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【Update Insights 8/29】Drill 4 Love

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The Landlord
Edited by yash1441 at 2019-8-29 03:13

August is coming to an end and so is the vacation time for most of us. The only thing that will stay the same is LifeAfter and today we will see how the update for 29th August, 2019 changes the game. Spoilers, the daily system is getting updated.

With this update we are seeing a new outfit collection being added, called Loving Exercise. I wonder if their exclusive emote is doing a pushup or exercise of some sort which would be pretty cool to show off to your friends and well... enemies.

As you can see, the theme of this update is related to fitness so be sure to not procrastinate grabbing your outfit at a discounted rate for a limited time.

We have 7 events running this time around.

  • City Exploration is coming with our Mayor Justin helping survivors explore the mysterious Hokuriko City. Survivors will earn rewards upon completion of the exploration program.

    This means the new city map is starting to roll out with this update as they mentioned earlier.

  • In Sports Clock-In, players will get 3 sports related tasks each day and each task will provide rewards with a bonus reward for completing all 3 tasks as well. We have seen this event before where we got tasks like swimming for 5 mins etc.

  • During the Opening Ceremony, survivors can redeem exclusive rewards from the Caravan Market, including a weekend limited-time Christmas Backpack pack and a Globe Furniture pack. Moreover, we will receive x2 Gathering mastery using x2 Vigor on weekends.

  • There's a returning event called Infected Hunting, in which players need to hunt a different variant of the infected every day. Survivors would be ranked on a leaderboard with the top 20 survivors receiving extra rewards.

  • Bargain Shop is back from 29th August to 4th September. Players invite friends to cut down price for them in return of some new dollars. This resets at 0000 server time everyday. This is a really easy way to earn some new dollars for the players looking for it to upgrade their skills.

  • From 5th September to 11th September, School Furniture Pack will be available at the Group Sale. The number of people that buy the item decides the final prices. Survivors purchase items at their original price firstly and receive the price difference refund the next day through their mail. Great way to get stuff at a discounted cost.

  • This one needs no introduction, Duo Training is back and honestly I find it the easiest way to level up. Completing tasks alone or with a partner will earn players Hand Fans which can be used to exchange for items in the Caravan market such as exclusive furniture and drone packs.

This is the most exciting and refreshing part of this update. The daily system is getting revamped!

  • The daily schedule interface is getting a new face and will be divided into 3 new sections and the rewards of each event will show, making it quicker to understand and decide what to do.

  • The number of rewards for duty points has increased to 5 but the highest level of treasure chest still requires 160 duty points. WOAH! But that's not it! The first 3 chests are now also having more XP. We are getting a lot more in the same amount of time. This is the biggest change of this update, no doubt.

    Old rewards image for comparison.

  • On weekends, we can get 1 additional treasure chest from doing dailies. This doesn't remove the original rewards of extra XP and weekend duty chest but is an add-on to that. I think this will increase the speed of leveling up after reaching Level 60.

  • Revised the duty point rewards of each quest. Small improvements to the gameplay of Stronghold Battles, Nancy City, Caravan Supplies Transport and Duty Points rewards of the Camp Patrol & Military Drills.

  • Daily map quests/rewards have no limit now. The duty points provided by low level maps, however, would be lowered as player's gathering level increases.

  • A big quality of life change, the duty points no longer need to be manually received upon completing a task. They are now automatically issued.

  • Once the survivor's gathering level is higher than the map access level by 15 or more, the difficulty of completing the map reward tasks and the completion time would be greatly reduced.

  • After the survivor's level reaches 20 in all the 3 proficiencies, it will automatically switch to the new daily system, no need to manually switch.

  • A Go To Team button has been added which will make it easier to form teams. This is the second change to the team system with the previous being Auto-Match. I think the developers have been focusing on teaming up and matchmaking lately.

We are receving the ability to hold parties within our camp! How cool is that?!

  • The players can make an appointment for Camp Party through their controller. This, of course, will have a certain fee and these parties can only be held once a week.
  • Party Props have been added to the party. A lot of customization options for party goers.
  • To invite other players to the party you can simply send a manor invite. Holding a party gets you Party Points which can be used to redeem even more Props and items!
  • Using the Mask will give you Party Points, special Title and a new Dance.
This is the casual player base getting something to enjoy and have fun playing the game. Because after grinding for hours, now you can just go back to your camp and relax and chat with your friends in a party.


  • Fall Forest will now alternate between Rain and Thunderstorm. During a thunderstorm, it is not adviced to hide under trees or run in open places as you might get struck by lightning.
  • The maximum number of chests in the Booty event of Charlestown Clash has been increased.
  • The default posture of the character in the Mall has been updated. These can now be used in Photographs and Mannequins.
  • Non-Identical Item's smart storage has been temporarily removed for further fixing.
  • A video option has been added to the camera.
  • After entering the Turbulent City, priority will be given to a spawn point close to an attackable manor.

Note: On 29th August, Fall Forest and Mount Snow servers will merge into one.

Yash Raj Kapoor

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