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【Update Insights 12/3】LifeAfter x Resident Evil

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The Landlord
Resident Evil

Attention! We've just received an emergency distress message from the Raccoon City Police Department (R.P.D.)! It seems that they are suffering a large-scale Infected attack! They are also hearing strange noises coming from their basement! The whereabouts of officers and safety are currently unknown, nor do we know what kind of terrifying Infected are making those strange noises. We urge all survivors to join the effort to rescue the R.P.D. and find out the truth!

Police Department Secret Mission(Resident Evil)

1. Players with a Combat Level of above Lv. 10, can head to the Police Department via the Operation Event and select the difficulty level for the Police Department Secret Mission. Players can then start matching and challenge the Police Department Secret Mission solo or in a team. Each day during the event, the Bio Organic Weapon appears in the Police Department Secret Mission will be randomly selected from among G (Stage 2), Tyrant, Nemesis, or Executioner Majini.

2. Defeat the Bio Organic Weapon to complete the Police Department Secret Mission and obtain rewards. The challenge will fail if not completed within 20 minutes or all team members die. Rewards can only be obtained once daily. Once rewards have been claimed for one difficulty, they cannot be claimed again for other difficulties on the same day. Rewards are reset at 3:00 AM daily.

3. The Police Department Secret Mission is divided into 5 difficulties according to player Combat Level. Each difficulty has separate Rankings. Teams will be ranked on how fast they clear the quest. Extra rewards will be issued each day based on the Rankings for that day. Players can challenge difficulty levels that different from their Combat Level, but teams with players whose level do not match the selected difficulty will not be included in the Rankings.

4. Matching is unavailable between 2:30 AM and 3:00 AM every day. During the Police Department Secret Mission, gear Durability loss and ammo reload costs are reduced by 90%. Durability loss when unconscious is reduced by 90%, but players gain 90% less Combat Mastery.

Crossover Appearance Limited-Time Offer

1. The brand-new crossover motorcycle, Resident Evil themed motorcycle arrives! During the event, a special crossover motorcycle will be available in the Mall for a limited time. Open the Vehicle Pack for a chance to get special rewards such as the Resident Evil themed motorcycle or Urban Ranger.

2. Crossover outfit Covert Operation(Resident Evil) Lucky Gift Box available! The Lucky Gift Box will be available for a limited time during the event and can be purchased using Federation Checks. Open it for a chance to get great rewards such as the limited-edition crossover outfit Tactical Expert(Resident Evil) and Covert Operation(Resident Evil).

3. Complete R.P.D. Secret Quest to redeem crossover furniture ! The crossover furniture  is available for a limited time in the Caravan Market. Players can obtain it by exchanging Honor Badges received by completing the Police Department Secret Mission.

Personal Business Card

1. You can set the display of your Personal Business Card at will. You can display vehicles, drones, special card styles and personalized card welcome actions in Personal Business Card. You can also decorate your card with different styles. Show off your personality!

2. You can set your birthday, and the Trade Federation will generate your Zodiac Sign and put it in your card.

3. You can tag others in their cards with default tags or custom ones. Card owners can choose 4 of the tags they received to display on their card. Other Survivors can leave Likes on the tags on display. Want to know what others think of you? Invite your friends to give you exclusive tags!

Wishing Gift Box

1. Survivors who have reached Gathering Lv. 15 can unlock the Wishing Gift Box feature in their personal business card. You can make a wish in the Wishing Gift Box and post it. Other Survivors can view your wish and grant it by purchasing the wish item.

2. Only items in the Wish Mall can be chosen as a wish item. The Wish Mall is updated regularly, and only one wish can be made per Survivor during each period. Once a wish is made, it cannot be changed. When the Wish Mall is updated, the wish you have made is also cleared, allowing you to make another wish.

3. Survivors can spend Credits and Gift Points to grant other players' wishes. The amount of Gift Points available is determined by the total amount of Credits spent, and is reset at 00:00 every Monday. When granting another player's wish, you'll receive an additional Friendliness reward as well as Wish Credits. Accumulate Wish Credits to earn exclusive titles.


1. Youthful: brand-new outfit Youthful is now available in the Mall. Purchase it during the event to enjoy the limited-time discount. Purchasing the outfit will also grant you an exclusive action.

2. Sports Clock-in: Burn those calories! During the event, complete daily Exercise Quests and clock in every day. Claim extra rewards when you burn 300 kcal.

3. Honor Contest: Honor Contest is on! Each day, either snowball, diving or horse riding will be chosen as the contest. Complete the contest to gain points. Accumulate points to earn rewards. Rank in the top 50 on the personal score leaderboard to receive the personal rank reward. The score of players who ranked in the top 50 will be counted towards the Camp score. If a Camp ranks in the top 10 on the leaderboard, all its members will receive a rank reward.

4. Lucky Points: during the event, spend Training Certs to exchange for New Dollars and receive Lucky Gift Boxes. Open the box for a chance to receive rare rewards, such as Wonderland Optional Chest, Dawn Ray Optional Chest, Collector's Edition Lead-Shove Shotgun, Drone Chip Collector's Edition Skin: Night Spirit, etc. Items obtained in "Lucky Points" will not be stored in your backpack immediately. Instead, they'll be stored in a Temporary Vault. Through Point Exchange, you can convert items in the Temporary Vault into points at a certain conversion rate. These points can be used to purchase rare rewards from the Points Store.

5. Horizon Tale: From December 10th to 8:00 on December 17th, you can exchange Federation Checks for New Dollars and receive Horizon Tale Boxes. Open the box for a chance to receive rare rewards, such as Drone Chip Collector's Edition Skin: Red Hot Bee, Collector's Edition Skin: Phantom Rose, Skyward Prayer Drum, Shishi-Odoshi, etc.

6. Duo Training: Survivors can invite a friend to train with them! After completing the specified Training Certs, Survivors will get Mastery and Training Medal. When all the training quests are completed, they can be reset, but only once. After the reset, there will be new training quests and new quest rewards. Completing training quests will also award Survivors with extra Truck Diesel. Survivors can tap and hold the drive button in the "Caravan Support" game mode to drive the Caravan support truck to its destination using Truck Diesel. Once Survivors arrive at the destination, the Caravan will present Survivors with a grand prize! After helping the Caravan deliver the materials to the destination, Survivors can begin the next Support round. In the second round of support, Survivors can choose what kind of reward they want to receive from the Support quest. The Caravan needs your help, Survivors! Hurry!

7. Caravan Market: The Classic Hall Pack, various limited-time speech bubbles and other exquisite items are available at the Caravan Market! In addition, the Fantasy Fairytale Furniture Chest is available at the Caravan Market for a limited time. Open the chest for a chance to receive rare furniture such as large candlesticks, crystal shoes, magic carpets, etc.


1. Added new Infrastructure Formulas: Stove and Green Belt Lawn, unlocked at Manor Levels 7 and 10 respectively. The Stove allows you to cook in the wilderness. The Green Belt changes the ambient temperature once built, making the environment more habitable.

2. Increased the highway building limit in certain scenes. In addition, sections of the highway can be damaged by blizzards in winter.

3. To improve the Survivors' experience, construction of infrastructure is no longer allowed in Hope 101.


1. Dogs can now ride four-wheeled vehicles with Survivors.

2. Added brake lights to the Urban Ranger, Rider of the Wild, Duo Mirage, and Park Bike series vehicles.

3. Improved collisions between four-wheeled vehicles and other vehicles. Collisions are now more realistic.

4. Improved the presentation when changing seats in a vehicle. Dogs are also displayed in real time.

Other Changes

1. Improved the presentation of Assistance Quests that require measuring. Improved the tracking rules of Assistance Quests. Survivors can now complete Assistance Quests more easily.

2. Added Caravan request items in the Clear Sky Wheat Field, Assyrian Hills, Black Pearl Area, Wolf-hunting Field, Redwater Lake, Twin Ways City, Utz Mine, and Desolate Desert.

3. Lowered the difficulty of level 7 Camp Challenge Arena.

4. Reduced the cooldown time of jumping when in Heatstroke or Frostbite status.

5. When Survivors take selfies while standing, they can now use close-up shots to see their faces more clearly.

6. Changed the revival rules in Nancy City. Now Survivors are revived with full Shield.

7. Added the ability to customize the Voice button in Settings – Controls – Customize.

8. Fixed the issue where Shipment Drones could be taken out of Charles Town.

9. Fixed the issue where the maps of Levin City and Dawn District shelters were not displayed properly in Transfer.

10. Adjusted the size of the half-screen map and optimized its controls.

11. Improved the results screen of failed Area Operations. Added phase-specific tips and the requirement to reach the next rating.

12. Fixed the abnormal drop rate of some treasure chests in Santopany.

13. Fixed the issue where Elite Monsters in the Control Building Stage were blocked by fences and couldn't jump onto the circular platform. Improved the hitbox of the Control Building Special Mutant's attacks.

14. Fixed the issue where the enemy attacks were nullified in Tea Party. Fixed the issue where the Special Mutant couldn't use its skills properly.

15. Fixed the problem with the ingredients for Shredded Radish and Meat with Rice. Now it can be made correctly with Rice.

16. Fixed the problem of not being able to fish in wild waters, and the merchants now are correctly buying seasonal fishes like Chinese Perch and Swamp Eel.

17. Now you can use Autopilot with a horse on the highway.

18. Reduced the difficulty of some Survival Manual tasks.

Test Server Changes
Changes that are being tested solely in the Test Server for now. These may or may not come in the next update.

Team Respawn Point
1. The respawn point device is added in area operations. Survivor can activate the respawn point to record the current mission stage. When the area operation fails, the survivors will respawn near the activated device and have the opportunity to challenge the current mission stage again.
2. There is an upper limit on the number of times the team's respawn point can be used, so please use it rationally.

Other Changes
1. Add a quick interactive button. The survivor can use the sight to aim at other survivors to call out the interactive button, and perform interactive functions such as adding friends, private chat, teaming, and pointing actions.

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