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【Update Insights 1/28】Shelter Land

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Project Shelter Land

  • 28th to 31st January
    4 Chapters
    : Advance Force Departure, Site Survey, Outpost Construction, and Supplies Escort.

  • 4th February
    Begin Shelter Lands construction.

ShelterLandSnow.jpg ShelterLandStorm.jpg ShelterLandSand.jpg ShelterLandSwamp.jpg ShelterLandBlaze.jpg

Special Area Operation


  • Combat Level 45+

  • After clearing the corresponding Area Operation, go to Hope 101 Lizard Squad and find Horse Mane to participate in Special Area Operations.

  • You will get some special gear to help adapt to each special area.

  • Weekly rewards and extra rating reward if you get an A or above.

  • Levels are balanced according to the highest survivor level in team.

  • Changes every week according to the world's situation.

Secret Path
Snow-covered Fall Forest. You can freeze at any time and you get thermal gear to seek out Lazarov in the heavy snowstorm.

  • Survivors can play this mode after clearing the Fall Secret Path.

  • Survivors will freeze when their Frigidity reaches maximum. Ask for help from teammates to thaw out. Flamethrowers are recommended to fight the cold.

  • The durability loss of gear, drones and ammo consumption will be reduced by 90%.

The Plant
Fight the Imperial Soldiers in the well-guarded Highland Factory. You get Snowfield Sneaking Outfits that turn you invisible when crouched for sometime to sneak past the enemy!

  • To play this mode, clear the Snow Highland Factory.

  • Survivor's shields are ineffective and cannot be equipped. When wearing a sneaking outfit, they can crouch when out of combat to enter stealth mode. When in stealth mode, their first attack gains a huge damage bonus! Shotguns are recommended.

  • The durability loss of gear, drones and ammo consumption will be reduced by 95%.

These events will be over on February 3 to accomodate Project Shelter Land so don't forget to exchange rewards in time!

  • Outfits
    Doll Ball - Mall (Limited-time discount)
    InkWash - Lootbox

  • Adv. Team
    Form 4-player Adv. Teams and gain Exploration Points by completing Daily Quests.

  • Lucky Points
    During the event, exchange Advance Force Badges for New Dollars and Lucky Gift Boxes. Open the box for a chance to receive rare rewards, such as Ink Wash Clothes Boxes, Ink Wash Headwear Boxes, Skin: War Tiger - Crescent, etc. Items obtained in Lucky Points will not be stored in your backpack immediately. Instead, they'll be stored in a Temporary Vault. Through Point Exchange, you can convert items in the Temporary Vault into points at a certain conversion rate. These points can be used to purchase rare rewards from the Points Store.

  • Duo Training
    Event quests that you can do with a friend to earn you Training Cert and other rewards.

  • Caravan Market
    Exquisite items such as European-Style Bed, Mild Luxury European Dresser, and more are available on the Caravan Market for a limited time! In addition, the Mild Luxury Black Gold Furniture Chest will be on sale in the Caravan Market for a limited time. Open the chest for a chance to receive rare furniture, including: Type C Gilded Grand Piano, Gilded Ebony Double Bed, Gilded Ebony Closet, Gilded Leather Sofa, and more.
    28-Jan-Furniture1.jpg 28-Jan-Furniture2.jpg 28-Jan-Furniture3.jpg 28-Jan-Furniture4.jpg

Other Changes

  • There is now a chance to trigger the Bluebird's Secret quest when the Daily Quests are completed. Go to the map where the Bluebird is and follow it to get a lot of rare rewards. The Bluebird won't wait for you forever, so you'll have to keep up with it. Otherwise, you'll have to wait for the next opportunity.

  • Added more types of Assistance Quests in Mount Snow, Black Pearl Area, and Mouth Town.

  • Reduced the difficulty of Emergency Assistance Quests on some maps, and optimized the additional rewards of Assistance Quests which will increase as the level of survivors increases.

  • Fixed the Monster Sculpture collision issue.

  • Adjusted some items in the Mall, and also added search and filter functions.

  • Added an evacuation point in the Charles Town Outskirts.

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I should express that I like this article so a ton and moreover using it in regular. I believe you would continue sharing better than average articles here.

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