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Update Announcement (June 3rd)

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The Landlord
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[Dragon Boat Training]
1. Streetball: New Outfit -  Streetball is now available for purchase in the Mall. Enjoy a limited-time discount. Purchase the outfit to get a bonus exclusive action.
2. Dragon Boat Rice Dumpling: Survivors can collect Rice Dumpling Ingredients by killing monsters, gathering, or fishing and then use them to make Rice Dumplings. The Rice Dumplings can be eaten or given to other players to increase Friendliness and claim Rewards;
3. Dragon Boat Races: Shelter Lands are currently hosting intense Dragon Boat Races. As long as you can collect 100 Duty Points each day, you can get a Dragon Boat Race Vote Voucher. Go vote for your favorite dragon boat team!
4. Summer Ward: You can spend New Dollars on wormwood irrigation while the Dragon Boat Festival event is running and claim great rewards on Monday when you log in. During the event, you have up to 2 chances to perform irrigation every day. Each time you irrigate you have a chance to gain Formula Shards and other great rewards!
5. Dark Shift: Every 8 Survivors whose Combat Level reaches Lv. 10 or above can team up to challenge Dark Shift. Clearing the stage for the first time each day will grant a Clearance Reward. For Nightmare Mode, Survivors can also get Timed Reward based on the time taken;
6. Fortune Draw: From June 3 to 08:00 on June 17, Survivors can exchange Wormwood Leaves for New Dollars to get bonus lottery boxes which contain special rewards including Skin: War Tiger - Crescent, Collector's Edition Skin: Bloodthirsty Shark, Rainbow Unicorn Pack, Far Ocean Optional Chest, and more. You can also get point rewards while drawing items. Reach a certain amount of Points to unlock incredible rewards.
7. Lucky Gift Box: Lucky Gift Boxes are online from June 10 to 08:00 on June 23. Purchase them with Checks to get awesome rewards such as the Spider Venom Collector's Edition Optional Chest, Skin: Howitzer Collector's Edition, Poetic Life Screen, and more;
8. Duo Training: Invite a friend to train with you. Complete the designated quests to get Mastery and Wormwood Leaves. You can also get extra rewards from the Helpful Caravan;
9. Exquisite items including Ink - Millions of Lights and Garden View Decoration are now available on the Caravan Market! Furthermore, the Poetic Orient Furniture Chest will be on sale on the Caravan Market for a limited time. Open the chest for a chance to receive rare items including Ink - No Words Required, Verdant - Old Pine, and more.

[Formula Adjustments]
1. Adjusted the portals of functions including Formula+, Gear Energization and Quick Repair. Now, the portals will appear whenever you tap a piece of gear in your Backpack;
2. Added a new sorting rule to the Formula Special Research screen, and improved the screen layout. Now, Survivors can more easily search through Formulas;
3. Added a Formula R&D screen in the Portable Formula, which contains functions consistent with the functions of Formula Research Station: Formula Composition, Formula Modification and Exchange Center;
4. Formula Shards will be kept in the Special Backpack. You can find your new Formula Shards in the Special Backpack. Formula Shards stored in Manor Lockers will be put in the Special Backpack after being taken out of the Survivors' Backpack;
5. Added acquisition method tips for items, including Upgrade Materials, Treasures, Upgrade Formulas, Nanoplastic, Compilation Expertise, and more;
6. Fixed the display issue for HQ Formulas on the Formula Research Station. The correct symbol will be displayed for 5x Fusion guaranteed grant HQ Formulas.

[Old Hero System Improvements]
1. Booster has been moved to the Benefits tab. Added a recommended returning players function for active Survivors to easily find returning players who need to adapt to the post-apocalyptic world;
2. Added Longing Rainbow Candy as one of the Booster Rewards. Meanwhile, the Booster Points will not be cleared until all rewards are claimed. Survivors can get up to 1,000 Booster Points every week;
3. Added the Return Quest guide. Survivors can complete Return Quests quickly by tapping the corresponding "Go" button in Old Hero;
4. Cumulative Duty Points rewards have been changed as Return Point & Duty Point Rewards. When quests are completed, Return Points are granted to let Survivors get rewards faster;
5. Improved the display and screen layout of the Return Guide; meanwhile, a web redirection function has been added. Survivors can tap the image to view a detailed explanation of new features;
6. Improved the display of the Old Hero Survivors' exclusive icon;
7. Improved how the screen pops up when Old Hero Survivors log in for the first time; optimized the display and UI of the letter to returning players.

[Survivor Feedback Improvements]
From the Survivors' feedback we received from various platforms, the following contents will be updated this time. More updates are in the pipeline. Please stay tuned.
1. Improved the drop rate of Animal Entrails when animals are killed in the Wilderness Maps;
2. Convenience Store Manager Jack Neut offers a Quick Transfer service in your Camp now;
3. Added sort by time function in your mailbox.
4. Added a report option for photos such as Manor Snapshots and Character Album pictures shared in the chat system;
5. Increased Camp Construction and Personal Construction greatly;
6. Improved the description of complete Drone Durability and the display of the Omega Drone in the Card screen;
7. Improved the Imperial Soldier tips that pop up when Camp Management is insufficient;
8. Improved the behavior of Territory Bosses. Territory Bosses will no longer enter the Manor.

[Other Content and New Rules]
1. Corrected Wood and Stone Secondary Resource rewards for monthly sign-in by players with Gathering Lv. 100 or above;
2. The Mall offers New Player Sale Packs that contain rewards, including Gold Bars, New Dollars and amazing discounts. Survivors can purchase each pack once only.
3. The flashing effect will not appear anymore when Survivors have low HP
4. Improved the logic of the Drone's Shield Supply skill. This skill can now be used by tapping the button even if the Shield is full.
5.Improved the Torn Blueprints:When the Formula is unlocked, you can use the Torn Blueprints directly to obtain 5 manufacturing attempts of the corresponding equipment now.

[PC Version]
1. Improved the way the "Switch FPS" window pops up.
2. Improved the layout and feedback of some buttons.
3. Fixed an issue where the item screen in Backpack - Special Items sometimes becomes fuzzy if the player presses TAB.


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