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Yυкιs雪——The Cold Darkness

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The Landlord
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IGN : Yυкιs雪
Server : SnowHIghlands

The Cold Darkness

      Once there s one Big Tube which can be seen there s a human inside, the tube was filled with blue water with a girl sleeping inside. Her skin was pale and white, white as if there is no more life from it. Suddenly the tube started making noise and a bright red light goes on. Slowly, the water inside the tube find its way out reaching the surface which makes the girl more and more visible each time.

Then, there was two people starting to go near the tube, by seeing the clothes that they were wearing, they were scientist.

"Call the Boss !! " said one of them,

then they open the tube and one of them carried the girl and put her on a nearest big table that they found.

Not long after that, their boss came to see the girl.

"Is She still alive?" He said,

"Yes, She is alive, she’s currently on a deep sleep state" Said the scientist,

"Take her to the Lab."

At first, those two scientist were a little bit hesitated on what their boss just decided to do with the girl, but an order is still an order.

With silence, they took the girl to the lab. Their last step was only to inject a serum labeled 007. Suddenly, They hesitated again right when they are about to inject the girl.

"What happen if this experiment fails?" Ask the scientist,

The Boss was smiling and said,

"Put it in the container."  

Again, they can only obey silently. Their face or expression was covered by their suit from their top to bottom. but they were so nervous and scared which could be seen from way they were about to inject the serum, supposedly they got a trauma experience before.

" Just do it already, if this works then she will be my favorite revenant and all my work will be done. then you can all go home safely."

      One of the scientist looked at the other posing approval on moving on. They started injecting the serum,  veins and muscle could be seen appearing brutally on her body with a pale blue color starting to cover her body, the girl goes into coma state, her body is randomly shaking and started destroying her surrounding. The scientist was starting to panic and moving away from the girl but the boss was unexpectedly going near her and set his look on the girl while holding a gun in his right pocket.

      Not long after that, the girl got calmer and starting to open her eyes slowly. Those scientists were really scared, scared on the possibility of that girl becoming a really dangerous infected that they must deal with.

      Then all of a sudden, a drop of sweat from the boss ignited her and instantly kicked and jump right on one of the scientists, without any hesitation, she killed the scientist with her bare hands. The giel hold the neck of the scientist with her left hand, and she rise her right hand and let out an ice from it, and the scientist that were being choked slowly begins to freeze and almost all of his clothes start frozing. Luckily the boss hold that girl’s hand and shoot the highly advanced tazer gun at the girl which saves the scientist that were almost died. That scientist was so scared and started to scream histerically and then his friends fellow scientist got him to check if he were okay.

"Forgive us.. it seems that we have failed yet again, and we dont have any other way left to make one as the boss want- "

And then the boss said,

"No. you have succeeded. All of you."

Hearing those words, the scientist were in a mess on both their mind and physical state, shocked because how does it considered to be successful with what they just seen back then. Thus they begin to continue their work, and checking back on the mind state of the girl through a special device, and yes the girl is indeed have not fully mutated into an infected. She got through the phases, one that they must recheck and make sure is that they must have a conversation with the girl that as of now they labeled her XX7.

      The boss started to go near the girl who were left sitting on the experiment chair. both of her hands and legs are tied up, so that she couldn't harm anyone or doing something dangerous, the girl awaken with a massive headache due to what she ve just been through and looked at the boss with confusion, not long after that she realized that she were tied up. she tried to get loose but then the boss said,

"How do you feel?"

The girl just sat there and keep looking at the boss, she didnt responded due to the massive headache.

it seems she was exhausted, then

"Where .. Am..i ?"

Suddenly the girl speaks, The boss was shocked and the scientist from outside who were just able to see from far away seems glad that she were okay. The boss laugh and smile towards the girl and said,

"Now, you are mine.".

      A few months later, after going through rehabilitation phases. Now the girl labeled XX7 could walk almost as good as a human being, and judging by the look,  she looked like a 18-20 years old girl. Her entire body still looks so pale, blank expressions, even her aura is like she’s empty with her blue pale eyes as if she was a living corpse. The Boss were about to do some tests to her, thus started with a combat test. XX7 will be matched up with a similar revenant which the boss has on his disposal and they will fight until either of them reach their limit.

      Day by day XX7 pass the test with ease, as if they were no match for her considering they are from the same race. She kept winning and as she wins, the scientists would give her more injections after each battles, its called Blue Regeneration Serum. After every each of injections, her power grew more stronger than ever and she begin to achieve and control some of her deep conscienceness which she couldn t even grasp before. At the same time, she has thus feeling on "Why does everyone in this room seems ignorant".

After achieving more wins, she was again, taken back to the lab by the Boss. As usual she would met and getting some questions by a Doctor called Margerita. Boss always ask the Doctor if the growth of subject XX7 is already perfect or not and every time the Doctor answers, the Boss seems quite Happy ,

He was smiling and said "Genius! Keep up the good work! ".

Then he leaves the room with XX7 still lying on the experiment table having to adjust with every injections she got after every matches. One time, XX7 notices the Doctor hidden intent when the Doctor is currently glancing through her appearances, realizing that the Doctor asked her,

" How do you feel ? "

this was the first time XX7 felt that she has to interact with someone with her new gained conscienceness, XX7 felt joy but still couldn t show it that way with her empty face expression and said,

" I.. don t know.., i.. can’t feel any-thing.."

"Okay" Said the Doctor being relieved and then tell XX7 to leave the room, but XX7 seems don’t want to leave yet and asked,

" Wh-..Why do I have.. to do all of thi..s ? "

The Doctor seems unable to answer, she looked away from her and start doing her other job on the lab. Feeling ignored, without any hesitation XX7 then leaves the room.

      She walked to her room, then suddenly a loud door banging could be heard. With confusion and curiosity XX7 started looking for the sound and found a little window near the location of the sound were coming from. She then noticed a Man just like her, a revenant similar like her. the Man noticed her and immediately ask her for help,

" H..Help me !! I was kidnapped !! Please help me get out of here"

XX7 was confused and trying hard to understand the Man she just met other than Boss and all of the White robe people who were injecting her, its a whole new experience to her.

      Suddenly, her hand begin to move on its own from the railings of that little window leaving a feeling to the girl that she must help him. and something happened, they synced with each other and the girl started to see something from the man perspective, its like a story comes through the mind, as if she was him and was brought to a scenery where she was fighting and trying hard to save her teammate from the infected hordes but unfortunately all of them died and left her all alone and fell unconscious. XX7 was shocked since getting those feeling was a new thing to her and her head aches so bad, then she fell as if her body couldn’t manage to hold her standing anymore. At the same time the Boss happen to be near the place, he noticed XX7 and he took her away immediately.

      Ever since that time, Boss ban her from interacting with another revenants. but that only makes XX7 more curious. She then begin to sneak around and find her way to that Man again. Then they talked a lot, revealing all of things that the Man was been through before he got there on that place. He told her everything and taught her about the outside world, and not long after those conversations they become friends, and it was the very first relationship that the girl has felt.

The Day of Evaluation of XX7 finally arrives.

      XX7 would face the last phase of her tests, and she was excited to meet her friend again that she was confident that she could finish this with ease. Unexpectedly, worse type of scenario comes and her final test was that she must fight her very first friend himself. with shocked XX7 just stood there and it seems that his friend now is not his friend any longer, he was turned into something else without any feelings without any remorse or any such of kind, now he is just her typical test monsters. XX7 was forced to kill her own very first friend, her feeling was undoubtly a huge mess, but she knows if she doesn’t finish him off, he would be mad at her leaving his corpse being a plaything. So then she finishes him off just like e


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