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Update Announcement (February 4th)

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[LifeAfter x GHOST IN THE SHELL: SAC_2045Event]

From 3:00 Feb. 18th to 3:00 Mar. 4th,

1. Log in to claim a Ghost in the Shell figurine during the event锛

2. The brand-new crossover outfit Ghost in the Shell and Ghost in the Shell motorcycle arrive! During the event, a special crossover motorcycle and outfit will be available in the Mall for a limited time. Open the Vehicle Pack for a chance to get special rewards such as the Ghost in the Shell motorcycle, crossover outfit Ghost in the Shell and TACHIKOMA Backpack.

3. SECTION 9 Team Event is ongoing! Team up to complete quests to earn Event Honor Points. Ghost in the Shell figurine and crossover certificates become available to claim when Personal Honor Points and Team Honor Points reach the requirements.

4. The crossover items such as TACHIKOMA Decoration, Illusory City Wallpaper, MOTOKO Poster, BATOU Poster are available for a limited time in the Crossover Market. Players can obtain it by exchanging crossover certificates received by completing the SECTION 9 Team Event.

[New Rules]
1. Shelter Land Showdown officially begins on February 8. We have improved the experience during the construction and battle phase. Here's to the competing Camps achieve great results.
2. Adjusted: the victory condition of Shelter Land Showdown's Shelter Land Battle to 8,000 points.
3. The excess Dawn Butler - Dark Blue and Fearless - Passionate Red gift boxes can now be sold to NPCs.
4. Fixed: the display issue of The Sleuth outfit.

[Construct Shelter Land]

1. Shelter Land Construction will kick off on February 4. Survivors can engage in building a Shelter Land on the Snow Highlands. To get rich rewards, you can complete quests such as recruitment, Infected elimination, and supplies transport;
2. City Defense will start at 20:00 on February 6. Survivors will have to stop the Special Mutant from destroying the Shelter Land on the Snow Highlands. After beating the Special Mutant, all participants will get rich rewards;
3. When you succeed in the City Defense, the Shelter Land construction project will begin, and everyone will start building the new human homelands. All Survivors can visit each Shelter Land and check in there by helicopter.

[Shelter Land Showdown]
The Federation will select 5 Shelter Lands, including Sand, Blaze, Storm, Wildness and Swamp. The strongest Camp in the Shelter Land Showdown will be granted the corresponding Shelter Land ownership.
1. Shelter Land Showdown is a cross-server competition. Shelter Land Showdown invitation letters will be sent to the Mayors or Acting Mayors of the Top 16 Camps at 21:30 when the Super Clash ends. Meanwhile, 10 Camps will be chosen as participants on behalf of their Battle Zone;
2. The Trade Federation will choose 4 well-matched Battle Zones to confront each other. Some Battle Zones will be competing in matches consisting of 1-3 Zone(s). Shelter Land Showdown has 5 battlefields. The winner of each battlefield shall occupy the Shelter Land in their zone;
3. There are two phases in the competition: the Construction Phase and Battle Phase. The former runs from 12:00-19:30 the same day. Survivors can deploy their infrastructure strategically in advance;
4. The Battle Phase runs from 20:00-21:00. The first Camp to get 5,000 Points during the battle wins. Survivors can earn Points in several ways when battling;
5. Special encounters, such as Paradrop Boxes, the Special Infected, and Assault Mode, will happen at 20:15, 20:30, and 20:45 respectively. It's a great time to get tons of points, Survivors;
6. You can deploy, destroy, or even repair Combat Infrastructure on the battlefield. In addition, professions like Gathering and Crafting will offer additional Infrastructure effects in battles!

[Crusade Guardian]
1. Guardians will appear on the map at 11:00 during the 3 days of the Combat Phase.
2. Players with the required Combat Level can enter the contest through the event page, or go there manually.
3. Each guardian will be ranked according to the time of defeat in the Battle Zone. The higher the ranking, the better the battlefield support rewards will be.
4. When a guardian is killed, the Individual Personal Damage Reward and the Final Blow Reward will be sent by mail. These can only be claimed 1 time every day.
5. During the fight, the Commerce Bureau will offer logistics support. Durability loss of weapons and gear, as well as ammo consumption when reloading, are decreased by 90%.

[Shelter Land Showdown Winner Rewards]
1. The winner of each Shelter Land Showdown Battlefield (including Sand, Blaze, Storm, Wilderness, and Swamp) will get the exclusive Occupation Right and the related Camp Relocation Right!
2. Members of the five Camp occupants will get rich rewards, such as a Winner Outfit, Winner Title, Exclusive Actions, Exclusive Spray Paints, Exclusive Card Frame, etc.;
3. As the Shelter Land Administrator, the Camp and its members will get dividends from the Federation every week;
4. As the Shelter Land Administrator, the Camp has privileges, including Map Naming Rights, Helicopter Naming Rights, and Infrastructure Administration Rights. Teammates will get a special effect bonus if you team up in Shelter Lands and the corresponding Area Operations;
5. Meanwhile, occupant flag, a Supply Point and the Camp Board will be refreshed in Shelter Land regions. Camp members can claim ammo and food for free every day as Shelter Land Administrators. Airdrops will land periodically in Shelter Land regions. Survivors can claim them every day. The Rescue Team and the Guard will be refreshed in Shelter Land regions for security reasons;
6. Survivors from other Camps can sign a Shelter Agreement to use Shelter Bonuses, Supply Points, Airdrops, and Rescue Teams from a particular Shelter Land. In addition, they can give a cheer to their favorite Shelter Land Administrator via the Occupant Flag.

[Snowfield SL & Charles SL]
1. Camps will be eligible to move to the Snowfield SL if they enter the Electric Period after 21:30 on February 10. Mayors can find Chris at the Town Hall to start relocating;
2. The champion Camp in the Charles Town Clash will move to Charles SL automatically. The Camp will have privileges including Map Naming Rights, Helicopter Naming Rights, and a Shelter Land Badge. Meanwhile, the Occupant Flag will be refreshed in the occupied area.

[Shelter Land Specialty]
1. There will be resources you can gather inside the Shelter Land Camp. You can spend your Extraction Permits to gather them;
2. Resources and animals that match the local climate can be gathered inside the Camp. New fish species can be found in the Camp Pond;
3. Take photos at Camp landmarks to get a small amount of Duty Points and rewards;
4. The Camp Canteen will now serve new daily Camp Delicacies, which you'll get new effects from after eating;
5. The Camp will also have a plantation that you can use for planting exclusive specialties. The Mayor can set the specialty type;
6. The Camp will celebrate its Relocation Anniversary once a month. Members can attend it to get rich rewards.

[Comprehensive Return System Upgrade]
1.The returning survivors will be gifted with exclusive title, Buff of Old Hero, as well as 7 days access of Flamethrower Collector's Edition and the Federation Membership
2. The Return Guide System has been thoroughly updated. Survivors can get an Outfit - Old Hero (15 days) by completing Return Guide Quests;
3. To get the Limited Pendant - Lucky Cactus, Survivors can complete Daily Return Quests and earn a certain amount of Duty Points. In addition, Survivors can purchase Return Packs at a discount price via the integrated Return Sales page;
4.While the Old Hero Buff is active, returning survivors will enjoy: self damage increased by 10%, team member damage increased by 10%, Duty Point Chests rewards increased by 100%, Area Operation rewards increased by 100%

[Shelter Land Celebration]
1. Lucky Ox: For the Shelter Land Celebration, purchase the exclusive outfit in the Mall to get a bonus exclusive action! Lucky Ox Collector's Edition can be obtained by participating in the Lucky Ox Collection event, and the outfit also gifts an extra new title with a dynamic lighting effect!
2.During the event, sign in daily to claim the daily sign-in rewards.
3.During the event, Survivors can claim and complete the quest by finding related NPCs and following hints. Complete each stage of the quest to get corresponding rewards!
4.Terrifying, never-before-seen Infected have surfaced in the derelict zone. The Federation is calling on Survivors to form 8-member investigation teams to look into the matter as well as eliminate the threat.
5.The fusion chance of Weapon Formulas will be increased for a limited time. The first 5x Fusion every day is at half price.The more times you fuse, the higher the chance of obtaining Collector's Edition Weapon Skins until you receive an un-acquired Collector's Edition Weapon Skin!
6.During the event, the Chinese character for "Fortune" will appear in your camp center and Hope 101. You can obtain one sticker at random by taking a photo of the "Fortune" character. You can get up to 5 stickers per day. After you collect a total of 5 Window Decorations, you can claim a Shelter Land Celebration Lucky Bag.
7. Lucky Ox Collection: From February 4 to 8:00 on February 25, you can exchange Federation Checks for New Dollars and receive Lucky Ox Gift Boxes. Open them for a chance to receive rare rewards including Lucky Ox Collection Outfit Gift Box, Ride the Wind Theme Plan Gift Box, Platinum Pirate Bar, Gold Skyward Cannon, Accordion, and more.
8. Wish Mall: From February 4 to February 13, the Lucky Ox Outfit and Golden Ox Card will be on sale in the Wish Mall. May you be wealthy and auspicious in the Year of the Ox. From February 14 to February 24, you can purchase Ring - Brilliant Light in the Wish Mall to signify your everlasting love.

[Valentine's Day]
1. From February 14 to February 24, use 1 Pure White Rose to make a special confession; Select a player who is nearby, or from your friends list, to make a special confession to. The player who receives this confession will gain 5 Crush points. The Commerce Bureau will count the Crush of all survivors for the Daily Crush Rankings. The top 20 players will receive limited-time titles and items. The Commerce Bureau will also draw up a Crush Leaderboard based on players' total Crush obtained. Players on the Leaderboard will get Permanent Titles, Permanent Outfits other rewards based on their ranking. The higher their ranking, the better the rewards will be.
2.Complete certain quests during the event to obtain rewards including Wish Letters. Wish Letters can be used to make wishes at the Wishing Tree in Hope 101 and Camp. The system will pick 3 lucky players from each kind of wish every day, and make their wishes come true.
3. Cumulative Top-up: Top up any amount every day during the event and get the corresponding rewards upon reaching a new stage;
4. Triumph of the Golden Ox: From February 11th to 08:00 on February 25th, you can exchange Federation Checks for New Dollars and receive an additional Vehicle Pack, from which you have a chance to get special rewards, including vehicle series - Taurus, Zodiac Vehicle Display Stand, Skin: Steel Shield Collector's Edition, and more.
5.From February 14 to February 24, Survivors can exchange Millionaire's Silver Coins or Checks for 100 New Dollars, and roll 1 die for a chance to obtain the corresponding rewards

[Camp Infrastructure]
1. The Camp Construction Plan will become available when your Camp enters the Steam Period
2. Some infrastructure can't be built in the Camp. For now, you can build the following facilities: Lampposts, message boards, benches, sun chairs, gas stations, vertical ladders, rain pavilions, freeways, and emojis. All of the Camp infrastructure doesn't support the Like feature. Navigation is available on Camp Highways;
3. All the Camp infrastructure is subject to Camp and Personal Construction Points. No more infrastructure can be built once the Construction limit is reached;
4. To allow the Camp Highway Navigation feature to run smoothly, some Air Walls in Camp have been removed.

1.The jeweler, Amber, has moved into Hope 101. Apparently, you can obtain the Ring - Flawless Blessing if you complete her quests with your roommate. So go to the Clothing Store in Hope 101 and ask her about the situation.
2. To increase damage dealt to monsters and receive other effects like Damage Reduction, you can team up with your roommates while wearing Ring - Pure Blessing;
3. As Friendliness between you and your friend increases, you can both find Amber and upgrade your rings to get advanced effects;
4. By consuming Gold Bars, a ring's appearance can be changed through Ring Imitation.

[Other Content and New Rules]
1. The Trade Federation has optimized the layout and style of cards;
2. New Theme Construction Plans have been added to the Construction page. Survivors can build Manors with a specific theme based on the Theme Guide.
3. A new garage has been added to the entrance of the Manor so Survivors can show off their vehicles;
4. Rebecca/Rio have taken over the Hope 101 Grocery Store, which had almost gone bankrupt, and have now renovated it as a flagship store. At the same time, they've opened a branch in players' Camps. Crouch, the former Grocery Store manager, has moved his stall to the left of the flagship store;

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Announcement of Draw Probability for ghost in shell/lucky draw in mall for this update of feb?
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