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Introduction of some spot③

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[Miska Univ.]
Scenario Introduction: Level Goal: Complete Miska Univ. Quest Level Reward: Gold Bars, Fighting Mastery. Notes:. Resources available on the map, such as Bandages, Medicine Boxes, etc., cannot be taken out of the map. It is therefore not necessary to painstakingly collect all resources.. Miska Univ. Quests can be taken an unlimited number of times, but the rewards can only be claimed once per day.#r3. Aim Assist cannot be enabled when in the university's thick fog, and sprinting cannot be performed.
#r4. If you want to quit during a Quest, you can go to the map evacuation point and take a helicopter home. Quitting halfway will not yield and rewards.
#r5. After the Quest is completed, rewards will be sent to, and can be claimed from, your Mailbox.

#rQuest Process:
#r1. After entering the Scenario, talk to Buck Slayer. Pick up the items and go to the education building.
#r2. After talking with the priest, start looking for the 5 little girls.
#r3. After finding the little girls, perform the ceremony, and kill the Special Infected.
#r4. Go to the evacuation point, and return to the Camp via helicopter.

[Farstar City]
In order to survive in Farstar City, the following points need to be noted:
1. Your Manor needs to reach Lv.2 to enter Farstar City. Farstar City is off limits from 2:00 to 8:00am every day and cannot be entered. Players already in Farstar City can still move, but they cannot obtain resources as normal, and can only beat down other players to collect resources

2. Select the current state next to Combat Mode on the main screen. When selecting invasion mode, your name will become red and you can attack all survivors. However, attacking survivors with white names will cause you to become wanted. When selecting peace mode, you will have a white name, and can only attack red-name survivors, and you will never be wanted

3. The resources produced by Farstar City are as follows

Survivors can consider whether to enter the Farstar City according to their current resource demand

#r#r4. Rainstorm will affect the resources and the survivors' actions

Hardwood vines and Mushrooms will appear during rainstorms. Flint will not appear during rainstorms Survivors will catch a flu during rainstorms. If a survivor catches a flu, return to home and rest, and the flu will disappear automatically

5. Shipping Helicopter

There is no postman in Farstar City to post the infected supplies. You can only send the supplies to the randomly refreshed shipping helicopters
6. Passageway

Passageway can be found in Farstar City according to the map. You can go to other places by helicopte
7. Bomb Area

The red area on the map represents the current Bomb Area. Survivors are suggested to avoid bomb areas in time to avoid injury
8. Chosen City Transport Vehicle#r<img>

There is a probability that the Chosen City Transport Vehicle will appear on the map. Find the location of the vehicle and defeat the soldiers as well as the transport vehicle to obtain rich rewards
9. Scenario NPC

Blue dots on the map represent NPCs in the current scene. Survivors who want to complete quests should pay attention to the blue dots on the map Tips: Only when you are close enough to an NPC will blue dots appear on the map.
10. Grave Resources Grave icons will sometimes appear on the map. Go to the corresponding locations to pick up resources that haven't been picked up yet.
[Charles Town]
Scenario Introduction: Charles Town is a War Zone. Camp members from different Camps can fight against each other there.
I. Supplies Transportation
1. Any item you get in Charles Town must be shipped to your Camp via a drone, which can be found on the map. Look out for the icon on your map.
2. After locating a drone, you will need to carry it and recharge it. While recharging, you cannot attack.

3. After recharging is complete, tap "Use" to ship items.

II. Assaulting Other Transfer Stations
1. Attack other Camp's Transfer Stations by their entrances in Charles Town.

1. 1. You can attack Buildings in the hostile Transfer Station and loot the items being kept there.
III. Nuclear power plants and mining sites will have many resource chests, but they are more dangerous. Be careful.


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