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The Landlord
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      In-game Name- TH.Aye
      Server- SnowHighlands

My Story as Revenant

      Few weeks ago, Lifeafter launches a major update which added a new race in the game known as revenant. Before, I鈥檝e watched the trailer of revenant several times and imagining what would it be like. Revenant seems the most powerful one among all jobs according the trailer. Developers had introduced revenant as the new race which will add extra special skill to the player and will become the strongest, but remain their previous job. Here comes my story.

      That day, Friday, August 6th, I woke up early, excited to explore the new update. I downloaded the additional data required for the update. Then, I logged in, scanned the new update for a while, then go for mystic. I haven鈥檛 had any idea about revenant until then. I saw one who turned herself into revenant near heli in the camp. She looks cool in the new outfit, night blade, with revenant character, with a flower on her shoulder. When I get to mystic creature scene, I saw revenant players out there, their movement looks like infected though it says revenant is the combination of human and infected. I even saw some revenants injecting themselves calmative. I had no clue what鈥檙e they doing at that time though I thought that looks pretty awesome.

      After mystic, I go on to carry out the quest from the update, which include asking me to choose between human and revenant. I asked my cohab what she chose, she said she haven鈥檛 made a choice yet. So, I want to try new so I chose revenant. By the time I realized, I had become a fully revenant with scary look on the face, with blue skin color. That didn鈥檛 shock me yet. What really shocked me is my job changing to into new job, spore trapper as I am a virus expert before. I was a virus expert since the very beginning so I鈥檓 very used to being virus, never thought about changing my job. Now, I鈥檝e become a revenant spore trapper in a second without my knowledge. I was like, 鈥榞osh, I want to change back to human, give me my virus cert back鈥. All I know at that time is I can鈥檛 craft virus exclusive serum by my own. What鈥檚 even worse, revenant can鈥檛 use serum. My whole life turned into a disaster at that moment. I don鈥檛 have any knowledge about spores yet. I didn鈥檛 know shield and health line can be quick healed by absorbing spores. I don鈥檛 even know the meaning of spores at that time. Then I went to new area operation, black pearl castle, begging serums from my teammates. In the last boss, while I was shooting, I didn鈥檛 realize my sanity bar continue to decrease. I was only wondering why my shots are not colored anymore as I keep shooting. Then my sanity was down to zero, turned into whole rea; infected. I can hurt my teammates so I tried to stay away and few second later, I knocked down. This was my first experience of revenant.

      Next, I went to island reef elite mode, island reef has been an easy area operation to me until that day. I thought elite mode would be the same. I used flamethrower to kill hordes of infected but that day took the longest to kill all of them. I thought it鈥檚 because I鈥檓 not virus expert anymore. Elite mode is the whole new level. Luckily, I got carried by higher level teammate. I even kicked my bro in the middle of the fight because he鈥檚 turned offline. Next day, same thing happened at hillside stronghold, elite mode. We went there four times until we won, died several times, wasted durability a lot. Finally, we managed to win.

      What I like being the most about revenant is revenant base. Once I entered in the city of chaos, it feels like home. Training ground, medical area, flower of rebirth and mostly corolla of revenant, the big tree in the basement. We can go through each base directly through there. The first day, the system is not fully functioned so when I tried to go there, I keep dying in the medium. It is also fun to try vine leap jump in revenant strongholds. But human players built ladder so some ivy buds are blocked.

      Assistance quests for revenant are unlike the human ones. I鈥檓 bored of doing assistance quest as human. It鈥檚 nice to try something new but takes longer especially memory quests but definitely an interesting thing to try. The rest clearance quests can be done quickly depends on players around there. I don鈥檛 start the quest unless I found revenants to do the quest together.

      Being a revenant makes me feels like possessing magic powers. Absorbing frenzied spores help unlocking special skills. I鈥檇 really enjoyed trying them in camp invasion, camp boss and in lower-level area operations. Using the special skills in higher level area operations isn鈥檛 effective enough which can sometimes lead me knock even before trying to use the skill like claw attack. And it takes at least 2 or 3 seconds to wield the skill. When lagging, it took longer.

      Trying revenant skill in pvp match can be fun as long as you fully understand all of them and use in the right time. Revenant can be the most powerful in pvps if mastered all the skills. They don鈥檛 need to heal using serums, they recovered automatically by absorbing spores from enemy. However, we can鈥檛 know in advance when and which enemy will drop spores. One thing I don鈥檛 like being revenant in pvp match is sedative can鈥檛 be used, which is a major weakness for those like me who has potato aiming.

      Now I鈥檝e changed back to human as I want to go to higher level area operations and weekly. Revenants can鈥檛 be focused on only one thing at a time. They need to keep checking sanity bar, spore drops while shooting and take time to exercise special skill. That鈥檚 what make me deal less damage in area operations. In some scenarios, I wielded special skill, but the target is missed. In my level, control building is the hardest one and is now making me knocked every time I tried to go near the boss. It鈥檚 not possible to use special skills when the boss is not around. It鈥檚 also not easy to wait for spore drops to heal, as I said, they鈥檙e not controllable. There鈥檚 also a risk spores fly through other human teammates when they go near. We can鈥檛 tell them what to do. Besides, in the last boss of control building, it鈥檚 almost impossible to go around to collect spores when there鈥檚 a danger of being knocked once you leave the safe spot. As I couldn鈥檛 spawn serums for teammates, I feel like I鈥檓 useless and just a burden to my teammates. In my view, virus has got virus bullets which makes virus experts originally better than other certs. Even they can鈥檛 deal much damage in higher level bosses, still a great help to teammates because of serums width, team blessing and much more. I鈥檓 more like a serum person as it is at my disposal. I would recommend other certs to try revenant but not virus or change job if you want to be revenant.


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