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żöē——the Revenant Diaries

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The Landlord
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IGN: żöē
Server: ChaosOutpost

Hello Friend,

      I am sorry I haven't written in so long.  Things have been a bit… insane!  I hope this reaches you in good spirits. I truly hope things are better for you than they are for us. I've missed you and have so much to tell you!

      They tried to kill me.  My people.  An infected got to me.  It bit my arm, and well... I could feel myself starting to change...  I knew I was alive.  I knew I'd be ok- but they didn't believe me.  They said I'd become just like those... things.  The infected.

      I was disgusted to think that they could compare me to such monsters.  I wanted them to help me, not judge me; Or worse, destroy me like we do the infected every single day.  They said I was dying. That I had to be "taken care of" before I turned.  But I had heard about this new treatment.  The calmative.  I knew it was still experimental, but I had to try.  I couldn't go out like that.  We've fought for so long.

      They found a supply of calmative for me, and for now, I think I am safe.  At least from my people. But... well... I feel strange.  I can feel the infection pulsing through my veins, as though I should already be dead- but the truth is- I've never felt more ALIVE!  The strength!  The power I feel!  I am still learning to control it.  There is a fine balance between recreation and addiction.  I fear I will become addicted to the infection and never want to go back to being fully... human.  I can smell things, taste things, see things that aren’t held in the human plane of existence.  I feel invincible!

      I do not fear the infected anymore.  I understand them.  
      Of course, the fight goes on!  As things get worse, more people are becoming like me.    We are calling ourselves Revenants. By definition, we are “the ones that return after death.”  We have become death.  And I feel like we may be able to end this once and for all!  We Revenants are learning to use our power to fight the infected.  I hope we can use this to our advantage and finally see hope for a better end.

      Hopefully by the time you read this, your people have received the calmative as well.  Things are getting worse and I think about you all the time.  Stay safe, friend!

      Hope to hear from you soon!  We will survive together!


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