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Update Announcement (August 6th)

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[New Life Form: Revenant]
In the face of increasingly severe challenges, should humans sit still waiting for doom or seek life through death? Some of them have made up their minds to give up their human identities in exchange for inhuman power. With deviated blood running in their veins, they struggle to survive with cursed powers on the very verge of utter infection. They are known as the Revenants.
[New Appearance]
The Flower of Revenant located on their left shoulder, the odd-colored pupils, uniquely colored hair, and the austerity caused by suppressing the infection, are all proof of the differences between Revenants and Humans.

[New Behavior Pattern]
The Revenants are always fighting against mutation. They have their own system for fighting and gathering, and their walking, running and jumping are enhanced. In addition, they cannot use Bandages, Portable Medkits, Antiseptic and Diffusers like Humans. They must also control their Sanity all the time to avoid becoming Infected.

[New Combat Mode]
When the Revenants attack enemies, they can obtain Spores with different effects by attaching the Flower of Revenant to enemies. There are ordinary Spores and advanced Spores, and Revenants can obtain recovery effects or various skills after picking them up, making their combat styles more diverse.

[New Gathering Area]
1. The City of Chaos - the main area where Revenants gather - is located below Hope 101. They also have five Chaos Outposts and can travel freely between different places.
2. Each floor of the City of Chaos has unique events and modes, such as arena, underground market, experimental area, forbidden area... This is a new underground world for the Revenants.
3. The gathering areas for Revenants are open to all Revenants. Humans must obtain permission from the Revenants (complete the quest - Dire Peril) to enter these places.

[New Exploration Method]
1. Assistance Quests: The Revenants' Assistance Quests consist of Memory Requests and Clearance Operations. Revenants can retrieve the memories of deceased people at the Corolla of Revenant every day, and trace the clues they've left behind to complete requests. After requests are completed, they can also participate in Clearance Operations to exterminate the source of infection.
2. Corolla of Revenant: The Corolla of Revenant growing in the center of the City of Chaos is the main source of Flower of Revenant energy. At the Corolla, Revenants can accept Request Quests, claim Daily Blessing Bonuses, get Certs, and travel between different Strongholds.
3. Crusade Quests: Some Revenants have defected and established strongholds in areas including the Assyrian Hills, Blade Hunter Base, Redwood Town, Redwater Lake, Mount Gray Bear, and more. Get close to their strongholds to accept Crusade Quests from the Headquarters, and open the Treasure Chests in the strongholds to get rewards including Enhancement Serums, Mechanical Materials, Skill Points, and more.
4. New profession: Revenants have a unique profession - Spore Trapper. After enhancing their basic spore ability, they can use exclusive special bullets "Spore Shots" to weaken enemies. They also have multiple exclusive Spore drops, which can comprehensively assist the team.

[Race Switching]
From August 6 to 8:00 on September 16, you can get a 銆恖imited-time Cert Reset Ticket銆 by email.
1. Survivors can choose to become Humans or Revenants when creating their characters. Those who choose to become Revenants will experience the story of their transformation from Human to Revenant.
2. Humans can participate in the "Survival of the Fittest" event from August 6-19 to learn about the Revenants (a transformation quest can be accepted at Fenrir after August 19) and choose if they want to transform their current characters into Revenants. After transforming, Serologists will be automatically converted into Spore Trappers - an exclusive profession of Revenants - while the rest of the professions will remain unchanged.
3. Revenants can transform back into Humans by using the Gene Restoration feature at the Revenant Stronghold. After transforming, Spore Trappers will be automatically converted into Serologists.

[Survival of the Fittest]
1. Both Humans and Revenants can match up and participate in the unique 2-Player Stage: Survival of the Fittest, in which they can experience the grudges and confrontation between Humans and Revenants first hand.
2. After clearing the Survival of the Fittest Stage for the first time, you can choose to clear the Stage again as another race. The choice will only affect the progress within that Stage and nothing else.

[New Hostile Monsters]
Some Revenants have defected and become hostile. They are very skilled but have obvious weaknesses. Be careful if you encounter them.
1. The Revenants are extremely unstable. If they are attacked, especially in the head, their Sanity will decrease, which will accelerate their Deviation into Infected. Once their Sanity reaches zero, they will completely lose their minds and deviate into Infected.
2. Different Revenants have different deviation speeds. Choose appropriate deviation targets to reduce the difficulty of combat.
3. The defected Revenants have their own occupations and divisions of labor, and often act together as elite squads. Defeating the team leader will lead other team members deviating, and they might rise again if they aren't all defeated.

[Caravan 101]
1. Night Blade: New outfit - Night Blade is now available for purchase in the Mall. Enjoy a limited-time discount and get a bonus exclusive action. To celebrate the debut of Revenants, purchasing the outfit during the event will also grant you an exclusive Avatar Frame!
2. Fusion Chance Up: Weapon Formula fusion chances will be increased for a limited time! The brand new Electromagnetic Machine Gun has been added to the prize pool, and the chance to obtain it will be increased for a limited time! The first 5x Fusion each day is 50% off during the event. The more times you fuse, the higher your chance of obtaining Collector's Edition Weapon Skins. The chance will continuously increase until you receive an un-acquired Collector's Edition Weapon Skin! Survivors with Lv. 60 Crafting will unlock an Exclusive Fusion that matches their level.
3. Doomsday Flowers: Survivors can gather/kill monsters/fish in wilderness maps and participate in Area Operations to get Flower Language Boxes. After opening them, Survivors can get one of the following items: Ghost Pipe, Flower of Revenant, Spring Snowflake and Balloon Flower. Survivors can exchange a certain number of these items for Combination Rewards.
4. Midsummer Night: Survivors can participate between 20:00 and 21:00 by either matching on-site or joining up with a roommate. After a successful match, the pair will participate in Duo Trip together and receive great rewards.
5. Lantern of Hope: Survivors can claim Sky Lanterns on the event page every day and release them to get rewards. Release them enough times to receive exquisite Spray Paints and Revenant-themed Cards.
6. Romantic Heritage: During the event, Lovesickness Trees will appear in the center of your Camp and Hope 101. You can obtain random paper cuttings by taking photos of Lovesickness Trees. After you collect a total of 5 paper cuttings, you can claim a Lovesickness Lucky Bag. Paper cuttings can be sent to your friends as gifts.
7. Horizon Tale: From August 6 to 08:00 on August 19, you can exchange Federation Checks for New Dollars and receive a gift box. Open the box for a chance to receive rare rewards such as the Collector's Edition Skin: Night Spirit, Collector's Edition Skin: Bloodthirsty Shark, Colorful Bunny, and more.
8. Lord of Water & Land: From August 6 to 08:00 on August 19, you can exchange Federation Checks for New Dollars and receive an additional Vehicle Pack, from which you have a chance to get special rewards including the vehicle series - Capricorn, Zodiac Vehicle Display Stand, LaserCut Optional Chest, and more.
9. Lucky Gift Box: Lucky Gift Boxes will be available from August 12 to 8:00 on August 19. Purchase them with Checks for a chance to get great rewards such as the Outfit: Oath of Azure Luan, Chronosprings Bathhouse Optional Chest, and more.
10. Duo Training: Survivors can invite a friend to train with them. Complete the designated quests to get Mastery and Training Medals. Survivors can also get extra rewards from Caravan Support.
11. Added exquisite items such as Cloud Love Wallpaper, Ceiling and Tiles as well as Magpies Bridge Wall Art and more to the Caravan Market for a limited time! In addition, the Duet of Love Furniture Chest will also be available on the Caravan Market for a limited time. Open the chest for a chance to receive rare items including Past Story Lamp, Harmony - Red , Evening Pavilion Breeze Formula Chest, and more.
12. The Midsummer Offer packs will become available in Mall for a limited time. Purchase them during the event to enjoy a hefty discount. In addition, the Learned Scholar and Classic Hall Furniture Packs will be back for a limited time. These can be purchased in the Furniture Market - Special Theme during the event.

[Gene Modification]
1. Scientia has discovered a new technique to transform human genes! Survivors who have reached Combat Mastery Lv. 35 can modify their own genes. Gene Modification can significantly enhance survivors' abilities and help them survive in the post-apocalyptic world!
2. The materials for Gene Modification can be obtained through Daily Duty Point Chests, Elite Mode Extra Rating Rewards, Mall, etc.

[Elite Mode]
As the Revenants have appeared, Scientia has detected different levels of evolution in ordinary Infected, so the Area Operation will usher in a new challenge mode - Elite Mode!
1. Survivors who have the required Gathering Level and have reached an SS rating in Normal Mode can participate in Elite Mode. Enemies in Elite Mode will be greatly strengthened. Please be cautious!
2. When your Elite Mode rating reaches SS, S, or A, you will receive Elite Mode Extra Rating Rewards, which include the enhancement materials essential for the Gene Modification system!
3. You can receive up to 2 Elite Mode Extra Rating Rewards every day. When you run out of Elite Mode Extra Rating Rewards, you can still complete other stages in Elite Mode and get normal mode Basic Rewards. However, you cannot get Elite Mode Extra Rating Rewards. Elite Mode Extra Rating Rewards reset at 03:00 every day.
4. Complete stages in Elite Mode to get all normal mode Basic Rewards and Duty Points, which consumes Daily Mission Reward attempts. The number of Area Operations that need to be challenged every day won't increase.
5. During operations, the durability loss of gear will be reduced by 90%, ammo reload cost is reduced by 90%, and durability loss when unconscious is reduced by 90%.

[Training Arena Season 1]
In order to improve cooperation between survivors and to select the most elite combatants, the Federation has decided to start the Training Arena Season 1 which will last from August 6 to September 13. Survivors, seize this opportunity to prove yourselves! Those who reach the Task Force Vanguard tier will obtain the Season Exclusive Outfit - Flame of Showdown.
1. The Training Arena will be available during 10:00-14:00 and 17:00-24:00 every day, which is a 3v3 cross-server matching mode. To participate in it, your Gathering, Crafting, and Combat must reach Lv. 50.
2. Survivors can participate in a total of 8 matches per day through solo or team matching at the Training Arena Event in their Camp or Hope 101. In team match mode, all survivors must be within 3 tier classes of each other.
3. The Trade Federation provides logistical support: Weapon, Armor and Drone Durability depletion is reduced by 100%, and ammo cost is reduced by 100%.
4. The tiers from highest to lowest in the Training Arena are as follows: Task Force Ace, Task Force Elite, Task Force Vanguard, Task Force Point Man, Task Force Recruit and Task Force Reserve. Each tier has different classes and promotion conditions except for Task Force Ace. The initial tier is Task Force Reserve.
5. Survivors will be assigned to tiers according to their Combat Levels in Season 1, and at the end of the season, their tiers will be reset based on their current tiers. A notification about the tier reset will be sent before the end of the season.
6. Participate in the Training Arena to receive rich rewards, which include Match Victory & Defeat Rewards, Daily First Victory Rewards, Tier Reached Rewards, Tier Result Rewards and Season Rank Rewards. In addition, you can obtain Honor Stars in the Training Arena, which can be exchanged for items in the Arena Shop.

[Face Customization Optimizations]
From August 6 to 8:00 on September 16, you can get a Preset Face Optional Chest by email;
From August 6 to 8:00 on September 16, you can get a Limited-time Facelift Card by email.
1. Optimized the Facelift feature and added an Expert mode to Shaping, which offers more creative freedom. Optimized the logic for dyeing to allow for more color options, and added new makeup options. Revenants can also make special makeup changes via Facelift.
2. Added an "Appearance" tab in the Outfit Screen, where you can switch faces or purchase customized faces.
3. Avatars can be changed and Avatar Frame Decorations can be added on the Card screen now.
4. Optimized the facial rendering of survivors. The makeup now looks better, and the previous face customization codes will be invalid. To let you trial the new face customization feature, the Commerce Bureau will gift you a limited-time face customization card.

[Black Pearl Castle & Levin City Stadium]
According to reliable news from witnesses' accounts, Olivia, who has been missing for days, may have been kidnapped and taken to Black Pearl Castle. The kidnapper is fast, tough, powerful, and said to resemble a panther. Please go rescue Olivia ASAP!
The Caravan has decided to exchange Olivia with Fenrir and his son. Go to Levin City Stadium to finish the exchange. Good luck!
1. Area Operation's Daily Mission - Black Pearl Castle will become available in the Black Pearl Area. To gain access to Black Pearl Castle you need to reach Gathering Lv. 63. Area Operation's Weekly Mission - Stadium will become available in Levin City. To gain access to the Stadium, you must reach Gathering Lv. 42.
2. There is a chance to get Grade III Exclusive Accessories by clearing Black Pearl Castle, and a chance to get Grade I Exclusive Accessories by clearing the Stadium.
3. During Area Operations, clearing the stage for the first time will grant a Clearance Reward, and each clearance grants an extra Rating Reward. Each Rating Reward can only be obtained once a day. Rewards will be reset if they expire.
4. During operations, the durability loss of gear will be reduced by 90%, ammo reload cost is reduced by 90%, and durability loss when unconscious is reduced by 90%.

[Vehicle Upgrade]
1. Improved the quality of vehicle appearances, optimized how they look under light, and eliminated most of the grainy textures. The vehicles now look brand new!
2. Replaced the background of the initial garage UI, and adjusted the how the vehicle page is arranged.

[Fountain Ball]
1. The new Camp group event Fountain Ball will be held every day from 19:30 to 19:45. The host Ciro will be waiting for everyone at the camp center.
2. The Fountain Ball is divided into a preparation period and a ball period, during which Cilo will regularly issue Mastery rewards to the participating Survivors.
3. During the preparation period, all Camp members can renovate and reinforce the fountain (once per Survivor), carry the Fountain Materials scattered around shops to the fountain, and submit food at the wooden dinner table. Get up to 5 personal rewards, earn Mastery multipliers for the entire Camp, and even obtain Whole Camp Red Packets from Ciro!
4. During the ball period, Survivors will enjoy extra Mastery bonuses! The more camp quests completed during the preparation period, the more bonuses there will be.
5. Ciro has also prepared a piano, Ping-Pong and Fireworks Igniter in the ball area for everyone to play with.
6. During the event, live chat will be active. Survivors can send on-screen comments in the Camp channel. Ciro will watch these comments and interact with everyone.
7. Survivors can enjoy the special food at the ball on the Long Food Table to gain extra bonuses (bonuses are not valid in Death High).

[Other Content & New Rules]
1. Optimized the interactive distances for Assistance Quests such as survey and investigation.
2. Optimized the Torch Ignition Assistance Quest. Once picked up, the Torch will automatically become the current weapon.
3. Optimized the presentation of the skill prompts in the boss battles of Area Operations.
4. Added new gameplay feature - Manor Merchant. The lost Manor Merchant Aliyah will have a chance to appear in your Manor, and may bring you limited furniture gifts. Survivors who meet Aliyah can share the Invitation Letter with 5 Friends. Don't miss out on her mysterious gifts!
5. Adjusted some quests and rewards in the Survival Manual.
6. Reduced the time required to craft UZI, Survival Expert and Camp Ore Excavator to 1 minute, and reduced the materials required for crafting the Mondragon Rifle.
7. Reduced the materials required for upgrading Lv. 3-5 Manors, and reduced the time for upgrading Lv. 2-4 Manors to 5 seconds.
8. Reduced the difficulty of 1-Star Miska Univ.
9. When the level is between 20-47, there will be a bonus for Mastery acquired that stacks with the World Level bonus.
10. Adjusted the display and content of the Gathering Gift Pack and Blazing Rider Pack according to the different features of Revenants and Humans.

[PC Version]
1. Optimized how special bullets are displayed in the PC version. Now special bullets icon will also be shown in the Gear Bar.
2. Optimized the cloud save feature for Key Bindings on the PC version, which prioritizes local Key Bindings.
3. Canceled the shortcut for switching to unarmed in the PC Version, and changed the shortcut for opening the Gear Bar to J.


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