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Update Announcement (May 6th)

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[Comprehensive Camp Upgrade]
Since the world has restarted, a Giant Infected has been frequently invading, putting civilization in great danger. To help Survivors hold together in this post-apocalyptic world, the Federation has renovated and strengthened all Camps so that Survivors can reunite in a better home!The camp upgrade plan is officially implemented, and the Federation will adjust and optimize the new camp rules based on the Survivors' experience in the future. Please actively participate in the construction of the new camp!
1. Comprehensive Camp scene upgrade: Optimized the overall layout. The infrastructure previously built by Camp members within their Camps has been recycled, and all used construction materials have been returned;
2. Double Garden Villa built: The Double Foundation on the Levin City Outskirts have been moved to the Central Garden Villa District. At the same time, the Levin Migration Plan has been cancelled. When a Camp enters the Savage Period, the Central Garden Villa and auction function will be automatically unlocked.
3. Controller page optimization: Optimized how the Manor Controller is displayed, added a Cohabitation Module, merged the Embellishment and Repair modules, as well as the Vault and Security modules;
4. Roommates' foundations can be merged: Added a function that allows roommates' foundations to be merged. If two roommates' foundations are next to each other, they can be merged into a large one;
5. Patrol Quest update: Added some new Patrol Quests and adjusted some existing ones. Survivors can now get more rewards after completing Patrol Quests. At the same time, Territory Quests have also been adjusted, and the time required to complete them has been reduced;
6. Infected Invasion returns: The new Camp will also suffer a more terrible invasion, including new types of Infected. However, the Manor will no longer come under attack. Survivors must guard the three Defense Doors. At the same time, the Camp has built new defense facilities, such as Fixed Cannons, Fire Bombs, Weapons Chests, and more. We hope Survivors can stand their ground and protect their homes.
7. Camp Appearance Customization: Added Appearance Customization for buildings located in the Camp Downtown. The Mayor and authorized officials can now spend Vault Gold Bars to purchase new appearances and edit them at the Data Center of the Town Hall. More Camp building appearances will be unlocked after the Camp Period Level and Prosperity Level are upgraded;
8. Camp Statue: Added Camp Statues to Camps. The Mayor and officials with customization permissions can design their Camp Statue. Once the Camp Statue is built, Camp members can make wishes at the Camp Statue every day, and obtain random rewards. A Camp Statue will be obtained when building your Camp. More appearances and actions for the Statues will be unlocked after the Camp Period Level and Prosperity Level are upgraded;

[Training Introduction]
1. Galactic Love: Brand new Outfit - Galactic Love will be on sale in the Mall for a limited time. Purchase the outfit to get an exclusive action. The Galactic Love Collector's Edition can be obtained from the Galaxy Collection event. The Collector's Edition outfit comes with a brand new dynamic title!
2. Sign-in Benefits: You can claim a massive amount of rewards by signing in every day, including Formula Shards, Galaxy Lucky Gift Boxes, and more. Sign in for 14 days in total to get a Double-layer Off-road Backpack!
3. New Camp Plan: Complete the specified Camp quests to gain Cheer Points for your Camp. After the event ends, the top 100 Camps on the Cheer Point rankings can claim an event-limited Camp Customization Appearance. Reach the specified Cheer Point goals to receive Personal Point Rewards;
4. Fuse Chance UP: The chance of obtaining Weapon Formulas when composing Formulas has been temporarily increased! During the event, you can enjoy a 50% discount the first time you use 5x Fusion every day. The more formulas you compose, the higher your chance of obtaining Collector's Edition Weapon Skins, until you obtain an unowned Collector's Edition Weapon Skin! Survivors with Lv. 60 Crafting will unlock an Exclusive Fusion that matches their level. The Exclusive Fusion Formula Archive only contains Formulas of the Survivor's current level! Formulas in Exclusive Fusion will have their fusion success chance increased at regular intervals, with the list changing once every week. Formulas in the Exclusive Fusion Formulas Archive will also benefit from the Chance Up event on top of their existing chance increase!
5. Lucky Stars: When 3+ players complete an Area Operation, a random player from among those that dealt 20%+ damage will be selected to become a Lucky Star! Lucky Stars can refresh rewards in Ownerless Treasure Chests and choose either rewards from before or after refreshing!
6. Galaxy Collection: From May 6 to 08:00 on May 20, you can exchange Federation Checks for New Dollars and receive Galaxy Gift Boxes. Open the gift boxes for a chance to receive rare rewards including Galactic Love Collection Outfit Gift Box, Thunder Engine Gift Box, Bluebird Backpack, Silver Rhino Helm and more;
7. Lucky Gift Boxes: Lucky Gift Boxes will be online from May 13 to 08:00 on May 20. Purchase them with Checks to get great rewards such as Beta Chip Formulas, Ride the Wind Theme Plan Gift Boxes, and more;
8. Duo Training: You can invite a friend to train with you. Complete the designated quests to get Mastery and Training Certs. You can also get extra rewards from Caravan Support;
9. Affordable Luxury Round Nest Bed, Affordable Luxury White Leather Chair and more Furniture will be available on the Caravan Market for a limited time! In addition, the Simple Modern Furniture Chest will be available at the Caravan Market for a limited time. Open the chest for a chance to receive rare furniture, such as the Affordable Luxury Black Gold Waterscape, Color-block Interactive Wall Decoration, and more.

[First Accessory Drop & Fusion Improvements]
With regards to the suggestions about accessories we have received from Survivors, the Federation has finished the first round of rules improvements. They also plan to do more in the near future, so stay tuned!
1. Clear Area Operations and open Ownerless Treasure Chests for a chance to get a random number of General Components of the corresponding grade if Survivors haven't got any Accessories yet;
2. Added a Parts Shop. Survivors can exchange their general components for accessories of the corresponding grade. The acquisition efficiency of accessories has been greatly increased. You can visit the Parts Shop via the Accessory screen and the Schedule - Area Operation screen;
3. The Parts Shop allows Survivors to exchange unlocked green accessories according to their level (e.g. survivors with Lv. 80 Gathering can exchange for Grade I to Grade V green accessories). Light Muzzles, Heavy Muzzles and Knobs have an general exchange quota; and the rest of the accessories have a daily exchange quota;
4. Added directional protection for accessories: When fusing accessories, you can add Artificial Magnetic Cores to select any accessory materials you want to protect; if the fusion fails, it's guaranteed to protect the chosen accessory materials, and there is a chance to protect the rest;
5. The fusion success rate of Grade II and Grade III green accessories is increased to 65% and 60% respectively. When Artificial Magnetic Cores are added, the success rate will be increased to 80% and 75% respectively. Moreover, Grade I green accessories can now be fused. (The fusion success rate is 80%, which is increased to 100% after Artificial Magnetic Cores are added). Grade I blue accessory sets now have attributes;
6. Optimized the chest opening animation of Ownerless Treasure Chests and the display effect of rare items.

[Magma Cavern & Grand Theater]
1. Daily Area Operation - Magma Cavern will become available in St. Rona. To gain access to the Magma Cavern, you need to reach Lv. 100 Gathering.
2. Weekly Area Operation - Grand Theater will become available in the Dawn District of Levin City. To gain access to the Grand Theater, you need to reach Lv. 101 Gathering and clear Area Operation - Daily Mission - Magma Cavern;
3. During the operation, the Durability loss of gear will be reduced by 90%, ammo reload cost is reduced by 90%, and Durability loss when unconscious is reduced by 90%. There is a chance Grade VII Exclusive Accessories may be dropped in the Magma Cavern and Grand Theater when they are cleared.
4. During the Area Operation, clearing the stage for the first time will grant a Clearance Reward, and clearing the stage will grant an extra Rating Reward each time. Each Rating Reward can only be obtained once a week. Rewards will be reset if they expire.

[Increased Level Cap for Talents and Manors]
1. Your Profession Level will be upgraded when all three Mastery Levels reach Lv. 100. This will give you greater Profession Talent abilities;
2. Lv. 21 Manor: Can be upgraded when all three Mastery Levels reach Lv. 105. After the upgrade, the Basic Structure Score and Furniture Score will be increased, R2 Drone Module Formulas will be unlocked, and you'll receive an Alpha R2 Drone Module;
3. Lv. 22 Manor: Can be upgraded when all three Mastery Levels reach Lv. 110. After the upgrade, the Basic Structure Score and Furniture Score will be increased, and a new Manor appearance will be unlocked.
4. Survivors' original excess Mastery will be saved after the new Mastery Level has been implemented. After your Mastery Level reaches Lv. 110, your excess Mastery will continue to be converted into supplies.
5. New powerful Weapons, Armors, and Shields have been added when you reach Lv. 100, which can be obtained through Fusion VI at the Formula Research Station. The Survivors whose Crafting Levels have reached Lv. 100 can activate Lv. 100 Exclusive Fusion and enjoy an increased fusion rate for random Formulas every week!
6. The Levin City Suburbs, a Lv. 100 map, officially opened. In this map, through fighting and gathering, various resources (Lv. 10) can be obtained. At the same time, collect the Blood Samples dropped from the Infected in the map and submit them to the Scientia Researcher, then you will be rewarded handsomely! More unknowns are waiting for everyone to explore!

[Turbulent City Improvements]
1. Added the Manor Safety Simulation agreement. The agreement can only be signed when the camp members' Manor level reaches Lv. 6 or above;
2. During the Safety Simulation, if your Lockers are breached, you'll lose some of the resources stored there. Moreover, the Federation will only repair part of the damaged Manor when your Manor is breached;
3. When two Survivors merge their Manors into a large Manor or a Villa and cohabitate together, they'll enjoy additional privileges, such as visiting Turbulent City together;
4. When you terminate your Manor Safety Simulation, it will take 48 hours. During this period, your Manor may be breached and you will not be allowed to visit Turbulent City or strike back;
5. After signing the agreement, you can visit 5 Camps at random by helicopter every day, and can initiate a safety simulation in any of the contracted Manors. You'll get supplies if you win;
6. When the objective is completed during the Safety Simulation, a breach reward will be granted. 7 breach rewards can be won every day. There is a chance to get Turbulent Points by taking part in the Safety Simulation. The points will be reset every week, and rewards will be given according to your Turbulent Points weekly;
7. You'll also obtain an agreement reward after signing the Manor Safety Simulation. Later, you'll get extra rewards if the agreement stays valid for 3/7/15 days.
8. Adjusted the types of dropped resources and the value of dropped items in the Turbulent City.
9. The items sold by Jude are adjusted to be non-tradable.

[Streamlined Assembly Process]
1. The Drone Assembly screen has been moved to your Portable Hangar. You don't have to assemble Drones at the Gear Workstation anymore;
2. Assembling Drones only requires Drone Chips now. Modules such as Drone Frameworks are not necessary parts for the initial assembly;
3. Players can add modules such as Drone Frameworks at any time after assembling Drones. The Drone will have the corresponding Attribute Bonus once a module is added to it.

[New Beta Chip]
1. The new Drone Chip - Beta Chip has been developed. The previous types of released Drones have now been classified as Alpha ones;
2. Beta Chips can be used to craft a complete Drone. They can also be installed on an Alpha Drone. Once it's done, the original drone will inherit some skills and special skills from the Beta Chip, and chip durability will stack up;
3. The first Beta Chip - Armored Taurus will be released on May 13. Stay tuned.

[Area Investigation: Road End]
1. Near the wreckage of the plane at Blade Hunter Base, Rachel anxiously awaits the help of a passerby who needs a few hyacinths to complete a gift for a friend. Hyacinths signify rebirth, and in the season of their bloom, a strange journey of life is about to be embarked upon...
2. Survivors can find the Radio at Blade Hunter Base and start an area investigation. Rewards, such as Accessory Materials, Formula Shards, Gold Bars and Mastery, will be given after the survey is complete.

[Story Manual]
1. Story quest portals have been integrated. Previous story reviews have been added to help Survivors learn about the world of LifeAfter better;
2. Whenever there are new available story quests, NPCs will remind Survivors via Private Chat to help Survivors better discover the world of LifeAfter.

[Other Content and New Rules]
1. Added brand new images to the loading screens of Area Operations and Nancy City! Go and take a look!
2. Visual effects of modules in the Mall have been thoroughly updated.
3. For Shelter Lands that are not available and pending to be approved, Survivors can visit Shelter Land model scenario via the Aircraft screen. You also can collect specialties in the model scene.
4. Optimized the Main Map's graphics, and enhanced the 3D effect of water waves.
5. Optimized the issue of Special Infected getting stuck in Merovey Castle;
6.There will be a probability that White Rabbits will appear in rabbit holes distributed in the wild; White Rabbits can produce White Rabbit Fur after being raised, which is one of the necessary materials for some Workables; White Rabbits emerge more frequently in winter, and they prefer to stay in the holes to enjoy the cool in hot summer;
7. Fixed the issue of dislocation of the icons of Mizar - Shine and Mizar - Soar in Death High;
8. Optimized the notification function of the Rename Card. Now Survivors can choose whether to notify their two-way friends after successfully changing their name using the Rename Card.


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