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【Update Insights 6/3】Dragon Boat Festival

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The Landlord


The brand new outfit, Streetball, will be available in the Mall at a limited-time discount for 2 weeks.

Dragon Boat Rice Dumpling

Gather the ingredients while doing combat, gathering or fishing. All the Rice Dumpling recipes can be found here.

Dragon Boat Races

Vote for your chosen Dragon Boat team from the different Shelter Lands in LifeAfter for rewards.

Summer Ward

Water the wormwood plant to upto twice per day and harvest your rewards on Monday.

Dark Shift

Survivors challenge the Special Infected in a team of 8 to receive rewards.

Fortune Draw

Lootbox which contains War Tiger - Crescent skin, Bloodthirsty Shark skin, Rainbow Unicorn Pendant, Far Ocean Optional Chest, etc. from 3rd June to 17th June 08:00.

Lucky Gift Box

Lootbox which contains BioT CE, Howitzer CE, Poetic Life Screen, etc. from 10th June to 23rd June 08:00.

Duo Training

Complete quests to earn Wormwood Leaves which can be redeemed in the Caravan Market for items like Ink - Millions of Lights, Garden View Decoration, Poetic Orient Furniture Chest which contains rare items like Ink - No Words Required, Verdant - Old Pine, etc.

When viewing a gear in your backpack, the buttons for Formula+, Energization and Repair will be there on the right side of the stats.

New sorting feature added to Special Research.

Formula Research added to Poratble Formula menu which contains Formula Composition, Modification and Exchange Center.

Ability to store your Formula Shards in Special Items > Other Items in the backpack.

Added tips to acquire Upgrade Materials, Treasures, Upgrade Formulas, Nanoplastic, Compilation Expertise, etc.

HQ Formulas are better displayed and will be correctly displayed for 5x fusion.

Moved the Booster section to the Benefits tab and added a recommended returning player button to easily find them.

Added Longing Rainbow Candy as Booster rewards.

Improved display and alyout of Return Guide.

Optimized and improved UI in a lot of places.

These changes have directly been added to the game as per suggestions of the players.

Increased the drop rate of Animal Entrails.

Fast Travel to Jack Neut is added.

Sort by Time in your mailbox.

Report button for Manor Spanshots and Album photos.

Drone durability and Omega Drone description improved.

Low camp management tips added.

Camp Territory bosses no longer invade the manors.

Added the correct wood and stone secondary resource rewards in monthly sign-in.

New Player Sale Pack added in the Mall.

Low HP screen flashing effect is removed.

Shield Supply skill can be used even if the Shield is full.

Torn Blueprints directly give 5 crafts.

Adjusted the Lag Report window that pops up when FPS goes lower than intended.

Layout and feedback of some buttons improved.

Fixed the blurred screen that appears if player presses TAB sometimes.

Gear Workbench

Full revamp with formula arrangement optimized.

Main stats such as Gear Score, AP and Armor would be highlighted.

Blueprint Mode

Improved blueprint mode with various changes.

Other Changes

Reduced the difficulty of Secret Path, Golden Desert, Highland Factory, Black Mire, Hillside, Island Reef, some mobs and boss in Tea Party.

Yash Raj Kapoor


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