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【Update Insights 2/4】A New Home

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The Landlord
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Shelter Lands Migration

Since the restart of the world, the vast continent has shown more possibilities for survival. With the efforts of all survivors, sand deserts, storm islands, deserted marshes, hot volcanoes, wilderness grasslands, and polar ice fields will all become camp habitats. Let us work together and embrace our new home together!

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  • Construction Phase
    4th February onwards.
    Snow Highlands
    - Recruiting team members
    - Clean up the infected
    - Deliver supplies

  • City Defense
    18:00 on 6th February
    Snow Highlands
    - Defeat the special mutant

  • A New Home
    When you succeed in the City Defense, the Shelter Land construction project will begin, and everyone will start building the new human homelands. All Survivors can visit each Shelter Land and check in there by helicopter.

Shelter Land Showdown

  • Cross-Server Competition
    Invititation to Top 16 Camps from Super Clash
    10 Camps will be chosen as participants from each Battle Zone (Server).

  • Battle Zones
    4 Well-Matched Battle Zones (Can be 1 - 3 depending on participation)
    5 Battlefields - Sand, Blaze, Storm, Wildness and Swamp
    Winner occupies the respective Shelter Land of their battlefield

  • Phase 1 - Construction Phase
    12:00 to 19:30
    - Deploy infrastructure strategically

  • Phase 2 - Battle Phase
    20:00 to 21:00
    - First to get 5,000 Points wins this phase

    Airdrop Boxes

    - Special Infected

    - Assault Mode

    Gathering & Crafting Certs
    - Additional effects on combat infrastructure and occupying strongholds

  • Durability consumption of weapons, drones, equipment, and ammo consumption will be reduced by 75%.

Rewards of Final Battle

  • Exclusive Occupation Rights

  • Winner Outfit, Winner Title, Exclusive Actions, Exclusive Spray Paints, Exclusive Card Frame, etc.

  • Dividends each week.

  • Map Naming Rights, Helicopter Naming Rights, and Infrastructure Administration Rights.

  • Special Effect Bonus for teammates and corresponding Area Operations.

  • Free food and ammo.

  • Airdrops each day.

  • Survivors from other Camps can sign a Shelter Agreement to use Shelter Bonuses, Supply Points, Airdrops, and Rescue Teams from a particular Shelter Land.

Crusade Guardian
  • Guardians
    during 3 days of Battle Phase
    Maps - Levin City, Redwood Town, Mouth Swamp, Sand Castle & Lesins Port.

  • Damage and Fatal Blow rewards.

  • Durability loss of weapons and gear, as well as ammo consumption when reloading, are decreased by 90%.

Snowfield & Charles Town Shelter Lands

  • Snowfield SL
    21:30 on 10th February
    Relocate by talking to Chris in Town Hall
    - Electric AgeCamps only
  • Charles Town SL
    Super Clash champion camp
    - Camp Business Cards
    - Map Naming Rights
    - Helicopter Naming Rights
    - Shelter Land Badge

SL Specialty

  • Use extraction permit to gather inside camp's Shelter Land.

  • New resources and fishes in camp pond.

  • Take photos at landmarks inside camp to get rewards daily.

  • New camp canteen daily meals.

  • Camp plantation to plant exclusive specialties set by Mayor.

  • Relocation Anniversary every month.

Bonfire Night

  • 6th February to 20th February
    - Single and Duo Entry
    - Two person minigame
    - Limited Furniture reward

Returning Players

  • Rewards for Returning Players
    - Title: Return of Heroes
    - Buff of Old Heroes: 10% Damage Increase, 5% Teammate Damage Increase, 100% Duty Chest Rewards Increase, 100% Area Operation Rewards Increase
    - Flamethrower CE (7 Days)
    - Federation Membership (7 Days)
    - Old Hero Outfit (15 Days)
    - Lucky Cactus Pendant
    - Return Sale Packs in Mall


4th February to 25th February
  • Outfits
    Lucky Ox
    - Mall
    Lucky Ox Collector's Edition - Lootbox

  • Daily Sign-In
    - Furniture
    - Themed Business Cards
    - Spray Paint
    - Spring Cow pendant

  • Spring Snow Melting
    - Story

  • Forbidden Area Night Patrol
    - 8 Player Team
    - Daily Rewards
    - Nightmare Mode has extra time rewards

  • Fusion Chance UP
    - First 5x is 50% off each day
    - Collector's Edition Chance Up

  • Swallows
    - Take photographs of Chinese Fortune character
    - Get 5 stickers each day
    - Claim rewards upon making a set

  • Lucky Ox Collection
    - Lootbox
    - Lucky Ox Collector's Edition Outfit Gift Box, Ride the Wind Theme Plan Gift Box, Platinum Pirate Bar, Gold Skyward Cannon, Accordion, and more

  • Wish Mall
    - Year of the Ox themed items added

  • Duo Training
    Caravan Market
    Red Accordions
    - Triangle Masts
    - Captain's Roulette

  • Survival Radio
    Recall 3 players

Double Festival

Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day are coming one after another. From 11th February to 24th February, the caravan will open two festivals at the same time, bringing cash and red envelopes to the survivors.

  • Heartbeat Moment
    - Give White Roses to Players
    - 1 White Rose = 5 Crush Points
    - Limited-time Titles for Daily Rankers
    - Permanent Titles, Outfits for Final Rankers

  • New Year's Wish
    - Do 3 task each day
    - 1 Task = 1 Wish
    - Wish on the Wishing Tree in Camp and Hope 101
    - 3 Winners each day

  • Cumulative Top-Up
    - Top-Ups accumulate
    - Rewards on different levels

  • Triumph of the Golden Ox
    11th February to 25th February

    - Lootbox
    - Vehicle series - Taurus
    - Zodiac Vehicle Display Stand
    - Steel Shield Collector's Edition

  • Lucky Rich
    11th February to 25th February
    - Dice game
    - Fairy Flower Wedding Series Vehicle
    - Crystal Pendant Custom Box
    - Formula Shards x1888

  • Full Attendance
    21st February to 27th February
    - Sign-In rewards
    - Outfit
    - Formula Shards

Camp Infrastructure

  • Steam Age Required

  • List of Buildable Infrastructure
    - Lamp Post
    - Message Board
    - Bench
    - Sun Chair
    - Gas Station
    - Ladder
    - Rain Pavilion
    - Freeway
    - Emoji
    - Balloon
    - Lantern
    - Swing
    - Fountain
    - Ferris Wheel

  • Like Feature Disabled

Architect of Tomorrow

  • 4th February to 20th February
    - Go to Blueprint mode and submit your Manor Blueprints
    - Top ranked works will enter Publicity period
  • 21st February to 23rd February
    - Experts review the entries
    - Winners will receive high cash prize and limited furniture of choice


  • Same Fate Friendliness Required
    - 15,000 Friendliness

  • Clothing Store - Hope 101
    - Flawless Blessing
    - Infected Damage Increase
    - Damage Reduction
    - Upgrade rings according to Friendliness level

Other Changes

  • Optimized the layout and style of Business Cards.

  • Themed Manor Construction Plans
    Build manor houses with specific themes according to the plans.

  • A new garage has been added to the entrance of the Manor so Survivors can show off their vehicles.

  • Rebecca & Rio have taken over the Hope 101 Grocery Store, which had almost gone bankrupt, and have now renovated it as a flagship store. At the same time, they've opened a branch in players' Camps. Crouch, the former Grocery Store manager, has moved his stall to the left of the flagship store.

PC Version Changes

  • Fixed the equipment bar keybindings.

  • Fixed right mouse button breathing during Loading.

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