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Update Announcement (March 24th)

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The Landlord
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[Caravan 101]
1. Youth Rule: Brand-new outfit Youth Rule is now available in the Mall. Purchase it during the event to enjoy a limited-time discount. Purchasing the outfit will also grant you an exclusive action;
2. Unconstrained: During the event, Survivors can claim and complete the quest by finding the related NPCs and following the hints. Complete each stage of the quest to get the corresponding rewards;
3. Speed Legend: From March 25 to 08:00 on April 8, you can exchange Federation Checks for New Dollars and receive an additional Vehicle Pack, which you can open for a chance to get special rewards, including the amphibious vehicle - Duo Mirage and Rainbow Unicorn Pack;
4. Lucky Gift Boxes: Lucky Gift Boxes will be online from April 1 to 8:00 April 8. Purchase the Boxes with Checks to get great rewards, including Destiny Guardian Clothes Box, Destiny Guardian Headwear Box, Temp. Control Bath Optional Chest, Formula Shard *888, and more;
5. Duo Training: Invite a friend to train with you. Complete the designated quests to get Mastery and Training Badges. You can also get extra rewards from Caravan Support.
6. Exquisite items are on sale at the Caravan Market! In addition, the Circus Furniture Chest will be available at the Caravan Market from April 1. Open the chest for a chance to receive rare furniture such as Red & Blue Clown Ferris Wheel, Gold & Green Revel Stage, Seal Ball, etc.
7. Spring Kite: From April 3 to April 7, you can fly a kite on Spring Trip maps to get rich Spring Trip rewards. Doing this for a total of 5 days will grant the exclusive emoji - "Fly a Kite"!
8. Lucky Fortune Eggs: Players can pick a certain number of items in Prize Pool SS, S, A, and B to form a Fortune Egg Prize Pool from April 3 to 08:00 on April 8. Tokens can be exchanged for New Dollars and Fortune Eggs. Each reward will be removed once it is drawn. All of the Fortune Egg items are guaranteed to be obtained after 12 draws. When you get all of the items in the prize pool, you can build the next one. But if not, you can spend a certain number of tokens to reset the prize pool. The prize pool contains precious items, such as the Deep Abyss Optional Chest, Advanced Gear, Skin, Endeavour Backpack, etc.
9. Buy Benefits: Online from April 3 to 8:00 on April 8. Sale Packs can be purchased every day for the same amount of Credits and additional rewards. Each kind of Sale Pack can be purchased once per day.

[Merovey Castle]
Scientia received a distress signal from Merovey Castle! A boy, who claims his name is Marc, went to the long-abandoned castle with his girlfriend on an adventure and was attacked by the Infected. The situation is urgent. Survivors, please go to their rescue as soon as possible.
1. Weekly Area Operation - Merovey Castle will become available in the Dawn District of Levin City. To gain access to Merovey Castle, you need to reach Gathering Level 85 and clear Area Operation - Daily Mission - Submerged Island Reef;
2. Clearing the stage for the first time each week will grant a Clearance Reward and an extra Rating Reward. Each Rating Reward can only be obtained once per week, and is reset every Sunday at 03:00;
3. During the operation, the Durability loss of gear will be reduced by 90%, ammo reload cost is reduced by 90%, and Durability loss when unconscious is reduced by 90%;
4. There is a chance to drop Grade V Exclusive Accessories in Weekly Area Operation - Merovey Castle.

[New Infrastructure]
[Signal Tower]
1. Added new Signal Towers. Survivors who have moved to any Camp can use them to call a Camp helicopter to take them back to Camp. However, there is quite a long CD time.
2. Survivors can send a rally signal to their friends or on the Chat Channel via the Signal Tower. By tapping any Survivor who responds to the call, you can head to the call station directly by helicopter. The Rally has a CD period and limited daily responses.

1. Added the new infrastructure, Refuge, which can be used for temperature control and cooking simple dishes once fuel is added;
2. The Refuge is equipped with a wall-mounted TV set that can be used for advertising, and even teleshopping in Trade City;
3. The Refuge has a fishing platform where you can go fishing with a Fishing Rod. The fishing view should be facing the water when you're using the fishing platform.

[Special Game Mode]
[Underground Fountain]
1. By digging in Sand Castle, Desolate Desert, or Barren Wilds, Survivors will have a chance of finding Humid Rock. Keep digging it out to find an Underground Fountain;
2. Underground Fountains offer underground ore that can be gathered.

[Brimming with Hares]
1. According to a Caravan report, hares have been spotted in some Wilderness Maps, especially in Fall Forest, Clear Sky Wheat Field, and Summer Rain Highway. Now, Portable Formula - "Rabbit Trap" can be used by all Survivors. Go catch hares out in the wild;
2. When you find a hare hole, you can make and set a trap next to it. Put bait there and wait. Hares are very alert, so don't make any noise, or they'll know you are there;
3. Any hares you catch can be traded in Trade City or sold to the Furniture Shop owner. You can also raise them in your Manor Fields (Lv. 8 Manor required), and can harvest them for Gray Rabbit Fur when they grow up. The value of Gray Rabbit Fur needs to be further investigated. So far, it can be burned and turned into Nanoplastic.

[Mall Improvements]
1. It's shown as "Mall";
2. Improved the screen layout of the Mall. The order and recommendation for Packs that are being sold in the Mall have been adjusted. Tags such as Timed Pack and Value Pack are now displayed;
3. In the F. Shop, products are separated according to their currency, i.e. Credits or Gold Bars. Adjusted the display logic of products in the shop;
4. Added "Skip" and "View" buttons on the VIP Purchase screen in the VIP Store.

[Charles Town Super Clash]
1. On April 5, all servers eligible for Charles Town will host the Super Clash. The rules of Super Clash are the same as the Charles Town Clash;
2. After the winning Camp of the Super Clash is decided, the top 16 Camps will become eligible to register for Shelter Land cross-server battles;
3. The order of registration will be based on rankings and points. In the end, the top 10 Camps willing to take part in it will be chosen to fight in the Shelter Land Showdown on behalf of their server;
4. Shelter Land Showdown S2 will start on April 25.

[Vehicle Adjustments]
1. Improved vehicle collisions, making it easier to traverse difficult terrain. Fixed the issue where some vehicles could get stuck;
2. Added the ability to lean forward and back on two-wheeled vehicles. Now, you can pitch the vehicle in midair;
3. Vehicles and players will no longer lose HP when they collide with resources and objects. If a collision occurs in a battle, it causes damage to hostile Survivors and their vehicles;
4. Vehicles can be placed instantly. For Turbulent City Invaders, Farstar City, or Survivor Duels, it takes 2 seconds for a Survivor to place and reset their vehicles;
5. Designed a clearer and more orderly Vehicle Garage screen;
6. Improved vehicles with windows, making them unimpeded by sandstorms or temperature, etc.;
7. Fixed the issue where Smart Boarding of the Taurus Vehicle kept turning over.

[Friend & Roommate Interaction Improvements]
1. Added a Recommendation tag to the Friends - Recommended Players screen that displays the relationship between the Survivor and recommended player;
2. When Survivors are added as a friend by others, they will see how other players added them;
3. Added a Friendly Memory portal to the Private Chat dialog box and Avatar pull-down list. Survivors can tap it to view the interaction history, like friendship time, gifts, chats, Area Operation, etc. (Some data will be recorded from 0 after the updates);
4. When Survivors change their name, a renaming notice will be sent to their friends.

1. A Journal button has been added to the Roommate Chat screen. Meanwhile, a portal to the Journal will be shown in messages reminding Roommates to write their Journal;
2. Added weather and mood options for the first Journal Record.

[Old Hero Improvements]
1. The event time of Old Hero now lasts for 14 days. Survivors can complete Return Guide and Return Quests during the event;
2. Return Quests are available for 10 days. All rewards double on the 2rd, 7th, and 9th day, and triple on the 5th day. No quests will expire on the same day they are accepted;
3. Duty Point logic changed: Rewards are guaranteed and buffs will be offered for 14 days. Buffs only take effect on the day the Survivor claims a Duty Point Treasure Chest. Any Treasure Chests received the next day offer no bonuses;
4. The durations of exclusive titles, Combat Power Enhancement buffs, and the Return Special Offer Mall have been extended to 14 days.
5. The improvements mentioned above are only available for Survivors who return after the update released on March 25. For Survivors who return before March 25, everything will remain the same.

[Navigation Improvements]
1. Improved the vehicle selection order when navigating. It will now follow the order configured by Survivors;
2. Improved how reports pop up when navigation ends. Survivors can decide whether to view or share their navigation reports.

[Other Content and New Rules]
1. Now, Japanese Cherry Tree Seeds and Fir Saplings that Survivors claim from Training and hold on March 11, 2021 and December 17, 2020 can be planted in Large Plant Pots and Indoor Nature Courtyards;
2. Return mail sent when Survivors leave their Camp is now permanently kept;
3. Improved the issue where in some cases Survivors encountered lag in events like Infected Invasion and Trap Infections;
4. Fixed the issue where Survivors could get stuck when performing the Bluebird's Secret quest in Mouth Town;
5. Area Investigation: The latest Area Investigation quests will be posted on the Call-board of the Commerce Bureau in Hope 101. The Radio near 101 has broadcast an urgent signal that the Town Hall has been invaded by someone unknown. The Caravan is asking Survivors to investigate the issue. Perhaps the truth behind the infection, a truth that will shake humanity's future, will soon be revealed...


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