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Fall Forest server dead issue.

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The Landlord
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Aproximately a month ago LifeAfter had its English launch and we were given *new* servers which weren't exactly new. Fall Forest is the Aus. server we were given for us Australian and Australia time based players. A fair number of us English players went there to find it was filled with Chinese players who already had been playing for at least 2 months with a head start and this turned a number off the game as well. Those of us who stayed though saw a new server launch a short time later called MountSnow however many of us were already invested in FallForest so therefore stayed. However LifeAfter continues to push all new Aus players to MountSnow which is now very busy and bristling of new players while FallForest is a ghost town with less then 300 active players most of which are 2+ months ahead of players who started a month ago when it was seen as a *new* server for Aus English players.
Now the thing is we are stuck on an inactive and dead server with no trade, no pvp, and no new camp members. I run the ONLY active English camp on FallForest with my mates and we are at less then half population for Steam of even semi active players and daily we see our numbers dwindle. Many of us have invested into the game within the last 2-3 weeks to feel ignored and cast aside. We really are wishing for a merge or move to MountSnow which is what we should have been given and put to begin with rather then feel we're left out as we were some of the first players to jump LifeAfter with the English launch we had been waiting on.


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