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Title: Camp " Astro " recruiting active members.... [Print this page]

Author: OR-Gray    Time: 2020-5-25 07:42
Title: Camp " Astro " recruiting active members....
Edited by OR-Gray at 2020-5-24 18:48

Recruiting active members....

About camp:  Friendly and Game Family Atmosphere working toward one goal to grow our camp stronger!

Camp name: Astro
Mayor: CheyMo
Period: Post Industrial Age
Server: Obelisk
Tag: Explorers
Invasion lvl: 16
Trap infection lvl: 16
Patrol:  18:00-20:00
Drill/Cascade:  18:00-20:00
Trap/Invasion infection timing:  20:30

Requirements:--Manor 6 and above (miners and hemp pickers are in demand)
Must take part in Patrols, invasion and trap infection.
Must also work on increasing Manor building Score to over 1400+ points.

Contact me for details or invite

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