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【Update Insights 9/26】Autumn Hiking

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After entering Hope Valley last update, we met Infected Beetles and found out that the road to Levin City collapsed... We have to take a detour through the peaks of Mt. Wolf. Let's find out what adventure waits for us there!

Somebody once said "Mt. Wolf has no wolves..." which might mean that we have to be ready for anything and everything. We have also figured out something about our path to Levin City which has a "Paradise" on its way. Carousels, roller coasters, statues of giant whale shark in the middle of the so-called Paradise.


  • All survivors whose gathering level is 10 or above can join a party to enter the dungeon, up to 3 times a day. "Party" is the keyword here as we see in the next point.
  • Teamwork is particularly important when challenging the summit as the team will share the summit time between themselves. Which means that the time of the first survivor to climb the summit will be the final time of the whole team. If a team member didn't reach the summit and leaves the dungeon then even if the other members finish the summit, the time would be invalid.
  • The chances of going into Mt. Wolf and the rewards would be reset at 0300 everyday.
  • After entering the dungeon, survivors can go to Henry to receive a time-limited outfit - the Great Ambition. The permanent version can be purchased in the Mall.

New Dawn Butler outfit will go on sale with a limited time discount during this Golden Autumn Season. Now I know all the anime fans would be super excited for this outfit just like my roommate!

Both the gender versions look elegant and will feature exclusive emotes.

  • A Sign-In event will be available during this season. You can get a Type-95 Alpha, Climber Backpack and other awesome rewards everyday. Also, from 1st October till 7th October, survivors are limited to the Golden Autumn Benefits instead of the default Benefits and can gain an extra 50% bonus!
  • By killing infected in the maps, you have a chance of getting a Golden Autumn Flower Box which, after opening, will give Flowers randomly. You can redeem these in the Caravan Market.
  • Lucky Bag will be run during this event where survivors can select corresponding number of props from the 4 pools SS, S, A and B to form the prize pool.
  • From October 1st to October 9th, the Lucky Hunt returns. Exchange 120 Flowers for 100 New Dollars, and get 1 chance to win random rewards in the prize pool. You also get a free chance everyday!
  • Duo Training is open. Complete the specified tasks to obtain Mastery and Flowers. You can exchange this event excusive currency, Osmanthus, for items like a special Windmill or event exclusive Chinese Style Furniture among a whole lot of other items in the Caravan Market.

We will be getting 3 brand new toys to play with. One is a jetpack and the other two are new drone chips. We are finally getting a drone that can help in gathering!

  • Endeavor Backpacks are here! They propel the user for a few seconds in the air. Cooling is required between two consectutive boosts to recover the fuel of the jetpack. Also, keep in mind that this won't reduce fall damage at all. You can win this backpack in the Lucky Bag.
  • The Acquisition and Warfare Auxiliary drones are available! The Warfare drone can assist the owner in fights by releasing cold bombs and exerting negative effects on the enemy whereas the Acquisition drone will help in gathering. The new drone chips can be won in the Lucky Bag event.

Post-Industrial Era is here! This is a major change as camps can now accomodate a LOT more people than before.

  • After the camp prosperity reaches 42, the era can be upgraded which will increase the upper limit of members to 100 and prosperity to 70.
  • The camp Armor Shop will add Military Backpacks for sale and the Furniture Store can make Radio Tower Soldering Iron Art. Tex Brandon will now sell Ammo Boxes.
  • This era will focus on the safety of manor and camps with 9 new camp technologies.
  • The mayor will be awarded with the exclusive title of Post-Industrial Leader.

Recently a lot of Infected have started to appear, disrupting the peace in 101. Louise offers a high price reward to clear out the area.

  • Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday Louise will have Transport Supplies and every Tuesday, Thursday and Weekend, there will be Hunting.
  • The Hunting will open at 1800 and will have different levels of difficulty according to your level of combat.
  • You can challenge it any number of times. Higher the score, more the rewards.
  • The order of attacking is marked so carefully reading the instructions will make it easier to succeed. This is something that most of us never do.
  • The Commerce Bureau has offered 90% decreased weapon durability loss and ammo consumption.

  • Trade Federation Membership can now be gifted between different OS.
  • The distribution of the resource points in Redwood Town has been optimized so survivors can complete the tasks quickly and don't have to waste a lot of time.
  • Now, campmates, manor guests and friendly players can also quick travel inside the vault.

Yash Raj Kapoor


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