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The Landlord
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IGN: papy


               The day was 17th of July 2087 , it was an ordinary night and I never thought it would be my last moment as a human being.

            I am Dr. Andrea Wilson from Scientia Laboratory . We specialized in examining animal corpses such as rats from the sewers , other animals from the wild and human. The Z-Virus became an outbreak five years ago which started from Scientia Laboratory. And that night , I was walking in the corridor to take a cigarette and let off some steam. The emergency alarms started to ring , the red lights causes my vision to blur and all the main door have been shutdown rapidly. My anxiety kicks in as soon as I heard a loud scream of a woman that echoes in the hallway. I rushed towards the noise and found a man pointing a gun in one of the scientist and took her as a hostage. One of the scientist attempted to go near the man but he was shot right through his head , the blood burst out like it was a fountain and my Lab coat got stained.

“You scientist are evil!” the crazy man said.

Everyone screamed and the hostage lost her consciousness. I ran away from the scene and find my way to our Communication facility inside the Laboratory. I arrived in the area and found the room in a real chaos. The floor is covered with blood. As soon as I turned the lights on, I found the two bodies of the facilitators on the floor, one of them was shot with bullets on the chest and the other one has an unrecognizable face like it has received a multiple beating. I checked her pulse its negative and she’s not breathing. I checked the lines to call for 911 but the connection is unreachable , before I knew it the cables have been cut off.

“That bastard” I mumbled. I checked our smart phones in the locker inside the Communication room but all of it have gone missing.

“Hey! Put your hands up!” the woman said that snuck behind me. She was in a laboratory coat as a disguise and pointed a gun at me.

Then I realized she must be an accomplice of that crazy man and there’s probably more of them. I was caught up in the moment, I saw a flower vase and took it but the bullet have pierced my left arm before I could aim, so I threw the vase immediately on to her face and slammed her to the door. Her face was bleeding and her right eye has a piece fragment of a vase stuck on it. She’s agonizing in pain and I ran away.

         After a while , I felt dizzy because of the blood I lost. Echoing screams are nonstop as well as the traumatizing gunshots. I managed to escape , I came in the basement area and I ran into someone standing in the middle of the hallway. Then the announcer in the basement area have been heard screaming through the speakers.

“Help me! The specimens have been escaped!”. Then the tinny sound of the microphone that have been dropped pierced my eardrums. I cannot see the face of the man standing in front of me because of the blinking emergency red lights in the walls and ceiling.

“Hey! Please help me” I shouted.

        Then I heard a low growl as I walked towards him. I noticed that he is wearing a hospital gown and it was covered in blood. I immediately realized that it was one of the specimen we’re currently developing to bring the dead back to life. I was laughing hysterically as soon as I realized that our research and hard work have paid off. I was caught up in the moment until I saw the face of a man rotting that gives me chills down to my spine. It was disgusting and it made me feel nauseous. I lost all my strength from running and lost of blood. The specimen is running towards me like a blood thirsty hyena. I started to ran away but the man caught up on me real fast and grabbed me on to my shoulders and started biting my nape from behind.

“You! I shouted shakily.

I grabbed his hair and slammed his head on the floor, I punched his face so hard it was like crushing a rotten watermelon that is full of blood. His hands were persistent and it is scratching my face. I stood up and took the fire extinguisher on the wall and I started hitting his head continually. He stopped moving, I felt tired and my body temperature was as cold as an ice. My hands felt numb and I’m starting to feel an unbearable headache.

“I cant lose consciousness” I whispered.

            I crawled until I reached the bathroom. As soon as I saw my face in the mirror , I threw up and cried. My skin turned to pale , I can see all my scars rotting and my nerves were very visible on the top of my skin. My eyes are white as snow , I cant recognize myself at all. I called for help but no words is coming out of my vocal chords instead I heard myself growling loudly. I fall onto my knees crying in fear of the accumulated disease.

           I slept for a couple of hours in the bathroom, I woke up and it seems the gunshots haven’t calmed down yet. I came towards the gunshots on the upper floor and accidentally eavesdrop on someone else conversation.

“What are your objectives? Why are you killing us?!” the scientist ask in fear.

“Because this organization is sick! You have no shame and mercy on the people outside. You produces different type of diseases! “ the crazy man said.

That time , I felt an incredible strength in my entire body. I stood up and ran towards the crazy man and he continually shoot me with his rifle and it felt like it was nothing and there’s no pain at all. I grabbed his neck and slammed him on the floor. He’s gasping for air and I never gave him a chance to breath that causes his death. I looked at the scientist and I’m about to ask if she is okay but I remembered I cannot speak.

“Don’t come near me!” she shouted.

She ran away on the edge of a hallway but I was in shock when someone grabbed her and started biting her neck and they fall down. She looked at me and she doesn’t even have a strength to fight. I ran towards them but the scientist lost her consciousness. The infected saw me and ran towards me as if he didn’t see me as one of them. He showed me his sharp and disgusting fangs and began attacking me. I punched him in the face and grabbed his head and I cracked it. I was amazed in my strength because its head was torn off from his body after I pulled that trick. The scientist began to stood up and lost her sanity. She attacked me with her claws , I torn off her both arms and I crushed her head against the wall. I remembered and realized that when I was bitten , the disease haven’t fully mutated on my body unlike the others.

         I headed to the security monitors and I was in a shocked as soon as I saw lots of them walking and lurking in the dark like an undead and doesn’t have a care on what’s happening in the whole facility. I took all the necessary  information and researches towards the currently developed disease. I burned the whole place and the only survivor was me. After I escaped from the inside , I noticed that the main doors are open and before I knew it , the virus have spread in the neighborhood.

         One year later , after I studied everything and examined my DNA and blood, I have developed an antidote for immunity and stop the mutation of virus into a persons’ body. Unfortunately some of them lose their sanity before they even get to give their selves a shot or arrived in the hospital. I’ve proven it a multiple times that the antidote is only effective to not fully mutated after you’ve got bitten by the infected. Three years later , the infected that obtained immunity from an antidote were called Revenants , they co-exist with humans and have rights equal to a human being. The journey of Humans and Revenants doesn’t stop here. There’s still monsters lurking in the dark and the hallways of the street waiting to catch its prey.


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