade Street will launch modern bathroom gift packages, formula research gift packages, accessory growth gift packages, basic plastic material gift packages and other value-added exquisite gift packages for a limited time.

Other Changes

  • Optimized the display of the shield bar in the team information interface. Now you can see the shield value information of your teammates.

  • Added some furniture decoration functions in the blueprint mode. Survivors can now better match the interior decoration; during the realization of the blueprint, if there is missing furniture, it can be automatically filled with existing furniture of the same type.

  • Reduce the difficulty of the first 10 waves of infected people in the camp challenge arena.

  • Lowered the conditions for receiving the Duty Chests for the Level 1-10 players.

Test Server Changes
Changes that are being tested solely in the Test Server for now. These may or may not come in the next update.

Bounty Hunt
  • Two new special infections - Beetle and Pharmacist, survivors will hunt one of them randomly every day.
  • A new extreme mode is added. Survivors with a combat level of 80 can choose to hunt special infections in the extreme difficulty mode to obtain more generous crusade points. In the extreme mode, you can get a three-level random spar*2 with 125 points of crusade points, and a three-level random coating film*1 with 150 points.

Other Changes
  • A new icon is added to the monster's health bar to display the type and level of the monster. Survivors can view the specific meaning of the icon on the monster research tab in the collection of illustrations.
  • Added weekly consumption benefits in the welfare interface. Lotteries will be issued based on the federation credits used by the survivors. Consuming the lottery tickets will have a chance to get rare formula rewards. Reset the credit usage record and lottery number every Monday at 03:00.

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