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The Landlord
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ING= Fae
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Interrogator: …

??: …Nice room you got me

Interrogator: Do you know why you are here?

??: Which answer would you like? Yes or No?

Interrogator: Let’s be civil, it would be best if you could cooperate with us

??: Hmm… How about… No?

Interrogator: What do knowledge do you have about the Revenant bloodline?

??: Scarce

Interrogator: What is your relation status to the Revenants?

??: Family? A unit? I guess you could say I work for them

Interrogator: Your kind is a new beginning to mankind; how do you possess such mutation?

??: You are interrogating me with questions even I haven’t figured out

Interrogator: Base on this report, it says that while you own the body of an infected, you are still under human’s sanity. How is that possible?

??: If only you paid more attention and use that brilliant mind, Humans are idiots…it’s not that hard to spot

Interrogator: The glowing flower?

??: How accurate Ivan~

Ivan: How did you-

??: I know so much about you, your little federation, the Scientia Group. I know your secret’s, lies, those that are so sacred to you…

Ivan: What? How?

??: Let’s just say… I am gifted

*The lights flicker out and Ivan was transported outside of the interrogation room unconscious*


Interrogator 2: Hello to you. I’ll be responsible of you as of now

??: How spectacular… You poor human’s couldn’t seem to let me go~

Interrogator 2: I’m sure the officials would have if you had collaborated with us

??: Oh~ I’m sure they will~

Interrogator 2: I do not wish to take up much of your time so I guess I’ll start. What’s your name?

??: That is for me to store within and for you to never find out

Interrogator 2: The classified information I obtained states your background, explaining that you are related to a Revenant named “Eclipse”. What are your connections?

??: Xiel? Huh… It’s ages since I’ve seen her… Are you guys keeping her contained? If yes, do tell her Big Brother said hi…

Interrogator: Your lineage is a huge leap that could prevent the infected crisis from expanding. We know about tracking Heimdall down, but why hide and thrive underground? Is there a source of living there?

??:… Heimdall took everything from us. Our dignity… soul…and mind. The underground is a home for us outcast. But you humans are to blame as well! I  lost comrades due to misunderstandings! Plaguing us a threat before we even justify ourselves. Tell me Xandria… Can you comprehend betrayal?

Xandria: I’m afraid not but-

??: No? Unfortunate… Let me do the honours

Xandria: What do you mea- Hey! Let go of my head!

??: “Bask o afterglow, ê send us visionas êon vedo, connect usez heartas aas ún, ignite o hellfire below”

Xandria: Let go! I command you to stop right………..

??: Feel the ever-growing agony? The suffering we go through? Our struggles of proving our worth? Sacrifices we are forced to make? The shame staining each part of our flesh? You can’t… You never could, YOU HUMANS NEVER WOULD! WAR WAS WAGED ON US SINCE THE BEGINNING OF OUR PRESENCE! YOU BLAMED US FOR YOUR DOWNFALL WHEN WE NEVER STARTED THE BATTLE! WE ARE THE ONES CLEANING UP YOUR MESS AND HERE WE ARE! I SUGGEST YOU WAKE UP!

*At 1830, Xandria was diagnosed with coma and inconsistent mental relapse*

Act 3

Dr.Ross: Are you sure you can handle him? Two of our greatest interrogators are badly traumatized by him

Interrogator 3: I’m positive

Dr.Ross: Well then, I wish you a successful challenge Chris

Chris: You can count on me


Chris: I see you are fine and dandy

??: I see you are my soon to be poor victim

Chris: I highly doubt that’s gonna happen, because when we end, the one leaving this room will be me

??: I love your confidence~ It taste delightful

Chris: Who are your superiors and what are your intentions?

??: You mean Snow Monkey, Green Snake and Bone Wings? Our objective is simple… Survive… Like how we always do… Oh… Look at the time… I had fun but I gotta flee… Here~ Have some entertainment

Chris: What do you- hmmphh! Hmmph hmph!

??: Oh~ Before I forget… Don’t try to call for help or fight it. While we were chit-chatting, your security was by passed. Enjoy the Ragent pumping into your veins. I’m sure your body will thank you… Night night~

*Security alarm went off as the door of the interrogation room opened*

??: Ugh~ Sitting in that chair is a pain. “Reporting in to Green Snake. I repeat, reporting in. I am out of the chamber”.

Green Snake: “Copy Kale. The passage way is open, go ahead and head back to base. There has been a new sighting of Heimdall”.

Kale: “Copy”. Welp… This has been exciting… I guess I’m keeping my promise after all… Hey Dad… Watch me from above will you? Take care of Xiel for me as well… Farewell~


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