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Update Announcement (February 5th)

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The Landlord
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[Sweet Lantern]
1. New Outfit - Lantern Fest is now available for purchase in the Mall. Enjoy a limited-time discount during the event. Purchase the outfit to get a bonus exclusive action;
2.The Lantern Festival Ingredient Pack can be obtained by gathering, fishing or through combat.  Open it to randomly obtain one of the Sweet Dumpling Ingredients.Sweet Dumplings can be made on your stove at home using these ingredients and Flour.
3.Use 1 Rose to make a special confession; Select a player who is nearby, or from your friends list, to make a special confession to. The player who receives this confession will gain 5 Charisma points. The Commerce Bureau will count the Charisma of all survivors for the Daily Charisma Rankings. The top 20 players will receive limited-time titles and items. The Commerce Bureau will also draw up a Charisma Leaderboard based on players\' total Charisma obtained. Players on the Leaderboard will get Permanent Titles, Permanent Outfits, Rare Furniture, Formula Shards and other rewards based on their ranking. The higher their ranking, the better the rewards will be.
4. You can join the Lantern Fair between 00:05鈥23:55 at the Camp, Hope 101 or on the Wilderness Map.  You will receive a participation reward the first time you join each day; You can light and extinguish lanterns by tapping them. When all lanterns in the picture are lit, the level will be clear. A Clearance Reward will be issued for the first 5 levels cleared each day.
5. You can exchange Sticky Rice Dumplings for 100 New Dollars and get 1 lottery draw. Draw a ticket for a chance to obtain great rewards from the gift box.You get one free draw every day. The daily limit will be refreshed every day at 3:00. Unused free draws will expire. You will earn points for each lottery draw. When you\'ve accumulated a certain number of points, you will receive a points reward.
6. From February 13th to February 19th, The Moonlight outfit and the Christmas Lovers outfit is back for a limited-time sale.
7. From February 13th to February 19th, purchasing gift boxes with checks during the event will grant a chance of getting a special outfit reward.
8. Duo Training is now available. You can invite a friend to train with you.

[Cohabitation Daily Quests]
In order to help roommates help each other out in these tough times, the 101 Commerce Bureau has implemented Cohabitation Daily Quest Benefits!
1. Cohabitating players can go to the \"Daily\" page to accept Cohabitation Daily Quests, which must be completed by both players together;
2. After completing the Cohabitation Daily Quests, you will receive extra rewards. Bring your roommate along and complete the quests together;
3. Cohabitation Daily Quests will be refreshed at 03:00 the day after cohabitation starts;
4. Some of the Daily Quests have a daily entry limit. If you can\'t complete them with your roommate within a day, you won\'t be able to claim the extra rewards for those Cohabitation Daily Quests.


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