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Update Announcement (June 17th)

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[Caravan 101]
1. Wheel of Fate: New Outfit - Wheel of Fate is now available for purchase from the Mall. Enjoy a limited-time discount. Purchase the outfit to get a bonus exclusive action.
2. Summer Sign-in: During the event, sign in daily to claim daily sign-in rewards, including Formula Shards, Heavenly Furniture Gold Coins, etc. Accumulate enough sign-ins to get additional rewards including the Baseball Master pendant and more. During the event, it's possible to purchase sign-in catch-ups with Gold Bars;
3. Summer Draws Near: Survivors can gather/kill monsters/fish in wilderness maps and participate in Area Operations to get Summer Supply Chests. After opening them, Survivors can get 1 of the following items at random: Handheld Fireworks, Popsicle, Palmetto Fan, and Wind Chime. Survivors can exchange a certain number of Cool Summer items for Combination Rewards;
4. Summer Photography: During the event, Survivors can accept 1 random photo quest per day. Take a photo of the designated target and share it to get the quest reward. Accumulate enough shares to get an accumulative reward;
5. Limited-time Building: From June 24 to 8:00 on July 1, the Limited-Time Building event will become available, during which Survivors can exchange Training Certs for New Dollars and Building Gift Boxes. Open boxes for a chance to receive the formula: Modern Black-Framed Glass, the formula: Large Frameless Glass Wall, the formula: Glass Sunroof, and more. Duplicate formulas will be automatically converted into Building Exchange Vouchers, which can be exchanged for Modern Black-Framed Glasses, Large Frameless Glass Walls, and Glass Sunroofs in the Building Store. The first 5x draw can grant Survivors a modern Building Blueprint.
6. Lucky Hunt: From June 17 to 8:00 on July 1, exchange Training Cert for 100 New Dollars and a chance to draw from the Lucky Hunt 1 time, which can grant you a chance of getting Ace Student Optional Chests, Skin: Zanbato, Formula: Lead-Shove Shotgun, and more;
7. Pegasus: From June 17 to 8:00 on July 1, Survivors can exchange Federation Checks for New Dollars and receive an additional Vehicle Pack, which can be opened for a chance to get special rewards, including Pegasus, Orion, the Ironfist Pack and more;
8. Lucky Gift Box: Lucky Gift Boxes will become available from June 24 to 8:00 on July 1. Purchase them with Checks to get great rewards such as the Collector's Edition Skin: Night Spirit, Endeavour Backpack, and more.
9. Duo Training: Survivors can invite a friend to train with them. Complete the designated quests to get Mastery and Training Certs. Survivors can also get extra rewards from Caravan Support.
10. Optimized the Caravan Market Item display, and exquisite items such as the White Feather Round Table and Pink Wings Gate shall be on the Caravan Market for a limited time! In addition, the Heavenly Furniture Chest will be on sale on the Caravan Market for a limited time. Open the chest for a chance to receive rare items including the Bow of Love - White Feather, Demon Wings, and more.

[Charles Town Resource Scramble]
1. The Resource Scramble will be available at 8:00, 8:30, 9:00, or 9:30 on Monday evening in Charles Town, with each time lasting for 30 minutes;
2. The Resource Scramble is a cross-server matching mode. Available for players whose Gathering, Crafting, and Combat levels have all reached Lv. 15;
3. In the Resource Scramble, Survivors can earn Individual Points Rewards, Camp Points Rewards and Camp Ranking Rewards after they use a vehicle or balloon to transport different types of Resource Crates to the highlighted circle in the entrance area of their Camp;
4. The Trade Federation provides logistical support for the duration of the Resource Scramble: Weapon and Drone Durability depletion is reduced by 50%, and ammo cost is reduced by 50%.

[Workstation Page Update]
1. Updated the overall layout and visual effects, and also optimized the order of formulas;
2. Added features to the formula classification and filtering list, making it easier to search for a required formula;
3. A profession icon is now displayed when using profession exclusive workable formulas to craft a formula;
4. Key attributes such as ratings, attack, and armor will be displayed for each formula.

[Blueprint Optimization]
1. Blueprints and Theme Plans have now been merged into Blueprint Plan. The original Theme Plans must be imported through the Blueprint Import function to view;
2. Optimized the Blueprint Build logic. Now Survivors can turn a Blueprint into a building without entering the Blueprint space;
3. Now Blueprint Drawing no longer consumes Blueprint Plans, and the Blueprint Import and Clear Foundation features in Blueprint Editing mode have become permanent buttons;
4. Now Blueprint Import can import the current foundation's content, and a Theme Plan tutorial;
5. Adjusted Blueprint Editing - Settings - Only Display Owned Materials. Now, Survivors' owned structures and wallpapers can be displayed after this is selected.

[Survivor Feedback Improvements]
From the Survivors' feedback we received from various platforms, the following content will be updated this time. More updates are in the pipeline, so please stay tuned.
[Friend System Optimization]
1. Added a note feature. Survivors can add a note for their friends to help them better remember who is who;
2. Raised the max number of friends. Now Survivors can add up to 240 friends;
3. Added a 鈥榮tick to top'/ 'remove' function to the private chat list. Survivors can swipe the Friend Speech Bubble to the right to bring up the 'stick to top'/'remove' button to carry out these functions;
4. Optimized the order of the buttons at the top of the chat page, added chat history deletion, and also added private chat time display.
5. Optimized the pop-up logic of viewing friend's wishes, profiles, etc. Now the friend page will continue to be retained after viewing.

[Other Improvements]
1. Resolved lag issues when playing Mystic Creature challenges and Boss challenges in some cases;
2. For the lag issues, optimized the display rules of the diffuser's special effects in multiplayer modes such as Mystic Creature, Special Infected Invasion, and Nancy City;
3. Altered Daily Mission quests. Some monsters and Bosses in the Fall Secret Path, Golden Desert, Highland Factory, Black Mire, Hillside Stronghold, Submerged Island Reef, and Tea Party are now easier to defeat.

[Other Content and New Rules]
1. Optimized the drone's Smart Aid feature: When the owner is knocked down, a drone will be launched faster and can immediately come to the rescue;
2. Now the drone's Smart Aid rescue doesn't conflict with that of teammates;
3. Optimized the number of monsters at the initial helicopter landing point of Redwater Lake. Also solved the issue where the health of Survivors from some Special Mutant skills drops too rapidly on this map;
4. When an enemy is selected, the outline color is now changed from red to orange;
5. Adjusted the icon for Film and some monsters in the Collection Index;
6. Adjusted some items' descriptions, such as Red Tilapia;
7. Now the monsters encountered when the Caravan is transporting Lv. 80+ common goods and rare goods are easier to defeat.


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