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【Update Insights 7/15】Death High S8

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Wave Listener


Style Critic

Take part in fashion contest everyday where survivors vote for the most popular competitior.


Get Firework Materials while gathering, fishing or combat and submit those to NPCs to get rewards.

Firework Performance at 18:00 everyday, click photo to get Blessing rewards.

Heat Away

Form 4 player teams and complete quests daily to unlock rewards.

Lucky Card

15th July to 6th August 08:00

Lootbox with Red Lotus, Lava Tiger.

Lucky Snap-Up

15th July to 6th August 08:00

Spend small amount of fed credits to enter lottery for a chance to get the item.

Lucky Gift Box

29th July to 6th August 08:00

Lootbox with Fashion Guru outfit, Rainbow Paradise Bar.

Duo Training

Caravan Market

Hand-Crafted Shell Bed, Long-Armed Octopus, Octopus Bubble Machine, Flamingo Swim Ring.



15th July to 22nd August

Crescent and Wind Glow Stick, Crystal Moon Seasonal Furniture, Journey to the Moon Spray Paint, Luna Season Backpack.

Death High Cert - Code Storm outfit, White Bay Laurel, Rabbit Stool.

210 Floors

Chaos Chamber rewards improved and limit increased.

Damage calculation improved.

Old Hero and Clover's Blessing don't work in Death High.

Fast Travel from Camp.

Adjusted the zoom of minimap.


Accessory Fusion


Obtain new item, Accessory Scrap, when you fail a fusion.
Consume Accessory Scrap to guarantee a successful fusion on next try.
Grade, Color and Magnetic Cores determine how much scrap you get upon failure.

Item Stacks
Basic Storage, Sorting Master and Fishing Tools Storage skills added.
Increase the stack size of Wood/Stone/Hemp/Beast/Food/Fish resources by upgrading those skills.
The initial stack size for Diamond Drill Bits, foods like Strawberry and Pumpkin, some Fish and some Seeds has been increased.

Gathering Team
Increased the amount of Gathering Vouchers for submitting food of Taste 1 or higher.
Gathering Vouchers will be sent to all players according to Manor Level after the update.


Coming Soon tab added to Daily for info about upcoming game modes.

Bounty Hunt now starts at 11:00.

Camp Challenge Arena now starts at 20:00.

Hope Valley adjusted to start at Lv. 25 at 1 star difficulty.

Vehicles can now break fences on some maps.

Infrastructure building blocked at the Infected Invasion area.

Removed the tutorial popup before the liquid nitrogen area in Island Reef.

Merovey Castle boss attack fixed.

Furniture Market added to the Mall.

Improved the durability of Drones and Modules.


Cursor can be moved in input fields using arrow keys and scroll wheel.

Key bindings saved to the cloud.


Fountain Ball

New camp activity from 19:30 to 19:45 everyday.

Divided into preparation period and ball period.

During the preparation periond, members refurbish the fountain, move the building materials, submit food.

Gain mastery rewards and red envelopes for the whole camp.

Piano, Ping Pong, Fireworks and more available for the camp.

Other Changes

New manor merchant, Arya.

Adjusted some tasks and rewards in the Survival Manual.

Reduced the crafting time of UZI, Survival Expert, Camp Ore Excavator to 1 min.

Reduced the materials required for crafting a Mondragon.

Reduced the resources required for Manor Lv. 3 - Lv. 5.

Reduced the upgrade time of Manor Lv. 2 - Lv. 4 to 5 sec.

Reduced the difficulty of Miska University 1 star difficulty.

Increased the mastery reward from Duty Chest for gathering lv. 20 - lv. 48.


Yash Raj Kapoor


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