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Update Announcement (January 14th)

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The Landlord
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[Charles Town Super Clash]
1. On January 18, all servers eligible for Charles Town will be holding Super Clash. The rules of Super Clash are the same as Charles Town Clash.
2. After the winner Camp of Super Clash is decided, the top 16 Camps will become eligible for registering for the cross-server battle.
3. The order of registration will be based on rankings and points.
4. Ultimately, the top 10 Camps willing to participate will be chosen to represent their server in the cross-server mode: Central Refuge Showdown. (Central refuges are cornerstones for rebuilding human civilization. The Federation will build central refuges in every major region and select 5 administrators, whose duty is to manage their allocated refuge and provide each other with assistance, guarding the continent and the survivors living here.)

[Caravan 101]
1. The Sleuth: new Outfit "The Sleuth" is now available for purchase in the mall. Enjoy a limited-time discount during the event. Purchase the outfit to get a bonus exclusive action.
2. Sign-in: During the event, sign in daily to claim the daily sign-in rewards, including 'Green Jade' Grape Pendant, Golden Strawberry Wallpaper, etc. Accumulate enough sign-ins to get additional rewards including Baby Sea Lion pendant and more. During the event, it's possible to purchase sign-in catch-ups with Gold Bars.
3. Photo Op: During the event, Survivors can accept 1 random photo quest per day. Take a photo of the designated subject and share it to get the quest reward. Accumulate enough shares to get the cumulative reward.
4. Cold Duty: During the event, players can accept 1 duty quest and complete it for rewards. Accumulate enough Duty Points to get the additional Training Cert reward.
5. Lucky Hunt: From January 14 to 8:00 on January 28, using a Federation Check gives you 100 New Dollars and a chance to participate in treasure hunts, which can grant you rare formulas for Flamethrower, Assault Howitzer, etc., and items including the Black Lion Optional Pack and more.
6. Lucky Gift Box: Lucky Gift Boxes are online from January 21 to 8:00 on January 28. Purchase them with Checks to get great rewards such as the Lucky Rat Collection Chest, Icy Blue Dancing Tree, Ripe Banana Bed, Formula Shard *888, etc.
7. Duo Training: Survivors can invite a friend to train with them! After completing the specified Training Quests, Survivors will get Mastery and Training Certs. When all the training quests are completed, they can be reset, but only once. After the reset, there will be new training quests and new quest rewards. Completing training quests will also award Survivors with extra Truck Diesel. Survivors can tap and hold the drive button in the "Caravan Support" game mode to drive the Caravan support truck to its destination using Truck Diesel. Once Survivors arrive at the destination, the Caravan will present Survivors with a grand prize! After helping the Caravan deliver the materials to the destination, Survivors can begin the next Support round. In the second round of support, Survivors can choose what kind of reward they want to receive from the Support quest. The Caravan needs your help, Survivors! Hurry!
8. Exquisite furniture is in stock at the Caravan Market for a limited time: 'Pineapple Stack' Cabinet, Warm Yellow Carambola Table, 'Mouthful' Cherry Chair, and more are waiting for you to exchange!

[Death High]
1. Death High has 180 floors. You may advance to the next floor after clearing the current one.
2. There is a Special Infected every 5 floors.
3. Due to the extreme radiation, the energy consumption for sprinting is increased, and Combat Mastery growth is decreased by 100%. The Search Team provides you logistical support: Weapon and Drone Durability depletion is reduced by 100%, and ammo cost is reduced by 75%.
4. You will fail a challenge if you give up or the time runs out. At that point, you will be sent to the elevator.
5. You cannot enter Death High until your Gathering, Crafting and Combat Levels have reached Lv. 20.
6. Floors you have challenged will be reset at 24:00 on Sundays. Afterwards, the highest floor you can challenge will be lowered by 15.
7. After the floors are reset, challenging floors other than the highest one will give you a D茅j脿 Vu bonus, which increases your damage dealt and movement speed and reduces the damage you take. The closer you are to the highest floor, the lower the bonus will be. You will not receive this bonus when challenging floors with Rescue Events.
8. Death High challenges will close between 23:30-24:00 on Sundays.
9. The Death High storyline has 11 endings. Different choices you make lead to different endings. People's fate is in your hands! Find out the truth behind the disaster, or bury it. The storyline will be reset each week during the Season.
10. Each elevator has Atlas Couriers who will assist you with item retrieval from your Locker at home. Each item slot requires 1,000 New Dollars.
11. Cleared floors will not yield Floor Clearance Rewards if you challenge them again, unless they've been reset.
12. When using an Ammo Box to replenish ammo in Death High, you need to perform a reload animation before you can fire your weapon.
13. The Sedative's slowdown effect on the Infected weakens as you advance to higher levels.
14. Your Rads start at 0, and you will obtain 50 Rads each time you challenge a floor. The maximum amount of Rads you can receive is 500.
15. The list of Tiers from highest to lowest is as follows: Royal Knight, Diamond Knight, Golden Knight, Silver Knight, Bronze Knight, Senior Knight, Trainee Knight, Rescue Team Member, Senior Member and Trainee. Players start out as Trainees.
16. The Death High Cert. will be available when Death High is open. You can access it on the Benefits page.
17. You can choose Floor Dash to challenge higher floors directly. If successful, you will receive all the floor rewards from your current floor to the target floor, as well as an amount of Rads equal to the number of floors challenged multiplied by 50; If you fail, you will receive 50 Rads.

[Other Content and New Rules]
1. Improved the Benefits screen for a better visual presentation for Survivors.
2. Added 2 new NPCs to Weekend Patrols - Dorothy Harvey and Helena Wayne. Survivors can invite them on a weekend patrol.
3. Fixed the bug where it was possible to Energize the Flamethrower with treasure other than Firearm Fuel.
4. NPCs will be more aware of Survivors' daily actions. If a Survivor's actions pique their interest, they will visit the Survivor with carefully-prepared gifts.
5. Added a helicopter passage in Twin Ways City.
6. The Caravan has upgraded the autopilot tech. Survivors can now switch to autopilot when driving near highways. And, depending on the destination, vehicles in autopilot will automatically select the best stopping location.
7. Improved quest tracking after accepting an Assistance Quest. Now the game will track the quest point closest to the Survivor's current location.
8. Improved the display of drone models in Personal Info.
9.Fixed the abnormal recovery that occurred when using the bed in some cases.

[Other Content and New Rules on PC]
1. Adjusted the logic of the quick drone release button. If the drone in the first slot cannot be released, the game will try to release the drone in the subsequent slots.
2. It's now possible to toggle the mouse cursor with the right mouse button.
3. Improved the button layout. Added prompts for some buttons.
4. Added separate key binding options for "Escort," "Stack Gun," etc.
5. Improved the layout and display of the vehicle driving interface.


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