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Archie_——"Are you my friend? or..."

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nickname : Archie_
server name : SandCastle

"Are you my friend? or..."

“Olivia-!!” the screams of the humans – caravan members- echoed through Teresa's castle room.

I still remember their shocked and worried stares at me; as if I would meet my end if I went with my best friend, Teresa.



"Olivia, are you okay? I'm sorry to have to take you through the chimney like earlier, your clothes got dusty, huh? Sorry." Said a black-haired girl with distinctive twintails; similar to myself. She looks busy cleaning my cheeks and my favorite pink shirt.

I just nodded slowly, too many things have happened lately. I can't understand it.

"Where are we?" I asked quietly as I looked at Teresa, my best friend.

"Now we are at my hiding place. They can't find us here. We're safe here." She spoke softly, as if she was tired. Recalling what happened earlier, when she fought against those caravan members to…protect me…I guess?

I gently stroked her  head, wiping the sweat that had been dripping from her head. Her body looks bruised now.

She was a little startled and a little nervous. Maybe, this is the first time she feels a warm touch after so long..

"Thank you Olivia. You are my best friend. Even when my appearance turns sinister—”

"The night panthers." I answered slowly. I already know that Teresa, my friend who likes teddy bear, is not a human anymore.

"mmm..yes. everyone calls me that. And surely they will stay away from me and even intend to kill me when I change form… haha.” She said while laughing softly. But, for some reason, I can feel that she is hiding a very painful wound behind that laugh.

accompanied by the moonlight and the breeze that night, I started to talk again.

“Why did Teresa take me away from them, the caravan members?”

"they are bad people." She answered seriously.

“They will make an experiment with your body. And I'm sure you wouldn't survive in their hands. I don't want that to happen, I want you to stay alive, Olivia. Is it wrong?"

She looked at me seriously. Ah, this time she wasn't lying.

"I don't understand…why should I?" I asked as I looked back at her with a sad face, and sighed.

"Because they say you are the key to this zombie apocalypse."

"But I'm just a little girl..."

"yes. The little girl with the bite wound on the leg, right?” she interrupted while pointing at my feet.

"m..mhm." I answered slowly.

"Life will be very difficult if you are in the middle. You know what I mean? Not humans, but not monsters either. Very difficult. I even remember when I was a noble and very cheerful, then turned into a girl with this scary appearance…all because of “that thing” ”. Teresa told the story while looking at the moon, it seemed she missed her past.

“However, you will still be able to coexist with this virus, Olivia. I will teach you how to control your true power.”

“My… true power?” I'm confused. What does Teresa mean? Wasn't I bitten by a zombie? Will something happen to me?

"Olivia..." Teresa said quietly,

"How about I say, I am you?"

"Eh?" I'm really confused.

"Don't you notice, our eyes, our hair, look alike? And don't you realize that we have a lot of similarity? Well….I was human at that time. But that all changed when the zombies bit me. You know that?"

I just shook my head, I didn't understand. If I was Teresa, how could I meet her now?

"ha ha. I thought you would have a hard time understanding it.” She laughed.

"Don't worry, I won't hurt you, you're my friend. After all, although it is possible that we are the same person, will you accept your mysterious power in the future? Well…like me. If you accept it, you will have unparalleled power and have a new nickname. Like me! The night panthers. "

The atmosphere became silent, I couldn't answer the question. Then Teresa stroked my head and said

"Keep on living, even though you are different from the others. Keep on living, because I don't want to lose a friend like you again, Olivia. You really look like me when I was little. It felt like… I was talking to my past self.”

I just looked at her and nodded slowly.

"Yes, Teresa. Thank you" I said as I hugged her.

“Thank you for being my friend in this unfair world. Thank you for giving me the teddy, I really like it. The food at your place is delicious too.”

I explained as I hugged her. Even though the caravan members said she kidnapped me, but I don't think so. Because surely Teresa wouldn't do anything bad to me, right? she's my friend. I know Teresa is a good person.

Teresa was silent, she didn't know what to do. There was a slight smile on her mouth. She hugged  and rubbed my back. It feels very comfortable.

"You're welcome, Olivia..." she said slowly while turning into a night panther. Wait. Didn't she promise to not show his night panther form to me? Didn't she say…she would only change her form if she wanted to do something bad? Wait…


-end of the story-


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