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The Landlord
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IGN: XP • Aria
Server : LevinCity

Revenant for me are the ones who wield and control what brought down this world into chaos. Someone who is infected, yet, they never lose his sense of self.

When the existence of the revenant was first revealed, they also reveal how to become one. I myself was filled with curiosity and resolved to become one of them. As I proceed to the venue where the operation to become a revenant will took place, I felt a bit of fear but my resolve is stronger despite hearing the rumors that the process is dangerous and will likely lead to the patient death if it fail. As I wait for my turn, I realized the rumor are true as I see that the patients who came before me died. Despite all this, my resolve didn't waiver and proceed with my operation. It went quite chaotic when a horde attack the place, but I manage to succeed and use it to fight the horde.

Day 1

At first, I am a little uneasy with my movements as a revenant, adjusting to what I become. As fight with the regular infected, I realized that I can't heal with with bandage, medkit and antiseptics, so I throw them away. I also found my wounds heal by itself without treating them at all. This made me want to try and visit the places with harshest environments which have knocked me out due to my recklessness and disregard of it. As I expected, I can stay in it without feeling any weaker yet, I can still feel the weather beating me down though. Hehe.

Day 2

I visited chaos 101. Its like hope 101 but it was meant for us. Hatti gave me a tour to these underground base. I tend to get lost a bit to be honest but it isn't too confusing. Then when we reached the bottom, I saw the corolla of revenant. It's a gigantic flowering tree, which grants us blessing. I also learn that the memory of the deceased also flow here and speak to us. Also, by offering some gold, you may change your job here, as if the specific memory of others that is related to my current job begins to flow to me teaching me subconsciously.

Day 3

I learned that we are not allowed to interact with people freely but we can still stay in our respective camp with no issue. I also learned that hope 101 isn't restrictive when doing job, so I still visit like I usually do.

Day 4

This is a little funny but I realized that pretty late. Pickaxe and axe can't be use as gathering equipment if you're a revenant. I also went to hunt some mystic creatures as well and tried to use the diffuser which turns out to be useless in my own hands but I can still benefit from the ones the human uses so it ain't that bad.

Day 5

An infected invasion take place. I tried to position myself somewhere most infected can't reach me, it sound like a good plan... But it's a huge mistake for someone like me who became a revenant (It's because I stay in a distance and unable to get spores dropped by the infect to keep my parasitic vitality in check.) I lose myself and begun attacking my comrades good thing other revenant who is stronger manage to gave me a calmative and smack my consciousness back. After that I always bring an emergency calmative and always fight on the front lines during invasion.

Day 6

I didn't bring this up earlier regarding purple spores. This kinda rare spored grants me power to pull the same attack as the infected does, most of the time. Honestly, I find a lot of it that I can't recall all of them. I'll mention the ones I remember below.

1. Mud roar - This looks like the disgusting puke that those fatso use at when they get close at first. Good skill to wipe out weak horde in front of you.

2. Self destruct - Another skill which reminds me of those fatso. As the name implies, you explode and unleash an AoE damage around you. Don't worry though you don't really die like fatso does when they us it.

3. Homing spores - a skill where you have this orb appearing above your flower and fly to the infected dealing damage, a good skill to use if you're running away because you deal damage while running away in full speed.

4. Spore fireworks - Not sure if I remember the name correctly. Simply put, you place a bud on the ground which opens up and fire spores all over the place.

5. Eroding mist - A continuous AoE attack around you, it's like dropping a smoke bomb beneath you that damages as long the mist doesn't dissipate.

6. Corrosion ray - A laser like attack, similar to the giant scorpion's range attack. You simply unleash a strong jet of infected goo which is point to the ground first then raise your head to raise the range. Can deal several damage especially if you close when it is used.

7. Ground pound? - I am not sure if I call ot correctly, as it name imply, you jump and pound the ground to deal AoE damage, certain special infected have this skill.

8. ??? - I don't know how to call it but you simply shoot a goo like firing a howitzer or something and deal an AoE damage. I think there are several version with different effect. I can't recall this very well.

Day 7

I said that we don't interact freely with the human everywhere. This is very true to the quest such where we assist  groups like scientia, refugee, caravan and so on. Though we do go to investigate incidents brought by the memories that flowed to the corolla as well as missions which can help fight Heimdall... The very creator of the infections. I have no idea why did all this but from the look of it, they ain't planning to stop the infect from spreading, in fact they want to spread the virus even more.

Day 8

I learned that, just like human, revenant aren't united either. Some of the revenant chose to defect and made camp somewhere else. These defectors attack anyone who pass by their camp, so we have to take them down. As I beat them, we also take their resources from the chest they own. I also found letters which tells me who they once where. It pains me to know that some of these people have simple lives who enjoy simple hobbies things like painting. I don't know why they become revenant and defect at all. If I can understand and help them. *Sigh*

To be honest, I am not really fond of writing a diary but I did enjoy writing this. I know I intended to write this as a diary but I decided to share this to everyone. I hope this can help you adjust as you live on as one of us.


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