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Title: Update Announcement (September 30th) [Print this page]

Author: LifeAfter-Dev    Time: 2021-9-30 08:00
Title: Update Announcement (September 30th)
[Caravan 101]
1. White Warden: New outfit - White Warden is now available to purchase in the Mall. Enjoy a limited-time discount and get a bonus exclusive action.
2. Fall Sign-in: During the event, sign in daily to claim daily sign-in rewards such as the Autumn Broad Leaf Wall Decoration. Accumulate enough sign-ins to get additional rewards including the Casual Lure Bag and more. During the event, it's possible to purchase sign-in catch-ups with Gold Bars.
3. Fashion Critique: From September 30 to 8:00 October 14, Survivors will be able to try out 5 random outfits they do not fully own from the returning outfit pool, which include Icy Phantom, Summer DJ, and more. Exchange Federation Checks for New Dollars to receive gift boxes that have a chance of granting you the outfit you want.
4. Cricket Match: Shelter Lands are hosting intense cricket matches now. 5 random crickets are selected every day to join the bout. As long as you can collect 100 Duty Points each day, you can get a support voucher. Go vote for your favorite cricket!
5. 2x Duty Points: From October 7 to October 13, complete Daily quests to get double Duty Points!
6. Lucky Card: From September 30 to 8:00 October 14, exchange New Dollars with Golden Maple Leaves to get additional gift boxes which can be opened for items including Skin: Flamethrower Godzilla Edition, Black Lion Backpack, and King Kong Pendant. Open a specific amount to get Glimmering Gold which can be exchanged for extra rewards.
7. Buy Benefits: Online from September 30 to 8:00 October 14. Limited Sale Packs can be purchased every day for the same amount of Credits and additional rewards.
8. Lucky Gift Box: Lucky Gift Boxes are online from October 7 to 8:00 October 14. Purchase them with Checks to get great rewards such as the Strawberry Cream outfit box, Vanilla Memory box, and more.
9. Lucky Snap-up: From October 7 to 8:00 October 14, Lucky Snap-up will keep refreshing items. Survivors can use a small amount of Checks to draw items. If you don't get the best prize, some of the event tokens will be refunded to you.
10. Duo Training: Survivors can invite a friend to train with them. Complete the designated quests to get Mastery and Training Certs. Survivors can also get extra rewards from Caravan Support.
11. Exquisite items including Astrology Guide Pendant, Silent Astrological Carpet, and more are now available on the Caravan Market! Furthermore, the Stellar Tales Furniture Chest is also available on the Caravan Market for a limited time. Open the chest to receive rare items including Star Sage, Milky Way Vortex Ladder, etc.; building structures including Astrological Sail Arch, Astrological Dome, etc.; Manor appearance including Gate of Day & Night, Wall of Stars, etc.

[Obelisk Fest]
The Federation will host a Obelisk Fest from September 30 to  October 13! The joyful horn sounds at the Levin City Obelisk! Survivors can fast travel to the Obelisk Fest location from the Obelisk Fest entrance, or through other gameplay screens to quickly participate in the event.
1. Defend the Obelisk! A Giant Infected will appear and launch an attack at 21:00 every day. Survivors can head to the Obelisk to defend it. Successfully defend the Obelisk and repel the Giant Infected to receive tons of rewards! During the Defend the Obelisk event, all Survivors will be supported by the Caravan's logistics and supplies. This means that the durability loss of weapons and gear, and ammo consumption when reloading, will be reduced by 90%. However, Combat Mastery Gain will also be reduced. Other events in the Obelisk Fest will be temporarily closed when the Special Infected appears, and these events will reopen when the Giant Infected is defeated.
2. Speedy Fest! During the Obelisk Fest, the Streetdance Squad will perform daily motorcycle stunts every 2 hours, starting from 00:00. Survivors can head to the Obelisk at that time to enjoy the show, or ride their own motorcycles to join in.
3. Survivors can collect Festive Balloons around the Obelisk. Survivors can ride in Festive Balloons to rise above the Obelisk and get a bird's eye view of the beautiful city! Collect and use Festive Balloons to get Celebration Tickets and other rewards.
4. Survivors can participate in Ping-Pong Fun on a Ping-Pong table around the Obelisk. The first Survivor to get 11 points will win the match. Any participants can receive rich rewards.
5. Survivors can fly Festive Kites and release Sky Lanterns around the Obelisk to get great rewards. Survivors can claim Festive Kites and Sky Lanterns on the event page every day. In addition, they can also get them by participating in activities like Ping-Pong Fun and Rising Balloon!
6. Survivors can unlock the Monster Projector and Fireworks Machine using Celebration Tickets. Unlock them to get rewards. Survivors can claim 2 Celebration Tickets on the event page every day. In addition, they can also get them by participating in activities like Ping-Pong Fun and Rising Balloon!

[LifeAfter Lucky Star]
1. The LifeAfter Lucky Star event is live. Survivors can participate every day by visiting the Benefits - LifeAfter Lucky Star page.
2. Survivors can claim benefits from the event page every day. After purchasing the LifeAfter Lucky Star, the multiplier for the reward will be increased. You'll be able to receive a maximum of 5 times the rewards.
3. Each event period lasts 15 days, and each period offers one Lucky Day. On the Lucky Day, the minimum multiplier is increased to 3x. Don't miss out on this great value!

[Other Content & New Rules]
1. The Lone Traveler pack is available in Mall - Top Deals, which includes the new vehicle Lone Traveler.
2. More level rewards have been added to the Hope Fund.
3. The rules for entering and leaving Levin City and Levin City Dawn District refuges have been made clearer, and the lag has also been reduced.

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