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Raiding 101

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Any camp which is not a designated 鈥楾rade City鈥 and has alow management level in specific those classified as High Risk have a higherchance of being designated as a Turbulent City and raided.
This is broken down into,
       - Manor Raiding
       - Mailbox Raiding
       - Camp Treasury Raiding

You will not lose any resources upon being raided throughManor or Mailbox, you will even be rewarded if the enemy were to fail raidingyou. If you are the raider you will acquire resources within the storagehowever, you will not receive any rare tradeable equipment or other character bound resources. You may purchase Manor Detector Batteries (100g), Manor Batteries (100g), Mailbox Keys (100g), Vault Keys (1000g) and Climbing Ropes (100g) may be purchased from Jude the Turbulent City Treasure Hunter next to the Helicopter at a Camp.

Manor Raiding
Before raiding, the raider can use the Manor Detector Battery to analyse the value of resources within your manor before raiding and by using Manor Batteries or a Drone to initiate the raid by opening the gates of your manor. Upon being raided, the victim will not lose anything if the raider were to break their storage cabinets.
To open doors, Raiders have a choice of guessing the pin, using a drone to hack the code or shooting it to break through. They additionally may break from the side of the house through a wall. They may also use a Climbing rope directly underneath a broken roof to create a temporary ladder to the floor above.
Upon breaking their storage cabinet an item will drop out for the raider to retrieve, this cannot be equipment and are limited to resources.
They may break up to 4 cabinets within the house before they can no longer harvest the base for resources. The most significant cost of being raided is the loss of resources which are required to repair the house. To defend your home, consider placing defensive infrastructure around your house to deter raiders as they suffer a much more significant loss in weapon durability trying to raid you. The raider will obtain 1000 New money by for each full raid for up to 4 manors.

Mailbox Raiding
To initiate a Mailbox raid, the raider must purchase Mailbox keys and then use them on the mailbox to raid. They will be prompted with a 4-digit pin puzzle for them to solve, Red indicates that the number is an incorrect PIN number, yellow means it is a correct PIN number for the other slots, and green means the number is correct. After solving the puzzle, they may loot the mailbox however the victim will not lose anything.

Camp Treasury Raiding
Camp treasury raiding uses Vault keys; by interacting with a Camp Vault at the Treasury during the raid, it will prompts a 6-digit PIN puzzle for the raider to solve before they can obtain the resources inside. It is almost identical to Mailbox raiding however slightly more difficult.

Charlestown Station Raiding
Charlestown Station Raiding occurs at specific times according to your server, you can check this by interacting with any camp鈥檚 entry point to see when the available times are.
You may bring a maximum of 20 players from your camp to attack another camp鈥檚 station. Upon reaching their storage, you may break it open and have each member loot the storage if it contains resources.


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