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Update Announcement (November 18th)

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[Caravan 101]
1. Dashing Spirit: New outfit - [Dashing Spirit] is now available to purchase in the Mall for a limited time. Enjoy a limited-time discount and get a bonus exclusive action.
2. Speed Race: Participate in Speed Race to win Vehicle Raffle Tickets! During the daily event, Survivors race against each other on the highway track set by the Federation. They'll be ranked based on the time they cross the finishing line and will earn great rewards ;
3. Sports Clock-in: Burn those calories! Complete Exercise Quests and clock in every day. Claim Extra Rewards when you burn 300 kcal. The Extra Rewards will be reset every day. Better rewards can be obtained on weekends;
4. Gratitude: From November 25 to the end of the event, Survivors can collect ingredients by killing monsters, fishing or gathering and then use them to make Thanksgiving delicacies. The food can be eaten or given to other Survivors to increase Friendliness and claim Rewards;
5. A Light in the Night: From November 18 to 8:00 on December 2, you can exchange Federation Checks for New Dollars and receive Vehicle Packs. Open the packs for a chance to receive special rewards including Aquila, Orion, Thunder Engine Gift Box and more;
6. Limited-Time Building: From November 18 to 8:00 on December 2, the Limited-Time Building Event will be available. At that time, you can exchange Training Medals for a certain amount of New Dollars, and will also receive Building Gift Boxes. Open the gift boxes for a chance to receive the Formula: Gothic Short Floor, Formula: Gothic Obelisk Roof, and other rare building formulas. Duplicate formulas will be converted into Building Exchange Vouchers which can be exchanged for rare buildings and exquisite blueprints;
7. Secret Store: From November 25 to 8:00 on December 2, Survivors can draw for an exclusive discount in the Secret Store every day. Share it to get another chance of drawing the discount and keep the current discount, which can be used to purchase items in the store;
8. Lucky Gift Box: From November 25 to 00:00 on December 9, Lucky Gift Boxes will be available. Purchase them with Checks to get items such as the Collector's Edition Skin: Lava Tiger, Skin: War Tiger - Crescent, Formula Shard *999, and more;
9. Duo Training: You can invite a friend to train with you and win Aquila (Trial)! Complete the designated quests to get Mastery and Training Certs. You can also get extra rewards from Caravan Support;
10. Caravan Market: Exquisite items such as Banquet Candle Holder and Rose Decoration will be on the Caravan Market for a limited time! In addition, Return of the Knight Furniture Chest will be on sale on the Caravan Market for a limited time. Open the chest for a chance to get Rose Ball, Coronation Throne and other rare items.

[Directly to Dev Team Channel]
As the development team, we have always attached great importance to all Survivors' feedback. Thus, we've made a more convenient feedback channel in the game. We hope that when you encounter problems in the game, you can give us direct feedback. We're looking forward to hearing from you!
1. The channel has a new "Directly to Dev Team" section, and Survivors can directly give feedback to the development team by leaving messages on this channel;
2. Here we have three main categories: "Complaints", "Suggestions" and "Experience Feedback". More detailed feedback categories can be found under these main categories. Survivors can give targeted feedback according to the actual problems they encounter to improve our problem solving efficiency;
3. All Survivors' feedback will be collected by the development team. After that, we will optimize the game according to the feedback we receive;
4. At the same time, the development team will regularly report what changes we've made and gameplay arrangements with the Survivors through channels such as facebook@LifeAfter.en.

[Other Content & New Rules]
1. Optimized how the Laser Snake's Gaze is used when the Guardian Drone is equipped with a Laser Snake Chip. Now the Laser Snake's Gaze can also be used in its turret form;
2. Adjusted the positions of the Laser Snake and Spider Venom markers. Now units with a HP bar on the screen will have the mark displayed on the right side of the HP bar;
3. Optimized the collision logic of aerial vehicles. Now helicopters will undergo normal physical collisions in the air and on land;
4. Fixed the problem whereby players could quickly fast-travel away from Turbulent City through Mass Crisis;
5. Adjusted the description names of some vehicle characteristics;
6. Optimized how the special effects of tactical gear are displayed in multiplayer;
7. Fixed the problem where the stacking number of ingredients such as strawberries and honey was not synchronized with the Sorting Master talent;
8. Optimized the storage logic of the wilderness temporary storage box. Now the stacking quantity of items stored in the wilderness temporary storage box will be synchronized with Basic Storage, Sorting Master and Fishing Tools Storage talents;
9. Optimized the storage logic of helmets and shields. Now they can be put inside a Dog Pack and Drone.
10. The Manor-Up Gift is fully updated. More rewards and more comprehensive guidance have been opened. At the same time, the old version of the event rewards will end after a certain period of time. Please claim the reward or purchase in time.
11. Thank you to all the Survivors who contributed in the Battle for Survival - Mass Crisis. The dev team has received a lot of useful feedback. To bring you a better game experience, we will continue to improve all of the Battle for Survival gameplay and release more challenges in the future.

[PC Emulator]
1. The shortcut key settings for vehicles have been adjusted for PC emulators. The original drone shortcut key (ctrl+number) on four-wheel vehicles and flying vehicles has been changed to a seat switching shortcut key, and the original B seat switching shortcut key is still the same.


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