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【Update Insights 1/14】Death High S6

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The Landlord
Charlestown Super Clash

  • Super Clash
    All servers that are eligible for Charlestown will hold Super Clash starting January 18. Same rules as Charlestown Clash apply.

  • Top 16
    After Super Clash ends, the top 16 camps will be eligible for registering in the cross-server clash. Registration for these top 16 camps will be based on their rankings and points.

  • Shelter Land Showdown
    Among the registered camps, the top 10 that registered from each server will be finalized to take part in the cross-server clash - Shelter Land Showdown. (Trade Federation will build Shelter Land in every major region).


  • Outfits
    The Sleuth
    - Mall (Limited-time discount)

  • Sign-in
    Daily sign in rewards.

  • Photo Op
    Take photo of the objective and share to get the reward.

  • Cold Duty
    Accept and complete 1 duty quest each day for rewards.

  • Lucky Hunt
    which contains formulas for Flamethrower, Assault Howitzer, Black Lion Optional Pack etc.

  • Lucky Gift Box
    which contains Lucky Rat Collection Chest, Icy Blue Dancing Tree, Ripe Banana Bed, Formula Shard x888, etc.
    03:00 21st January 2021 - 08:00 28th January 2021

  • Duo Training
    Event quests that you can do with a friend to earn you Training Cert and other rewards.
    Training Cert can be used to redeem exquisite furniture such as Pineapple Stack Cabinet, Warm Yellow Carambola Table, Mouthful Cherry Chair, etc.

Death High

  • 180 Floors

  • No Combat Mastery.

  • No Weapon and Drone durability depletion.

  • 75% Ammo cost.

  • Reset 15 floors at 24:00 on Sundays.

  • Challenging any floor except the highest possible one gives Déjà Vu bonusincreasing outgoing damage and movement speed, and decreasing damage intake.

  • Closed between 23:30 - 24:00 on Sundays.

  • Replenishing through Ammo Box will trigger the reload animation.

  • Sedative serum will weaken as you progress.

  • Royal Knight, Diamond Knight, Golden Knight, Silver Knight, Bronze Knight, Senior Knight, Trainee Knight, Rescue Team Member, Senior Member and Trainee.

  • Death High Cert is available with rare rewards.

Other Changes

  • Visual changes to the Benefits page.

  • Weekend Patrols has 2 new NPC added.

  • Flamethrower can't be energized with any treasure other than Firearm Fuel now.

  • More chances of getting NPC visitors at your manor.

  • Helicopter waypoint added to Twin Ways City.

  • Auto-Navigation improved.

  • Assistance Quest tracking improved.

  • Drone display improved in Personal Info.

  • Bed durability recovery fixed.

PC Version Changes

  • Pressing quick drone release keybind will automatically select the next drone if the first one cannot be released.

  • Toggle mouse cursor with Right Mouse Button.

  • Keybind layout and translation improved.

  • Added Escort and other buttons to the keybinds.

  • Vehicle driving interface improved.

Test Server Changes
Changes that are being tested solely in the Test Server for now. These may or may not come in the next update.

Special Area Operation
With the sudden change of the climate and the growth of the enemy's military research and development, all regions of the alliance are in desperation, and the original regional operations have also seen a greater crisis. The Alliance Lizard Squad will take over the urgent area and gather the survivors to fight together!

  • Survivors with a combat level of 45 or above, after clearing the action in the corresponding area, can go to the horsemane of the Happy 101 Lizard Team to participate in a special area operation.
  • Each special area operation has different crisis events, please read the instructions carefully before going. Of course, the lizard team also prepared special equipment for the survivors to adapt to each special area, please study and use it hard.
  • The number of rewards per week for special area actions can be obtained by clearing customs. And in special area operations, the alliance collects individual scores for each player. The individual scores are evaluated based on the player’s participation in the action, equipment and technology mastery, and team mutual assistance data. Scores of A and above will receive additional score rewards.
  • In special area operations, a special level balance compensation mechanism is provided. Make up the basic attributes for players with insufficient levels in the team. The alliance will also provide logistical support, reducing equipment, ammunition and drone consumption by 90%.
  • Special regional action content, according to changes in the world situation every week, select the most critical region to open for participation. Can participate once a week.

Special Area Operation - Hidden Factory
The lizard team found out that the Imperial soldiers in the heavily guarded highland factory were equipped with a number of high-lethal weapons. To rescue Lazarov, the Lizard Team will provide snow stealth suits. Hope the survivors can sneak into the rescue during the snowstorm and complete the mission!

  • The collection level is above 60, and the customs clearance highland factory can participate.
  • Special gameplay: In the hidden factory, the survivor's shield is temporarily invalid and cannot be equipped. When the survivor is wearing a stealth suit, he can enter the hidden state when he squats and escapes. The first attack in the hidden state enjoys a huge damage bonus. Recommended weapons: shotguns, cold weapons.

Return Boost - Hero Return
  • The survivors who return will be awarded the title of "Return of Heroes" and "Return of Heroes".
  • During the hero return BUFF period, the survivor’s own damage will be increased by 10%, and the teammate’s damage will be increased by 5%. The survivor’s schedule income will be increased by 100%, and the regional action income will be increased by 100%.
  • Team up with the hero returning survivors to complete regional operations and get help points, accumulate help points to get rich return help rewards, and the points are cleared every week. Go and invite your friends back!

Other Changes
  • There is a probability that the secret of the blue bird will be triggered when completing the scheduled task. Go to the map of the blue bird and follow the blue bird to get a lot of rare rewards. Jade Bird won't wait for you all the time, you have to keep up, otherwise you will have to wait for the next time if you miss the opportunity.
  • Enriched the types of assistance missions in Duobei Snow Mountain, Black Pearl District and Mousse Town.

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