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【Update Insights 6/17】Summer Onset

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Wheel of Fate
Available in the Mall at a limited-time discount.

Ace Student
Available in the lootbox of Lucky Hunt.

Summer Sign-In
Login to the game and claim reward each day including Formula Shards, Heavenly Furniture Gold Coins and Baseball Master Pendant.
If you missed some day, you can catch-up using Gold Bars.

Summer Draws Near
Upon killing, gathering and fishing players would randomly get Summer Supply Chests. These chests give one of the following items: Handheld Fireworks, Popsicle, Palmetto Fan, and Wind Chime. These items can be used to redeem respective rewards.

Summer Photography
Get a task of taking a photograph in a designated location and receive rewards.

Limited-Time Building
24th June to 1st July 08:00
Building formulas included in this event: Modern Black-Framed Glasses, Large Frameless Glass Walls, and Glass Sunroofs.
The first 5x will also give the players a manor blueprint.

Lucky Hunt
17th June to 1st July 08:00
Lootbox with Ace Student, Zanbato, Lead-Shove Shotgun

17th June to 1st July 08:00
Lootbox with Pegasus, Orion, Ironfist Pendant

Lucky Gift Box
24th June to 1st July 08:00
Lootbox with Night Spirit, Endeavor Jetpack

Duo Training
Caravan Market
17-June-Furniture1.jpg 17-June-Furniture2.jpg 17-June-Furniture3.jpg 17-June-Furniture4-Still.jpg
White Feather Round Table, Pink Wings Gate, Bow of Love - White Feather, Demon Wings



Charles Town hosts Resource Scramble every Monday at 20:00, 20:30, 21:00 & 21:30 with each round lasting 30 minutes.

This is a cross-server event.

There are individual point rewards, camp point rewards and camp ranking rewards.

Use vehicle or balloon to transport resource crates to the entrance of your camp.

Durability loss and ammo cost reduced by 50%.


Overall layout and UI has been updated for the Gear Workbench.

Improved sorting and classification of formulas.

Profession icons for exclusive workables.

Gear formulas highlight the AP/Armor & Score.


Blueprints and Theme Plans merged into Blueprint Plan.

Turn blueprint into manors without entering Blueprint mode.

Blueprint Drawing no longer consume Blueprint Plans.

Blueprint Import can import current manor content.

New setting to show only owned structures and wallpapers in Blueprint mode.


Add notes for your friends to remember them.

Updated max friends limit to 240.

Ability to pin chats to top.

Added chat history deletion & chat time display.


Mystic Creature lag reduction.

Diffuser particles display adjusted in multiplayer areas like Nancy, Invasion, Mystics etc.

Reduced difficulty of Secret Path, Golden Desert, Highland Factory, Black Mire, Hillside Stronghold, Island Reef & Tea Party.

Imrpoved the visuals of Snow Shelter and the 4 Seasons.

Smart Aid drones can now come to rescue faster and start reviving immediately.

Reduced the number of infected near Redwater Lake helicopter.

Enemy outline changed from Red to Orange.

Changed icons of some monsters in the Index.

Changes some item desciptions like of Red Tilapia.

Reduced difficulty of Lv 80+ Supply Transport missions.

Range Film is now Purple colored.

Adjusted the styles of some outfits like Cool Vacay (Female), Match Point (Female) & Hot Training (Female).

Virus Bullets, Virus Injury, Virologist & Virus Expert changed to Toxic Bullet, Toxic Injury, Serologist & Serum Expert; And more such changes.


Optimized the visuals of Portable Formulas interface.

When scrolling down to the bottom of a tab continue to the next tab.

Improved tracking of tasks.

Formulas that require a higher level than that of the player will not be displayed in the Portable Formulas to them.


Yash Raj Kapoor


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