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Title: 【Update Insights 8/15】Summer Madness [Print this page]

Author: yash1441    Time: 2019-8-14 21:09
Title: 【Update Insights 8/15】Summer Madness
Edited by yash1441 at 2019-8-14 08:28

The update on August 15th, 2019 will introduce a new perspective to Fishing, an addition to Charles Town and a lot of quality of life improvements! Let's just jump right into it.


This Summer themed update brings street style Unstoppable Youth outfits with denim, dyed hair, tattoos etc. As always, players can enjoy limited time discount on these outfits during this event.

I have a feeling the exclusive emotes for these outfits are gonna be pretty cool!

There will be 5 events again like the last update with duo training making a back to back to back return.

Fishing mechanics have received a performance boost this update with new fishes introduced to the game. And more fishes equal more dishes.

Fishing now has upto 10 levels. There are new types of lures to create personal fishing spots in this update.
New fishing rods will be given upon clearing Level 5 and Level 8. Some new fish can only be caught by the player under special circumstances, such as specific maps, specific weather, day/night etc. You also have a chance to hook treasure chests while fishing, which contain gold bars, new dollars or semi-finished materials. Using the right bait for fishing can improve fishing efficiency.

Fishing has gotten lots of love this update and I think you'll see a lot of people fishing from Santopany shacks August 15th onwards.
For the current list of 136 dishes, check here.

We can finally try different combinations of wallpapers in Wallpaper Trial on our manor before buying and we don't need to go to furniture shop anymore for the same. Plus, there will be different wallpapers every week open for purchase and certain wallpapers will have discounts as well.

Making your home pretty in a post-apocalyptic world has never been easier!

Every server will receive "Booty Event", Season 3 onwards. A unique hidden treasure gameplay is added.

Survivors in the camps bury treasure chests to hide them from other camps' survivors. Finding another camps' chest gains them points.

The winners of this season will also get banners to flex.
There's more! The dividend rewards now also include exclusive mysterious weapons and exclusive limited-time backpack.
Enemy transfer stations now open from 1900 to 2100.
Charles Town Clash now has a lower limit of 48 camps instead of 64.
Adjusted the location of World Bosses that spawn documents.
A rather refreshing change to Charles Town. I think this will balance things out a bit and will be fun to watch and play due to the upgrade to rewards and dividends.

The Smart Storage system just became smarter! Now, the system will display all the items in categories. Also, you can now choose whether to deposit in the current locker or all lockers collectively which is a massive quality of life update. Apart from that, the mailbox and the storage will now have an option to allow non-identical items to be transferred using Smart Storage.



Yash Raj Kapoor

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