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Update Announcement (August 19th)

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[Caravan 101]
1. Summer Beach Volleyball: New outfit - Summer Beach Volleyball is now available to purchase in the Mall. Enjoy a limited-time discount and get a bonus exclusive action.
2. Cool Training: Survivors can start matching in their Camp or Hope 101 to enter the Training Map and participate in this mode. Players can only use Water Guns to attack each other during Cool Training. When hit by a Water Gun, players take damage and suffer from reduced movement. Players can also use the Water Gun's additional skill by consuming extra ammo to shoot a powerful stream of water at other players, dealing a huge amount of damage and also knocking them back some distance. In this scenario, Water Bombs will drop at random, splashing open and breaking the floor when they hit it. Players will be eliminated if they fall through the floor. The last player standing will achieve victory. Players can get participation rewards 2 times per day. At the same time, players who reach a certain amount of daily points can get extra rewards.
3. Secret Moment: Survivors who have Manor Lv.3 or above can post photos every day to participate in the Secret Moment event. Photos can be uploaded via the in-game album or phone camera. You can Like other survivor's photos or gift them Glow Sticks to boost their popularity. Reaching popularity stage goals grants rewards. Placing in the top 10 on the daily popularity rankings also grants rich additional rewards.
4. Summer Wind Chaser: Fly kites on Summer Wind Chaser maps to get rich Release Rewards. Fly kites a specified number of times to get extra rewards.
5. Lucky Hunt: From August 19 to 8:00 on September 2, exchange Training Medals for 100 New Dollars and a chance to draw from the Lucky Hunt 1 time. In the Lucky Hunt, there will be a chance of getting the Spider Venom Assault Rifle Formula, Bluebird Backpack Box, and more;
6. Limited-Time Building: From August 19 to 8:00 on September 2, the Limited-Time Building Event will be available. At that time, you can exchange Training Medals for a certain amount of New Dollars, and will also receive Building Gift Boxes. Open the gift boxes for a chance to receive the Formula: Glass Obelisk Roof, Formula: Glittering Glass Column, and other rare building formulas. Duplicate formulas will be converted into Building Exchange Vouchers which can be exchanged for rare buildings. The first 5x draw will also grant you an exquisite Modern Building Blueprint.
7. Lucky Gift Boxes: From August 26 to 8:00 on September 19, Lucky Gift Boxes will be available. Purchase the gift boxes with Checks for a chance to receive the Skin: War Tiger - Crescent, Strawberry Sweetheart Backpack, and other exquisite rewards.
8. Duo Training: Survivors can invite a friend to train with them. Complete the designated quests to get Mastery and Training Medals. Survivors can also get extra rewards from Caravan Support.
9. Exquisite items such as Sunrise Wallpaper, Ceiling and Tiles, as well as the Modern Concept Sofa have been added to the Caravan Market for a limited time! In addition, the Galactic Voyage Furniture Chest will also be available on the Caravan Market for a limited time. Open the chest for a chance to receive rare items including the Imperishable Romance Gramophone, Starry Slumber Paper Boat, Tranquil Lotus Carpet, and more.

[Federation Benefits]
From August 26, Federation Benefits will be available for a limited time. Don't miss out!
1. Summer Sign-in: Sign in every day to claim the rewards for each day. Rewards include Clear Sky Small Green Plant, Leather Camping Bag, etc. During the event, it's possible to purchase sign-in catch-ups with Gold Bars.
2. Lucky Prize: Complete the corresponding quest before 21:00 to claim daily rewards and participate in the draw. At 21:05, some of the survivors who have completed the quest will be selected to win the jackpot.
3. Federation Funds: Log in every day to receive Log-in Rewards. You can also buy Federation Funds to receive additional cost-effective rewards.

[Charles Town Super Clash]
1. On August 23, all servers eligible for Charles Town will host the Super Clash. The rules of Super Clash are the same as the Charles Town Clash.
2. After the winning Camp of the Super Clash is decided, the top 16 Camps will become eligible to register for Shelter Land cross-server battles.
3. The order of registration will be based on rankings and points. In the end, the top 10 Camps willing to take part in it will be chosen to fight in the Shelter Land Showdown on behalf of their server.
4. The Shelter Land Showdown will begin on September 14.

[Spore Storage]
1. Added a new spore storage mechanism. Revenants can gain the ability to store spores by learning the exclusive talent for it. As long as the storage isn't full, the Flower of Revenant will absorb and store the Recovery Spores spawned.
2. Survivors can choose the right time to use the stored spores to restore their HP, Shield and Parasitic Vitality. The stored spores have a cooldown time after being used.

[Arena Optimizations]
1. Added a season overview, which records the players highest season Tier, the final Tier reached, the number of games participated in, the season win rate, and other information. The longest winning streak, season win rate, and wins will be recorded after the maintenance.
2. Improved the visual effect of the Rankings and Share screen.
3. Improved how content on the Daily Schedule Training Arena Event is displayed.

[Other Content & New Rules]
1. Halved the waiting time for Clearance Operations, and reduced the difficulty of the Blade Hunter Base, Clear Sky Wheat Field and Hope 101 Clearance Operations. In addition, added new Clearance Operations for some maps.
2. Solved the freezing issue that occurred when entering the Corolla of Revenant screen on some devices, and optimized how the Corolla of Revenant, Revenant Assistance Quest page is displayed.
3. Improved the shadows of some four-wheeled vehicles.
4. Adjusted the damage of some spore skills, and fixed the issue where damage caused by some spore skills was not displayed.
5. Added some routes for Revenant Assistance Quests. Now, survivors might experience different stories when completing Assistance Quests.
6. Added a Camp Help feature for Old Hero - Return Quests. Returning survivors can now ask Camps for help with return quests.
7. Homeward Ivy Bud button added to custom button settings.
8. Prohibited survivors from selecting Building Formulas they already own in Optional Packs, preventing survivors from selecting Formulas they already own.
9. Adjusted the materials required for producing Calmative. Now, only Hemp is needed to produce Calmative.
10. Improved the Revenant experience. Now, it is no longer possible to mutate into an Infected inside the Camp, but it is possible to mutate into an Infected in Nancy City, Charles Town, Wilderness Battlefield, and in other scenarios.
11. Special Research Materials can now be transformed into Nanoplastic.
12. Added a preview function to the Face Customization System. Survivors can now preview what their character will look like after changing their race.
13. Increased the number of target markers for monsters in Death High to a maximum of 5.
14. Increased the movement speed of the Mysterious Man in the Black Mire.

[PC Version]
1. Fixed the conflict between the Power Charging button and the mouse's breathe in function.
2. Added a new shortcut key for R, which selects the maximum number of goods when purchasing items.
3. Fixed the issue where the game would freeze on the loading screen when switching between scenarios.
4. Fixed the issue where the log-in key would not disappear after popping up three times.
5. Added a shortcut button for the first Spray Paint in the Spray Paint bar.

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