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Update Announcement (July 14th)

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The Landlord
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The version update resources have been opened for pre-download in advance. If the pre-download completed, you can enter the game faster on the day of the update, and you can also receive pre-download rewards. (Some models of mobile phones are not yet open for pre-download due to model reasons. Please refer to the actual situation in the game.)

[Caravan 101]

1. Wave Listener: New Outfit - Wave Listener is now available for purchase from the Mall. Enjoy discounts for a limited time only. Unlock awesome new moves when you purchase outfits;
2. Style Critic: There will be a new fashion theme every day during the competition. Survivors can choose to become critics and review other Survivors' outfits, or dress themselves up as competitors. The ten most popular competitors will get Fashionista Rewards. Survivors who review reward-winners have a chance of receiving a Talent Hunter Reward.
3. Fireworks: Survivors can get Firework Materials while gathering, fishing, or in combat. Submit the materials to Trade Federation members for rewards. If you collect enough materials, there will be a Firework Performance at 18:00 that day. Take selfies with Fireworks to get Firework Blessing Rewards.
4. Lucky Card: From July 15 to 8:00 on August 6, exchange New Dollars with Training Medals to get additional gift boxes which can be opened for items including the Collector's Edition Skin: Red Lotus. Open a certain amount to get Glimmering Gold which can be exchanged for extra rewards.
5. Lucky Snap-up: From July 15 to 8:00 on August 6, Lucky Snap-up will keep refreshing items. Survivors can use a small amount of Checks to draw items. If you don't got the greatest prize, some of the event tokens will be refunded to you.
6. Lucky Gift Box: Lucky Gift Boxes will be online from July 29 to 8:00 on August 6. Purchase them with Checks to get great rewards such as the Fashion Guru outfit, Rainbow Paradise Bar Optional Chest, and more.
7. Duo Training: Survivors can invite a friend to train with them. Complete the designated quests to get Mastery and Training Medals. Survivors can also get extra rewards from Caravan Support.
8. Exquisite furniture available at Caravan Market for a limited time! Don't miss the Hand-Crafted Shell Bed, Long-Armed Octopus, and more! Check out the new Deep Sea Furniture Chest that can be opened for rare furniture such as the Octopus Bubble Machine, Flamingo Swim Ring, and more.

[Death High Season 8]
1. Death High S8 has begun on July 15 and will last until August 22. Participate in it for a chance to get the limited Crescent and Wind Glow Stick, Crystal Moon Season limited furniture, Journey to the Moon limited Spray Paint, and Luna Season limited exclusive backpack.
2. The Death High Cert. event will become available as Death High opens. By completing quests in the Death High Cert. event, you can get rare items including exclusive accessories, exclusive outfit Code Storm, and exclusive furniture including White Bay Laurel and Rabbit Stool.
3. In the new season, Death High will have 210 floors. Challenge the floors for bountiful rewards.
4. Improved the reward system of the Chaos Secret Chamber. Rewards will now be issued according to Survivor's ranks in the Chaos Secret Chamber. The matching has also been improved for Guard Secret Chamber so that Survivors can now match in more Chambers.
5. The damage calculation has been improved for Death High. You can deal more damage on the same floor in Season 8 compared to previous seasons (please note that exclusive blessings such as Old Hero and Clover's Blessing will not take effect in Death High).
6. Improved Death High's accessibility. Now you can go to Death High by fast travelling from your Camp/101 Development Zone or via Helicopters in the wilderness.
7. Improved the objective guide for Death High floors and the zoom scale of the mini map.
8. New exclusive message prompts will appear when the daily top three players of Death High interact with their statues.

[Accessory Fusion Improvements Wave 2]
1. You will now obtain an amount of Accessory Scrap when you fail to fuse accessories. Accessory Scrap has no level or rank.
2. Survivors can consume an amount of Accessory Scrap to guarantee a successful fusion.
3. The higher the grade and quality, the more scrap you will obtain when the fusion fails. You can also use Artificial Magnetic Cores to get more scrap.

[Item Stack Size Increase]
1. New Talent under the Gather category added: "Basic Storage", "Sorting Master" and "Fishing Tools Storage". Learn these talents to increase the stack size of basic and secondary Wood/Stone/Hemp resources, Beast resources, Food resources, Fish resources, and Bait. These three talents cannot be reset after they're learned.
2. Increased the starting stack size for Diamond Drill Bit and foods including strawberries and pumpkins, some fish and some seeds.

[Gathering Team Improvements]
1. Increased the Gathering Team guidance quest. Players with a gathering level of 10 or less are eligible for the quest. The Helicopter flying interface, and resource level tab and info have also been improved.
2. Improved the Gathering Team exchange interface and Logistics Teammate food gifting interface to make the info on it clearer. Also, you can now exchange Gathering Vouchers for more food that has a Taste of 1 or higher.
3. Added tutorials about obtaining Gathering Vouchers. You can view the Logistics Support exchange details in the prompt window.
4. To show our appreciation for your support of the logistic team, we will be issuing a certain amount of Gathering Vouchers to players as rewards. The amount shall be based on your Manor Level (for cohabitating players, the amount is based on the Main Manor level).

[Other Content and New Rules]
1. A "coming soon" tab has now been added to Daily to update players about game modes that will be coming online soon. We have also improved the layout of the Daily-Weekly interface. Now you can access some game modes from their details page.
2. Bounty Hunt will now start at 11:00, and the Camp Challenge Arena will now start at 20:00.
3. A new Back to Hope Valley Star 1 that unlocks at Lv. 25 has been added to the game. The previous Star 1/2/3/4 of Hope Valley will now become Star 2/3/4/5.
4. Improved the capabilities of vehicles. Now they can break fences on some maps.
5. Areas invaded by Infected will no longer be eligible for infrastructure. Infrastructure that has already been built will be automatically cleared away and refunded. Personal Infrastructure and Camp Infrastructure will be refunded to Survivors and Camps respectively.
6. Fixed the issue where some Infected got stuck during the Infected Invasion.
7. Removed the tutorial that appears before the Liquid Nitrogen corridor in Submerged Island Reef so Survivors are no longer disrupted by the tutorial in combat.
8. Fixed a bug that caused Survivors at full health to get downed by the haunt skill of the Merovey Castle boss.
9. The Furniture Market has joined the Mall. Be sure to visit the brand new furniture display and check out the returning furniture, as well as themed room packages!
10. Recommended furniture and quick purchase added to Home Construction mode.
11. Improved the skill effect of the Medical Drone's Decontamination skill to differentiate it from Shield Supply skills.
12. Improved the durability of Drones and their modules. When a module with full durability is used, it will correctly show the durability as not full.
13.First Top-up Giftpack is now replaced by New Player Pack, part of the rewards within are also updated.

[PC Version]
1. Key Bindings will now be automatically saved to the cloud.


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