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Update Announcement (September 16th)

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The Landlord
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[Same Fate]
1. Affected by the hurricane, Santopany will experience sustained typhoons and rainfalls, with hurricane landfalls occurring every once in a while. When a landfall occurs, the wind speed will become overwhelming. Survivors have to hug a nearby tree or enter a safe house to take shelter.
2. A Scientia investigation team encountered a hurricane in Santopany. The Federation Rescue Team Member Chris is calling on helping hands. A successful rescue will grant you rich rewards, including Combat Mastery, Formula Shards, Wonder Boxes and more.
3. During a landfall, Survivors with Gathering Lv. 15 or above are allowed access to Santopany. Survivors with a Gathering Level less than Lv. 48 will receive bonuses like increased damage against Infected.
4. The hurricane and super cyclones will bring rare fish like Red Stingrays, Mudskippers, Flying Fish, and Japanese Halfbeaks to the coast of Santopany. They can be looted and cooked for food, which will provide significant boosts to your attributes. There\'s a daily limit to how many fish you can pick up.
5. During a landfall, Survivors can form 4-people Hurricane Teams and gain Rescue Points by completing quests like rescuing refugees at sea and reinforcing the dock. Gain a certain amount of Personal and Team Rescue Points to unlock bountiful rewards.
6. Every day at 20:30, a Hurricane Mutant will invade Santopany. Survivors need to work together to repel it. Participating in the fight, placing in the top 100 on the server-wide damage rankings, and dealing the fatal blow will all reward Survivors with bountiful rewards. The Caravan will provide support to those who participate in the fight. Weapon Durability depletion will be reduced by 90%.
7. Due to the hurricane, Nancy City will experience sustained typhoons and super cyclones. The Federation will provide a 10% bonus on top of all its rewards!

1. Brand new outfit \"Homerunner\" is now available for purchase in the Mall. Get it during the event to receive a special discount. Purchase the outfit to get a bonus exclusive action.
2. Chest Expert: During the event, open special chests floating either in the air or on the water in some Pact Zone Wilderness Maps to receive rewards and points. The points can be used to increase the Expert level. The higher the level, the better the rewards will be from opening the chests.
3. Wonder Box: During the event, the Wonder Box will become available. Purchase the box with Checks for a chance to obtain great rewards like Wonderful Secret Optional Chests, Rainbow Unicorn Packs, Formula: Steel Shield, Formula: Revolver, and more. If you don\'t receive any rare rewards from the chest, you\'ll gain Fortune, which will boost your chances of getting rare rewards.
4. Secret Store: During the event, Survivors can draw for an exclusive discount in the Secret Store. Share it to get another chance of drawing the discount and keep the current discount, which can be used to purchase items in the store.
5. Lucky Gift Box: Lucky Gift Boxes are online from September 24th to 8:00 AM on September 30th. Purchase them with Checks to get great rewards such as Spinning Stage Music Box, Stuffed Panda, White Teddy, Sweet Dreams Teddy, Pretty Kitty Backpack, and more.
6. Duo Training: Survivors can invite a friend to train with them! After completing the specified Training Quests, Survivors will get Mastery and Pinwheels. When all the training quests are completed, they can be reset, but only once. After the reset, there will be new training quests and new quest rewards. Completing training quests will also award Survivors with extra Truck Diesel. Survivors can tap and hold the drive button in the \"Caravan Support\" game mode to drive the Caravan support truck to its destination using Truck Diesel. Once Survivors arrive at the destination, the Caravan will present Survivors with a grand prize! After helping the Caravan deliver the materials to the destination, Survivors can begin the next Support round. In the second round of support, Survivors can choose what kind of reward they want to receive from the Support quest. The Caravan needs your help, Survivors! Hurry!
7. Valuable items like the Cold Large Round Chandelier, LifeAfter Wall Lamp and Neon Vaporwave Table are available for a limited time in the Caravan Market. You can exchange Pinwheels for these items.

[Manor Making Improvements]
1. Improved the material tracking feature. Now it\'s possible to quickly track and calculate the amount of materials you need to craft an item.
2. Survivors who own TVs in their Manor can purchase the materials they need via TV.
3. When you have all the materials required to craft an item, you can quickly craft it on the crafting page.

[Other Content and New Rules]
1. Fixed the issue where photos were incorrectly cropped when put into the Cohabitation Picture Frame.
2. Improved the formatting of the Journal.


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