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The Landlord
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IGN : saitams
SERVER : SnowHighland


6-8-1072 , My name is Sai, I am a member of the civilian camp,My job is only to help with patrols or logistics.

7-8-1072 , In the morning at Hope 101, I continued to patrol with members of the caravan, while in the middle of the mission we were pressed with hundreds of infected, we were almost pushed but saved by someone who even i don't know what they are ,and they threw a weird serum and asked us to be their members , some members may have doubts but I don't care if it's dangerous or not as long as I get more power to ,I don't care if it's dangerous or not as long as I get more power to survive.

8-8-1072 , When I made sure all my members were safe, I also accepted their invitation and took me to their headquarters ,then he introduced himself named “Hatti” He is also a member of the Revenants , He told me that the city of chaos is the perfect residence for Revenant because of human distrust and many also think we are a disaster but we are also a savior.

10-8-1072 , My first mission this time is near Hope 101 ,Because there is an infected being mutated , I was surprised because of something threatening in Hope 101, even the patrol members were not aware of this infection , So after I destroy it I proceed to next mission.

12-8-1072 , On my second mission I met a fellow Revenant He's on the same mission as He's on the same mission as me we continue to work together to carry out the same mission.

15-8-1072 , I went to the City of chaos and see people cheering around the arena ,it's a game of Revenant members fighting fellow Revenants or Infected ,while watching i go order drinks and meet up “Rum” he always talks about the secrets of the Revenants and even let the forbidden place in the City of chaos , That is a place called Corolla.

21-8-1072 , Every day I wonder how this power can match the Infected ,Or what if I become Or what if I become Infected, I decide to find a way about making full use of this power , And I wrote it all in my diary.


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