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Wintres——The Revenant, Alive or Not

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<section =The Revenant, Alive or Not!

  <header =<<The Revenant Diaries>>


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Page 1

Day 1

Hey Mom…

  How are you? It’s been long huh? I don’t even remember the time… Anyways… Emm… I’m writing this letter to you just so you know… I know it’s a full moon already and writing it now? The irony… I know you won’t be able to read this but… I hope you do. After you and… Dad were gone… I was alone… For months I scavenged the wild for resources. It wasn’t easy… The zombies becoming beasts at night and the different town’s cruel natives… They thought I was abandoned because I was infected. Huh, what bullshit! I tried reaching for help and explaining but all I got was an arrow pointed towards my head. Don’t worry, I managed… All the riot caused me to travel to Assyrian Hills… I didn’t wish to abandon our home… But there wasn’t a safe space anymore… I’ll miss the galactic view there… I kinda regret it but I sure am grateful though… I found myself a friend, Akane. I’m not sure what’s her breed but I’m guessing it’s an Akita Inu? I guess I should stop turning circles. Lately, I have this… thing… at night, sometimes I couldn’t sleep… I don’t know why but there was like a pull or some sort… It didn’t feel bad or anything… But it was… Tempting… A presence of some sort… I kinda wanna follow it but I’m terrified… What if it’s bad sign? But… It’s so… Attracting… I feel like somethings out there calling me… Maybe it’s something? Or someone? There have been sights of someone with a flower… Or at least that’s what I think it is… Popping up in my dreams. This mysterious people… Their eyes… Ocean Blue… Like the infected and yet they still look… Human? Like… Us? I can’t phantom it yet… I’ll think about it tomorrow… I hope I’m lucky enough to find a paper… At least I could write to you before I take my eyes of the moon… Night mom, guide me from above… I love you


Page 2

Day 364

Dear Mom,

    I’m sorry mom. Like terribly sorry! I know it’s almost a year. I still have our old letter, the promise I made to write to you? Yeah… Life has been a rollercoaster… Rollercoaster… I remember it… When we went to the fair at Lawrence Bay? I came with some good news though… And a bit of… disgruntling discovery… I found my new family… You and dad are my forever my first, I’ll never forget. After months of surviving with the supplies that I have, I came across a town called Hope 101. I never expected that place to change my life. There was this wonderful person, her name’s Helena. I was told that I was lucky she found me while she was scouting or I’d have been a surprise to the infected since I passed out. Little bits and crisp, I was brought into the town and flourished there. I gave my hand as much as I could with anything that needed help. It was hectic, every nook and cranny to be furnished and aided. That’s the reason for my letter absence. I became close with one of the residents there too. Rachel, she was the one who taught me the basics till I got the hang of everything. Not to mention the mayor, Justin. He always came back with good news. Though… as much as I love my new change, I didn’t expect this conversion to happen. When we were assisting newcomers today, I felt the worse pain. My head was contracting and I keep seeing vision of a group… A tall white figure, someone with wings and vines creeping out? I couldn’t picture their faces not their gender but… They had a flower too… I woke up in my room and I know I needed to freshen up. There’s where the biggest shock come! My eyes were blue! Not both but one of them is blue! And it’s glowing… None of the town members knew why and they were also immersed by this revelation. I hope I am able to get some answers… If you see this mom… I need you…


Page 3


I really wish I don’t have to resort to this mom! I’m so sorry this will be last time I am writing to you! We are being ambushed! My squad have been sent out for a rescue mission at Redwater Lake but neither of us are prepared for the infected to appear out of nowhere! It looks like a set up! There have been reports of a person trying to end mankind by creating abnormal creatures! Heimdall?? I don’t know the name! I am currently hiding at an outpost! I have sent an SOS message to the federation… I hope they received it… I don’t know what happen to my team… We’ve been separated… Those humanoid creatures… They are so different… Like they have been modified… I have to report this when I get ba---

Message unable to decode

Proceeding with final page...
Page 4

If you are reading this Heimdall, know that I am coming for you. You are a waste of air to mankind. Experimenting innocent lives for your own selfish desires, modifying the infected into unstoppable war machines and betraying “The Healer”? You have done enough. It’s time The Revenant bloodline end you. Run… Run as far as you can… Watch your back, your front and your side. It’s time we put an end to your chaos. I lost my loved ones because of you. I will make your last breath agonizing. Share the pain and strain I felt when you stole those that are precious to me. The federation can’t help. They aren’t intelligent enough. It is us that will finish you once and for all. Long live the Revenant bloodline. May you remember the name “Eclipse” when you bath in your own blood.
Message Cryptic End

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