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Update Announcement (July 1st)

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The Landlord
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[Caravan 101]
1. Summer Street Snap: New outfit - Summer Street Snap is now available for purchase in the Mall. Enjoy a limited-time discount. Purchase the outfit to get a bonus exclusive action.
2. Summer Puzzle: Survivors can log in daily and complete the specified quests to get puzzle pieces. Use puzzle pieces to light up the puzzle for great rewards.
3. Cook-off: Players who have reached Gathering/Crafting/Combat Level 10 can visit their Camp or Hope 101 to participate in the Cook-off between 9:00 and 23:50 every day. You can challenge 2 times each day. When challenging, you'll need to prepare the specified dishes in the specified order within 60 seconds. The less time you use, the higher your score will be. You will receive score rewards each day according to your high score, and the top 10 Survivors will receive extra rewards.
4. Night of Fireflies: Survivors can participate between 20:00 and 21:00 by either matching on-site or joining with roommate. After a successful match, the pair will participate in Duo Trip and 5-day Project together and receive great rewards.
5. Lucky Points: From July 1 to 8:00 on July 15, exchange Sweet Watermelons for New Dollars and Lucky Gift Boxes. Open the box for a chance to receive rare rewards, such as Collector's Edition Skin: Skyward, Black Lion Chest, Rock On Optional Chest, Night Walker Optional Chest, etc. Items obtained in "Lucky Points" will not be stored in your backpack immediately. Instead, they'll be stored in a Temporary Vault. Through Point Exchange, you can convert items in the Temporary Vault into points at a certain conversion rate. These points can be used to purchase rare rewards from the Points Store.
6. Disc. Market: From July 8 to 8:00 on July 15, if an order reaches a certain price, its overall price can be discounted. The order can include any item. The items in the Disc. Market refresh every day.
7. Lucky Gift Box: Lucky Gift Boxes will become available from July 8 to 8:00 on July 15. Purchase them with Checks to get great rewards such as the Swimming Pool Party outfit, Jellyfish Kiss Backpack, and more.
8. Duo Training: Survivors can invite a friend to train with them. Complete the designated quests to get Mastery and Sweet Watermelons. Survivors can also get extra rewards from Caravan Support.
9. Exquisite items, such as Time & Tea Wall Decoration, Swinging Teacup Curtains, and more, will be available on the Caravan Market for a limited time! In addition, the Dreamland Tea Furniture Chest will be on sale at the Caravan Market for a limited time. Open the chest for a chance to receive rare items including Dreamland Dessert, Fantasy Tea Set, and more.

[Portable Formula Screen Improvement]
1. Improved the visual effect of the Portable Formula screen.
2. When browsing to the end of a tab, keep scrolling down to browse the content of the next tab.
3. Added more sub item categories in Portable Formula to make it easier to find Formulas.
4. Improved the logic of Quest Tracking and Sticky To Top. Quest being tracked or Formulas that have been stuck to the top will be displayed on top of the screen.
5. Adjusted the level at which advanced Formulas are displayed. Formulas will not displayed in Portable Formulas until the Survivor reaches the level requirement.

[Survivor Feedback Improvements]
Following Survivors' feedback received from various platforms, including Directly to Dev Team, the following content will be updated this time. More updates are in the pipeline. Please stay tuned.
[Cross-server Matching]
1. Auto-match now has two modes, Auto-match (your server) and Auto-match (cross-server). Cross-server matching allows Survivors to match with teammates from other servers. Survivors can choose between the two modes according to their needs.
2. Adjusted the teammate calling method in Weekly Mission and Daily Mission stages like Fall Secret Path. Now team members are called through the menu instead of team members having to Fast Travel to the leader.
3. Improved the logic of call respond in Levin City and Levin City Dawn District. Now it's possible to respond to leader's call in these areas.
4. Cross-server matching is currently not supported for the early access server.

[Other Improvements]
1. Improved the logic of Diving Pack's controls. Now, after switching to Diving Pack and returning to water surface, a prompt will appear that allows you to switch back to your previous backpack.
2. Improved the distribution of the Infected in Vina Snow Park - Hillside Town.
3. Fixed the missing audio of Black Lion and Blade Hunter Backpack.
4. Fixed the issue where Formulas couldn't be crafted on the Fish Taxidermy Table.

[Other Content and New Rules]
1. Added title rewards for top 10 players on the Charles Town Resource Scramble server leaderboard, effective next season.
2. Now, the Resource Scramble Combat Line can be unlocked by reaching 250 points.
3. Improved the layout and download logic of the expansion pack download screen.
4. Fixed the issue where Godzilla vs. Kong crossover Flamethrowers couldn't erase the fluorescent fluid in Merovey Castle.
5. Added a blue screen effect that shows up when a Survivors' HP is low.
6. Shadow color when monsters are blocked, and stroke color of physical targets such as Land Mines, is changed from red to orange.

[PC Version]
1. Improved the key-binding of controls including releasing drones, throwing diffusers, etc. The controls in building mode have also been improved.
2. Added support for assigning mouse side buttons.
3. Fixed the occasional issue where the PC version wasn't stretched to cover the entire screen in fullscreen mode.


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