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【Update Insights 7/1】Watermelon Party

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The Landlord


Summer Street Snap
Available in the Mall at a limited-time discount.

Rock On
Available in the lootbox of Lucky Points

Available in the lootbox of Lucky Points

Summer Sign-In
Login to the game and claim reward each day including Formula Shards, Sweet Watermelons and Butterfly Spray.
If you missed some day, you can catch-up using Gold Bars.

Summer Puzzle
Complete the designated quests each day to unlock a puzzle piece and receive rewards at each completion stages.

09:00 to 23:50
Prepare the specified dishes within 60 seconds and get rewards each day.

Night of Fireflies
20:00 to 21:00
Duo team event with great rewards!

Lucky Points
1st July to 15th July 08:00
Lootbox with Guardian: Skyward, Black Lion Jetpack, Rock On Outfit, Stalker Outfit.

Discount Market
8th July to 15th July 08:00
If an item reaches certain number of orders, its price decreases for everyone.

Lucky Gift Box
8th July to 15th July 08:00
Lootbox with Swimming Pool Party Outfit, Jellyfish Kiss Backpack.

Duo Training
Caravan Market
Dreamland Tea Furniture, Dreamland Dessert, Fantasy Tea Set.

Revamped the UI of the Portable Formulas.

Added more sub-categories.

Added sticky quests and formulas.

Cross-Server Matching

Cross-Server auto matching added along with auto matching within your server.

Calling teammates in Weekly Operations and Daily Operations is done through the menu now instead of fast travel.

Calling teammates who are in Levin City or Levin City Dawn District will work properly now.

Other Improvements

After exiting water body with Oxygen Tank you will be prompted to equip your last used backpack.

Reduced the infected density in Vina Snow Park's Hillside Town.

Added audio to the Black Lion and Blade Hunter backpacks.

Fixed Fish Taxidermy Table.

Added titles in rewards for the top 10 in CT Resource Scramble held every Monday.

CT Resource Scramble Combat Line unlocks by reaching 250 points.

UI changed for downloading expansion pack.

Godzilla vs Kong Flamethrowers now work in Merovey Castle as expected.

Blue effect when your HP is low.

Changed more red outlines to orange.

Adjust keybinds of Drones, Diffusers, Building Mode.

Added support for side buttons on mouse.

Fixed full screen mode on certain resolutions.


New personal skills "Basic Storage", "Master of Finishing" & "Fishing Gear Storage

that increase the number of items in a stack for wood, stone, hemp, mob, fish, food items.

Initial stacking item limit of items like Diamond Drill Bits, Strawberries, Pumpkins, Fishes, Seeds has been increased.

Gathering Team

Guidance task of the gathering team added to Helicopter UI.

Improved the interface of gathering team exchange and logistic team food gift to make it clearer and also increase the food items that can be gifted.

Added guide to help obtain gathering vouchers and redeeming logistic support.

Logisitc team is gathering vouchers as reward for supporting them till now.

Other Changes

New "Coming Soon" tab added to the Schedule.

Bounty Hunt adjusted to 11:00.

Camp Challenge Arena adjust to 20:00.

Hope Valley adjusted to Manor Level 25.

Home Furnishing store added to the Mall.

In Building Mode, new recommended furniture from Home Furnishing store and quick purchases added.

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