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By ViperaH
Server: SnowHighland
Mayor of TEMPLAR Camp


This guide explainshow to get more gold bars by using dummy character tricks, this guide maycontain complex methods, may also require accuracy, craftsmanship, andtenacity. There are no instant results without hard work. Vive La TEMPLAR

                Alreadysatisfied with your main character? Want to find a new adventure? Want to makemore Gold Bars? Why not make an alternative character. There are severalbenefits that can be obtained by making an alternative character one of whichis to get an extra Gold Bar. How to do it?

               As you have done with your main character before, you can doeverything from the start with your alternative character. But in my opiniondoing that will make your time consumed, if your time is taken away, you willlose a lot of time to care for your main character. Then how to make it effectiveor maybe you may say a slow way to take advantage of an alternative characteror dummy character? Lets talk about it.

1. Settle in a Private Camp

鈥       Look for a Private Camp to place your dummy character, Isuggest looking for a camp that has reached the electric period. If possible,ask your major to make a policy about placing a dummy character in the camp. AtTEMPLAR camp, as a major I make a policy for making dummy characters not morethan 30 dummy characters from a total of 90 residents. Because in my opinion acamp with more than 50 active people is more than enough to advance a camp.

鈥       After you become a resident of the camp, do the CampPatrol Mission every day. By doing this you will get 1080 GB / Mission(assuming the camp you live in now is an electric period camp) With the initialcapital answering tutorial questions with an average S or S + value you shouldnow have a savings of 2000 GB. If you do this for a week you will get a GoldBar scheme like this

1,080 GB x 7days = 7,560 GB + 2,000 GB = 9,560 GB / week

You don't need to worry about your equipment being weak, aslong as you do the patrol mission camp, all camp members will help you becausethe patrol mission camp is one of the important missions in the camp.

鈥       In addition to the Gold Bar, you also get a CampContribution Point (CCP). In one patrol you will get 1200 CCP, which means youcan get 8,400 CCP in a week.Ketika anda melakukan hal ini selama sebulan, kuranglebih anda akan mendapatkan:

1. 32. 400 Gold Bars (+2000 GB from the startingkit)
2. 36.000 CCP

Before we discuss this further,some of you might think Is it Worth it? I think so, you might see this as atrivial thing but if you see it carefully this looks very profitable especiallyin terms of time. First, 32,400 GB from your dummy character + 32,400 from yourmain character = 64,800 GB. The amount you can get in two months you can get injust one month. Second, how long will it take to complete the Patrol Mission? Ithink its like 10-15 minutes. It only takes u 20-30 minutes for bothcharacters. In other words, your 30 minutes cut your two months effort.

Next is, your Camp ContributionPoints. For your CCP, you have got it from Patrol Mission, there is another CCPyou get everyday, like:

-Whenever the camp successfully paid all of its operationalcost
-Attendance Reward

Camp Contribution Point (CCP) allows you to buy and do agacha box at Brandon NPC located in front of Camp Vault. The results of thisgacha often get Polymer Coating depending on your luck. Let's say, you get fivePolymer Coating from the results of doing the gacha box for a month. pleasecount how many gold bars you get when you sell all the Polymer Coating you getat the current market price (around 3,000-3,500). So it will be like, 5 x 3,000= 15,000 / month

2. Doing Miska (Optional)
Why did I say this was an optional choice? Because this canonly be done in a Private Camp where there are residents who are happy enoughto take you to complete this dungeon, and of course your dummy character mustbe a manor 3. At TEMPLAR, as a major Its always my pleasure to help the dummycharacter to do Miska, I don't ask anything from them except to turn on theflames barrel, it will certainly help me a lot.
When your dummy character reach manor 3 you can open theMiska University Dungeon for a 1-star difficulty level. Completing this missioncan give you 600 GB / day. So if you complete this mission continuously for amonth we will get 600 x 30 = 18,000 GB / month.

(+) Harvesting
After doing that for a month. We will more or less get goldbars with the following details:

Starting Gold Bars 2.000 GB
1.    Camp Patrol Mission 32.400 GB
2.    Selling Polymer Coating 15.000 GB
3.    Miska University 18.000 GB

Total = 67.400 GB

Time required:

1.     Starting Gold Bars = 0 Minutes
2.     Camp Patrol Mission = 15 Minutes
3.     MiskaUniversity = 7 Minutes
4.     SellingPolymer Coating = 3 Minutes

Total = Around 25Minutes/day (this could be more faster)

How do you move all of these goldbars to your main account? There are so many ways. One of them is by sellingUZI using your main character at a price equal to the number of gold bars inyour dummy character. Perform this activity in Trade City so that taxes will belight (15%).

You guys could say, maybe this guideis unreasonable and not very profitable, its totally fine. You don't need tostick to this guide because maybe you already have a more effective and moreprofitable way than this. This is only for reference & educational purposexD


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