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The Landlord
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ID NAME:Jade21

                { THE GOD’S FAITH}

After three months struggling to survive the world fulls with challenge and conflict,I found my new life at HOPE 101 as a survivor of apocalypse.Day by day I learned how to managed myself either even no parents and family beside me.But I knew that God never let me alone and being fulled by sadness and sorrow.My name is Jade Wilson, and this is my storyline.


Clear White Skies
This day I got permission from caravan member Dorothy Dave to help her  take some photos on Clear White skies for environment in the future animals and such kind of plant that has been renewed after we cleared the area.’Jade,come here I got something for you’Dorothy called me and show me a pictures that she take on the hill side.i’m little bit shock about the photo because I saw a little cute fawn sleeping nearby his showed us that the environment completely change, the area was safe from the infected.After taking some pictures of plants.i received audio message from Rachel ‘ hi jade, it’s been so long we don’t meet each other maybe we can take a some coffee when you’re free or can talk about your story.If you want to see me please go to HOPE 101 okay’.after heard that I’m a bit smile maybe I feel happy because can had a friend in this world situation.Before leaving the mission I finished my work with Dorothy and ready to leave the place.I pickup some berries and rappesed for my lunch this thing give some energy to arrive at hope 101.


HOPE 101

After 3 hours journey using a little bird helicopter courier, I arrived at HOPE 101 I thoroughly go to find Rachel at the camp settlement.Usually she always been there before to solve new survivors problem but this day I don’t saw her.i ask Borris the camp management .’Mrs Borris did you know where is Rachel now’ask me.’Rachel has been here before maybe you can find her at the townhall’.said her.Suddenly, I moved to the townhall to find Rachel and I saw her talked to Chris about something.i came closely to them and Rachel get shocked by it.’Jade how long no see you, how about you? Did you found a lot a friends yet?.’yeah I have ofund a lot of friends and almost forgot about you’.expressed me to her.Rachel and me get laughed and hugged each other.’Ahhhhhh, what a such lovely bond couple’.Christ scoffed us.Rachel got angry of him and hit his shoulders.they’re soo funny and good each other.’Hey Jade, c’mmon join us to take some coffee I got something to tell you masybe you will attract what we talked about’.invite Christ, ‘ sure,’replied me.

After we taked seat at ninedragon store,we start to talked about my journey rebuilding my new life.I storied about my first 3 month surviving on this world situation.yeah maybe I can released my depression to them with storied all about my experience at least I feel that they like my family the place that I can shared about my problem and misunderstanding about something.20 minutes talked Christ somes like had something to ask me but seem like he can’t said it.’Christ, did you have something to ask me.I see you like you had something too say?’ told me to him.Rachel and Christ lokks like see each other.i’m little bit weird of them.Rachel start to ask me”Jade, I want to ask you about something.i’m not pushing you to accept this quest but I know you’re the one I trust” did you want to join us on saving mission at Levin city?.but this mission  are more challenging than another mission before this”.i’m bit afraid to take this mission but Rachel seem trully trust on me.Maybe I can barely close my eyes at my home but this will be my hard challenge for me.’I don’t know how to said Rachel but I think I will accept this  mission and go with you too”.told me.Rachel Christ happy because I decide to follow them on the mission.After that Rachel told me to get ready tomorrow morning.’Heyy guys, your coffee and food ready c’mon and pick up them.’request Ninedragon.When we have eaten I decide to back home and get rest but Rachel hold my hand and request me to stay at her house this night.she said that she got a lot of story to tell me so I accept to stay at her house.


Wind a bit cold,temperature dropped to 15 celcius and the morning shinned with a beautiful sunrise feel like home already.I saw Rachel shieved by the cold.’a bit cold right?.i came closer to her.’yeahh a bit but I feel like we at the mount snow right now’told Rachel.Once we on held the cold,Christc come to us “c’mon guys,get ready take your gun and ammo the clock’s ticking.Without wasting a time .We gathered gun,ammo and some preparation before moving to Levin City.Another three member request to follow on this mission Ingrid,Helena and Solo joined on this mission.



After three hours journey we finally arrive at saving point,Christ said our mission is to find researcher from scientia that lose contact from Scientia communicator two days ago.their mission here was to take a sample from unknown flowers that ‘s been infected by the virus but until now they does not receive any news about them so we need to find and save them alive.Christ lead the way and show us the road throught to the Railways station.After we arrive at the railways station,Christ ordered us to separate into two group.Rachel,Igrid and me go the south station meanwhile Christ and his team move into west station.the station it’s not big at all and easy for us to back here safely.At south station it seem like a hell and like a creepy place.Muds everywhere,skinned dead body did not compossed and the smell make us does not feel better.Suddenly,we heard something hissed “what was that noise?”ask Rachel.Ingrid ready to aim her M4a1,after minutes the sound stop and hissed again. “Jade,please don’t move”.ordered Ingrid.After that I looks toward her and her eyes like want to show somethings.i’m try to follow her eyes where she was looking for.with a shock I saw a monster seem ready to pull Rachel from from the ceiling. “Rachel watch out!!!”I pushed Rachel on the ground while the monster hold my shoulder .Ingrid and Rachel non stop

shooting at the monster try to pushed it to release me and they did it.Rachel pull me get me away from the monster,Ingrid keep shooting to slowed down that creature.Luckly, Crist and his team arrive at the time help Igrid slowed the monster.After been try to run from there,my hand it slowly infected I think thre is no hoppe for me to live that time. “Hang on Jade you can make this out,I know you can”Racheltry to give me some hope but it is only fake.We managed to get far away from that monster.Christ start to been panicked and the does not have an idea what happen to me.Rachel keep care about me without pushing herself.But it stil can change the time back.the virus spreading quickly “Rachel,please there is no hope for me just leave me here! save yourself and let me fight for a last time”.ordered me. “shut up your damn mouth Jade!! I can handle this”.Suddenly, a big pack of infected moving towards us. “Rachel just leave Jade here.we don’t have a time and Jade does not had a hope”. Rachel like not to hear what Christ said and she start to cry.I see toward into her eyes and wipes away her tears. “I’m okay Rachel, just leave me here you know that I love you and make you likes my you need to have a chance to live”.i tried to smile and persuade her for the last time.Christ hold her shoulders and that time I see Rachel don”t stop crying.After they go I don’t stop shooting the infected.that time they just become more stronger than before.while the infected are going closer I towards my gun to my head and ready to shoot myself.that time I’m sure death as a human more good than become one of them.But suddenly my body like been pull by something.and that time I see someone with a superhuman ability killing all of the pack of infected easily.i don’t know what I see but it’s amazing and they give something I don’t know what it is.but they said that thing was second chance for me to still alive.i drinkup the serum and I feel like something weird fighting the virus until I felt down.



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